12:33 pm - 03/29/2008

Epilation: Advice for Less Pain!!!

So, I recently bought the Braun Silk-Epil Epilator, and I thought I would just go at it because I have a relatively high pain tolerance. Apparently, I do not. The only place it doesn't hurt too bad is my shins...But the back of my calves, upper thigh, back of my thigh, ankles...MAN. Makes me want to cry. We won't even get into the bikini area...I was pretty disappointed with myself for being such a wimp because I HATE SHAVING MORE THAN ANYTHING. And I pretty much shave every day, including that whole area. Shaving every day is irritating (meaning both annoying and red-bumpy-skin irritating.) and I really REALLY wanted to use the epilator to either cut down on how often I need to shave or eventually cut out shaving all together.

So, following advice I saw in a comment either here or in sex_tips about someone using Orajel when waxing, I went out and bought a bottle of generic Orajel in the liquid form. I believe there is liquid, gel and paste. The bottle was on sale at Meijer (which is like K-Mart/Walmart but TOTALLY BETTER and is mostly in Michigan and Ohio) for like two or three bucks, real Orajel is between five and seven depending on what type you get.

I started out just using a little bit on my bikini area/a little further in and I won't say that it is painless, but there is definitely LESS PAIN. It takes it from a sharp, intense I-can-feel-it-pulling-from-the-root pain to a dull and tolerable pain. I was so excited!! I spent two-three hours last night (Yes, I'm a 20 year old female epilating her legs on a Friday night) putting Orajel everywhere and ripping out all of my hair. It was amazing! I just wanted to share this idea with everyone here who is too scared of the pain to try epilating and didn't see that comment.

The only bad thing...It smells vaguely like coconut and gets obnoxious after awhile...But it makes your tongue feel cool.
arularia 29th-Mar-2008 07:21 pm (UTC)
That's an awesome bit of advice. Thank you!
riot_gurl_86 29th-Mar-2008 07:22 pm (UTC)
OMG Meijer. AMAZING! I'm a Michigander so I know all about the wonders of Meijer (used to work there, too!)

Don't feel too bad about being 20 and spending a Friday night taking care of hair removal-I frequently spend Saturday nights primping, while my Boy is at work, and I'm in my place alone. Best time to do it, actually. cuts down on work during the week!
maidenmorticia 29th-Mar-2008 09:42 pm (UTC)
When epilating, also make sure you pull the skin tight around the area you are epliating and move your hand as you go. That helps to decrease the pain quit a bit. Also, it helps if you were waxing previously and don't use razors at all. The roots are more strongly anchored if you razor. But if you epilate and/or wax regularly, they are smaller and come out more easily.

I only use my epilator on my legs, tbh, but I used to wax before I started with the epilataor and it didn't hurt too much more than waxing when I started.

I guess Orajel couldn't hurt either.

*just some thoughts*
h0rsegurrrl 30th-Mar-2008 07:46 pm (UTC)
It's funny you should mention this because I also spent Friday evening epilating my legs and attempting a Brazilian wax (I am so not brave enough to use my epilator for a Brazilian just yet). I found that it didn't really hurt on the thighs at all; I was able to do them first and they look pretty good, though it's already started growing back. The knees didn't hurt too bad either, just a little patch right over the kneecap hurt but it was over quickly enough. The thigh/mons area of the Brazilian didn't hurt too bad, but it hurt more the further in I went. It didn't help that I was using the wrong kind of wax (I think it's sugar wax), but once I got to the inner thigh/labia area, it hurt so so so bad and I wanted to cry so I wimped out. I did try putting some Maximum Strength Vagisil on the area - which is 20% benzocaine, same as Orajel - but it didn't seem to help much. I gave up and moved on to my shins, and I thought that hurt pretty bad, along with my feet and toes, so I quit because I was in pain and worn out. I will keep trying, though. I will give up the razor soon, I am determined. I bought some hard wax specifically for Brazilians, and I'll marinate myself in Vagisil if I have to, but I'll get it done. :-D

This morning I put Vagisil on my armpits and waxed them with the sugar wax, and it barely hurt at all (I have pretty sparse, black peachfuzz on my armpits that I don't have to shave very often; I wish the rest of my body had hair like that), so I'll definitely be able to keep doing that.
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