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Epilation: Advice for Less Pain!!!

So, I recently bought the Braun Silk-Epil Epilator, and I thought I would just go at it because I have a relatively high pain tolerance. Apparently, I do not. The only place it doesn't hurt too bad is my shins...But the back of my calves, upper thigh, back of my thigh, ankles...MAN. Makes me want to cry. We won't even get into the bikini area...I was pretty disappointed with myself for being such a wimp because I HATE SHAVING MORE THAN ANYTHING. And I pretty much shave every day, including that whole area. Shaving every day is irritating (meaning both annoying and red-bumpy-skin irritating.) and I really REALLY wanted to use the epilator to either cut down on how often I need to shave or eventually cut out shaving all together.

So, following advice I saw in a comment either here or in sex_tips about someone using Orajel when waxing, I went out and bought a bottle of generic Orajel in the liquid form. I believe there is liquid, gel and paste. The bottle was on sale at Meijer (which is like K-Mart/Walmart but TOTALLY BETTER and is mostly in Michigan and Ohio) for like two or three bucks, real Orajel is between five and seven depending on what type you get.

I started out just using a little bit on my bikini area/a little further in and I won't say that it is painless, but there is definitely LESS PAIN. It takes it from a sharp, intense I-can-feel-it-pulling-from-the-root pain to a dull and tolerable pain. I was so excited!! I spent two-three hours last night (Yes, I'm a 20 year old female epilating her legs on a Friday night) putting Orajel everywhere and ripping out all of my hair. It was amazing! I just wanted to share this idea with everyone here who is too scared of the pain to try epilating and didn't see that comment.

The only bad thing...It smells vaguely like coconut and gets obnoxious after awhile...But it makes your tongue feel cool.
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