4:37 pm - 10/23/2008

there is something on my cervix

Hi vagpag,

This has been bothering me for months and, combined with other things I have going on right now, is really starting to stress me out. I finally decided to do something about it and have a doctors appointment in 2 weeks time (providing I don't chicken out). Apologies in advance if it's lengthy but here is the story:

To start with, I am 20, first became sexually active a year ago but have only had sex a handful of times, every time with a condom, with 2 guys in total. I have completed the course of Gardasil, but didn't finish it until I had already started having sex.

About 6 months ago I went exploring and noticed I could feel a tiny tiny irregularity on the lower half of my cervix, like a bump or a fleck. Didn't want to freak out straight away so I left it for a few months then had another feel around. Now the bumps were very slightly bigger. It felt like there were 2 of them, next to each other, but it was hard to tell. Now I turned to the internet for answers, haha, and read that these were possibly Nabothian cysts, which are quite common and usually feel like little hard pimples. This put my mind at ease a little bit and i thought I would let it go for another few months and see if the bumps changed.

Now, it is 6 months later and what originally felt like 2 little bumps now seems to feel like a small, raised rough patch. It really doesn't feel like the "small smooth hard pimple" description of Nabothian cysts, and I think it has an irregular shape, not a perfect circle. However, I now have one of those small pimple-like bumps a bit further up, closer to the dimple thing in the middle.

Uh-oh, right? I am coming to terms with the fact that this could be a wart growing on my cervix, since I know you can get HPV even with a condom. Here in Australia the recommendation is to have your first pap smear 2 years after you have sex, and my doctor knows that I am not due for another year. So I am going to have to go in and explain the whole situation "well you see, I was feeling my cervix, bla bla" which I am a little bit embarrassed about...

Anyway, since my appointment's not for another two weeks, I was wondering if anyone has a similar story about bumps on their cervix... Is there anything else this could be apart from a wart, given my description? What can I expect the doctor to say when I tell her? And if it is a wart, where will I go from there?...

Thanks in advance for your answers, I am just feeling a bit scared at the moment. I'm half wishing I had never stuck my finger up there in the first place, lol...
belleforbass 23rd-Oct-2008 07:45 am (UTC)
Hi from another fellow Aussie...

I had my first pap, (this year) and I know my 3 sisters all had theirs long before the '2 years after sex'.
(we have a history of cervix cancer in our family.)
I should also mention I'm 19 now.
While its recommended to have a pap 2 years after being sexually active, it is also often recommended to have one after you turn 18. So while you may say the doctor knows that you have only been active for a year, you can also you want to get a pap because you have noticed abnormality's and you would like to get them checked out.

I can't help you out with your other questions, except to just say "I've noticed an abnormality, I've been tracking it over the last few months, and I believe it has changed, which has brought me here today to ask you to check it out." or something along those lines.
Don't be scared to talk to your doctor about it.

I honestly don't believe you should be worried about asking for a pap, many women don't go in to get them done because they are scared of having them done, and to be honest, at least your in touch with your body.
belleforbass 23rd-Oct-2008 07:45 am (UTC)
And Goodluck
a_tiny_goat 23rd-Oct-2008 07:45 am (UTC)
I don't think your doctor would think anything of the fact that you were feeling your cervix. Its really no different than feeling your little toe or your elbow or your upper, right molar. She is a professional, and its not her place to judge what you do. That being said, I totally understand where you are coming from.

I can't answer your other questions, but I can tell you that I too have bumps similar to those you described on my cervix. And I too have noted that their shape, size and texture change over time, and especially when I am on my period versus not. I have had normal paps after noticing my bumps, and my doctor has never mentioned the bumps. I never really thought to bring them up either.

Have you noticed any changes for how they feel on your period versus not?

Good luck with your appointment. Peace of mind is worth any awkwardness you might feel going there, explaining the situation, etc.
paperispatient 23rd-Oct-2008 12:27 pm (UTC)
I totally panicked myself after feeling rough, bumpy things on my cervix too. After doing a bit of research, I assumed (because I read that warts growing on your cervix are really rare) that it was the opening of my cervix leading to my uterus.
tweak23 23rd-Oct-2008 05:21 pm (UTC)
It could be a polyp. They're generally benign and also pretty common. I'll cross my fingers for you!
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