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Possible Pre-Cum, Possible Pregnancy?

I know that it is really rare to become pregnant from pre-cum, but today, my boy and I got a little carried away and he went inside for probably less than a minute. This is the first time ever without a condom (we didn't have any). He only pumped once or twice, but I'm still nervous that I could possibly become pregnant (I'm not on any form of birth control, besides the usual condoms). My question is, how long does it take to find out (when should I take a test?). My period should start in by next Monday, if I get it, does that mean I'm not pregnant, or will it effect next month's period? I think taking EC might be a bit drastic, since he didn't really stay in too long, but what do you think? Please Help!
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strand3d 25th-Mar-2008 04:39 am (UTC)
Do you have a source for your claim about sperm in pre-cum? I'd be interested to see it.

OP - I wouldn't worry about it. Your chances of pregnancy are extremely low if none of at all based on the event you described.
lunderpope 25th-Mar-2008 04:46 am (UTC)
This site says, "But, if there are live sperm inside a guy's urethra (because he has ejaculated recently), the pre-cum can "pick up" the leftover sperm on its way through the urethra and out of the penis. If a guy pees after he ejaculates, that would kill leftover sperm.

So, say a guy has sex and cums at 9 p.m. He doesn't go to the bathroom after he has sex. At 10 p.m., he gets another erection and pre-cum fluid is released. That can have live sperm in it. Is it enough sperm to get a girl pregnant? Possible, but not probable."

The last time he ejaculated before this happened was at least a day ago, so he's peed a few times in between then and now. I think from what this source says, my chances are very slim.

I'd also like to see the source about your claim about pre-cum, please post it!

I feel that EC might be drastic because I hear it can really mess with your cycle, plus I don't really have money to spend on it. I really just want to know if I'd be able to tell by next week or next month.
strand3d 25th-Mar-2008 04:49 am (UTC)
Especially since his last ejaculation was over a day ago, i really don't think you should stress about it and get EC, there is really no chance of pregnancy. I don't know what the person's source above is for their claim about pre-cum, but every source I've ever seen on it says NOTHING about it being "more likely to survive all the way up to an egg than regular cum because of acidity levels. It's not rare to become pregnant from this." So honestly I'm leery to think this information exists and is accurate.
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queensugar 25th-Mar-2008 06:16 am (UTC)
Pre-ejaculate fluid is the amount that comes out before ejaculation. :) It's designed to prepare the urethra for the passage of semen.
strand3d 25th-Mar-2008 04:46 am (UTC)
PS - no pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy the day it happens. You wont get an accurate result unless you test two weeks or more after the incident, OR once you've missed your period.
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queensugar 25th-Mar-2008 06:14 am (UTC)
Nope. Pregnancy tests look for HCG, the human pregnancy hormone. A fertilized egg begins producing HCG once it has implanted, and it takes 5-12 days from the point of fertilization to implant.

So a week after is a very short time to test; while it is possible to have the egg implant and produce detectable amounts of HCG in that time, especially with a very sensitive test, you couldn't rely on it as a false negative, since there's also a very large chance that the fertilized egg hasn't even implanted yet.

People who are actively TTC may be happy testing early and often, just in case they want the good news ASAP, but if you are hoping for a negative you can rely on, the best time to test is the first day of a missed period and thereafter, or about 14 - 19 days after the sex in question.
archangelbeth 25th-Mar-2008 12:03 pm (UTC)
The sites I have found suggest that pre-cum doesn't have sperm in it unless it was there from a prior ejaculation. (And some men may "leak" a bit when they are close to ejaculation; I can't find that site, curse it, but I have seen it happen, once, to my spouse.)


For the OP: women usually ovulate about 2 weeks (give or take a few days) before their periods. If you're expecting your period in a week, and nothing happened to delay your ovulation, then you're fine. If anything happened -- like stress -- to delay your ovulation by about a week, then you should take Plan B.

Personally, if you absolutely cannot have a pregnancy right now, for whatever reasons, I would take the Plan B. However, if you think the risk is low enough that you're comfortable with it, the numbers are on the side that your ova has been and gone a few days ago; she only lives a day or so, and even multiple releases extend that to only about 48 hours.

If you have a light, spotty flow for your period, in my experience that does not rule out pregnancy. However, it does not indicate it, either. I would take a pregnancy test if you have anything other than a fairly heavy flow with plenty of red blood. (If there's anything that has enough hCG in it to make your period turn into decidual bleeding, then there's likely to be enough hCG to be picked up by the test.)
missinfinity 25th-Mar-2008 01:50 pm (UTC)
there's only sperm in pre-ejaculate if the urethra hasn't been flushed between ejaculations.
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