2:43 pm - 08/25/2009

Vagina size after weight loss

Sorry about the ghost account! Quite a personal subject.

Short story: I'm 5'11", 250lbs, and in the process of losing weight down to ~150lbs. I have a rather tight vagina (my boyfriend is quite big to the point of me bleeding and not being able to fit...) but I was wondering if there would be any change to this once I lose the substantial amount of weight I', planning to. As in, will it get tighter, or looser, or stay the same?

If anyone has any suggestions, please help!

Thanks <3
juniperbrze 25th-Aug-2009 01:48 pm (UTC)
My personal experience with weight loss and the same problem... was that it stayed the same *shrug*

I thought losing weight would help.

There are ways to help though, lubricants WATER BASED.
I pushed a baby out and my vagina went back to be tight, I'm 5'3" and have always been tiny down there despite my weight, even when I was over 200 lbs. I'm like 115 now and there is not difference.

Is it possible that your boyfriend is just really wide?
necromance 25th-Aug-2009 01:57 pm (UTC)
I would think it would stay the same. I mean I've gained weight recently and my vagina didn't change so I would assume that it wouldn't change if someone lost weight.

The only thing I can think to recommend is lots and lots of lubricant and lots and lots of time. Go slowly, take your time getting prepared, penetrating, all of that.
glass_houses 25th-Aug-2009 02:27 pm (UTC)
I lost a ton of weight and there really wasn't a difference in that way, though before I lost it, penetration hurt a lot and now it doesn't (of course, I was a virgin back then too). Paps used to hurt but afterward they didn't.
1girl 25th-Aug-2009 02:31 pm (UTC)
Your vagina is made up of soft tissue and muscle, not fat, so I can't imagine losing weight would change anything. However, it would be possible to lose weight on your mons pubis or even your vulva to a certain extent, as there is fat in those areas.
dreaminofdeath 25th-Aug-2009 07:47 pm (UTC)
sometimes with excersize it gets looser (stretches and such), guess it depends on how you will be losing weight ... my boyfriend hurts me a lot during sex too (even "smaller ones" hurt me and im a big girl) and there are just some positions that hurt less so try some different positions ... i would also invest in a toy that gradually gets wider/bigger, that helps me sometimes
good luck!!
bachlava 25th-Aug-2009 08:11 pm (UTC)
Hard to say. While fat doesn't directly accumulate in/on the vagina, the amount of weight that your pelvic girdle bears could potentially change the way things feel, if nothing else.
pygmybugs 25th-Aug-2009 08:34 pm (UTC)
I lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 80-90 lbs and didn't notice any change in my vaginal size. It can sometimes (especially if the weight loss is sudden, like with stomach-reduction surgeries, which I didn't do, but a friend did) alter the estrogen levels in your body, since fat is somehow related to estrogen production/hoarding (I'm only halfway through my first cup of coffee so hard science must wait 'til later).

The main things I noticed in relation to major weight loss and sex are that I can go for longer/get more "gymnastic" without getting as fatigued, I had to kind of alter the way I masturbate or engage in manual stimulation a little bit, since my mons shrank quite a bit and now my clit is sort of ...closer to the surface? I was surprised at how my self-conciousness changed, not always for the better. I was a big girl all my life, and had sort of a "fat and sassy" thing going on. It took a while to get used to having a whole new body, and learning how to love it, even though it was healthier. Then there was the weirdness of the extra leftover skin. It sort of looks like I *just* had a kid, even though I never have.

I was quite surprised at how grey the change was. I was sort of assuming that if I ever got "skinny" (which I'm not, I'm just at a healthy weight for me, 5'4" and maybe 145-150) I would instantly be shitting kittens and rainbows all the time. So I'm still just me, and still feel funky about myself every so often, but being healthier does make it easier to feel good about myself.
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