11:58 pm - 12/28/2007

strange bump on labia, please help

So the other day I noticed that a rather hard little lump had formed on my labia, under the skin. I'm kinda freaked out by it, and was hoping you all could help. Here's what it's like:

- Been there for about three, four days now
- A little bigger than pea sized; feels like a quite small marble under the skin
- No head to it (as in, can't really pop it; I've tried to do so, and one or two times some pus occurs, but it never goes down entirely)
- No sign of hair stuck under the skin
- Smooth (no cauliflower texture or anything)
- No weeping
- Reddish, now that I've poked at it, but no previous discoloration
- Sometimes painful to touch, though that may be when I've poked at it too much
- No sore-like aspects
- "Normal" Pap recently (aside: is normal ok for "safe space"? It's the way I've heard it referred to the most, but that doesn't mean much...)

Is this a cyst or pimple or what? I'm terrified that it's HSV or HPV, though deep down I'm quite sure that's wrong. And I was actually thinking of posting a picture under a cut, but realized it doesn't really *look* like anything, besides the redness it got from me messing with it, and so that wouldn't help much either. I'm just terrified that it'll sprout a cauliflower top or abscess as soon as I think I'm okay (then again, I'm kind of neurotic).

I've had one or two things like this before, and have been assured by friends/moms that it's just a cyst, but I'm still nervous. I'd get it checked out but I can't get to my doctor at the moment.

What do you think it is? And what should I do? I've tried hot compresses and hydrocortizone (to try and reduce the bump size), but neither really did anything. And I don't want my boy to put his hands/mouth down there until it's all better--something that nobody is happy about. Any advice?
misslynn 29th-Dec-2007 04:24 pm (UTC)
just a thought: it's probably perfectly harmless -- but it may not go away. i have two very small hard little sebaceous cysts under one side of my labia. they don't hurt, they don't come to a head, nothing happens when i squeeze them. keep trying the hot compresses if you wish, but if they don't hurt or come to a head... i asked my doc once a few years ago and she said they *could* remove them for me, but that they were harmless and it'd hurt more to have them removed than to leave them.
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