8:12 pm - 09/29/2009

Anyone have palpitations before or during menstrual period or during ovulation?

Kind of an odd question (and not sure how many people will say "I do!" to my question), but I'm just curious as to those here who notice palpitations or have more of them around their period?

I have had palpitations now for around six or seven years (yes, I've had tons of cardiac testing and workups in which they show some PVCs but every cardiologist tells me they are normal) ... They are sometimes terrifying and other times just a very annoying nuisance that I wish I didn't have. What I've started noticing is I've had them more around the time I ovulate and then a few days before I have my period and then sometimes during my period.

One of my cardiologists thinks some of the palps may be due to hormones/hormone changes.

Anyone have palpitations or pvcs and do you take any kind of herbs or supplements for it and have noticed those helping? I do take magnesium and CoQ10 for heart health. I also take fish oil and primrose oil.
bachlava 1st-Oct-2009 12:12 am (UTC)
Oh, very true - doctor-approved supplements for heart health can definitely be a very good thing, especially established ones like magnesium, etc. Clumsy wording above on my part; the issue, I think, is ones that aren't necessarily indicated or well understood, especially with an unknown condition.

Jumping jacks and jumping rope always brought on tachycardia with me! The same thing really will have opposite effects sometimes... what a world!
disturbedme 1st-Oct-2009 12:18 am (UTC)
I only take supplements/herbs that my doctor has approved or suggested me to try.

And yeah, jumping jacks is a no-no for me. Makes my heart act up more than help it, atually. And jumping jacks makes me feel like I'm jarring my body. I feel weird/bad after them.
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