11:58 pm - 12/28/2007

strange bump on labia, please help

So the other day I noticed that a rather hard little lump had formed on my labia, under the skin. I'm kinda freaked out by it, and was hoping you all could help. Here's what it's like:

- Been there for about three, four days now
- A little bigger than pea sized; feels like a quite small marble under the skin
- No head to it (as in, can't really pop it; I've tried to do so, and one or two times some pus occurs, but it never goes down entirely)
- No sign of hair stuck under the skin
- Smooth (no cauliflower texture or anything)
- No weeping
- Reddish, now that I've poked at it, but no previous discoloration
- Sometimes painful to touch, though that may be when I've poked at it too much
- No sore-like aspects
- "Normal" Pap recently (aside: is normal ok for "safe space"? It's the way I've heard it referred to the most, but that doesn't mean much...)

Is this a cyst or pimple or what? I'm terrified that it's HSV or HPV, though deep down I'm quite sure that's wrong. And I was actually thinking of posting a picture under a cut, but realized it doesn't really *look* like anything, besides the redness it got from me messing with it, and so that wouldn't help much either. I'm just terrified that it'll sprout a cauliflower top or abscess as soon as I think I'm okay (then again, I'm kind of neurotic).

I've had one or two things like this before, and have been assured by friends/moms that it's just a cyst, but I'm still nervous. I'd get it checked out but I can't get to my doctor at the moment.

What do you think it is? And what should I do? I've tried hot compresses and hydrocortizone (to try and reduce the bump size), but neither really did anything. And I don't want my boy to put his hands/mouth down there until it's all better--something that nobody is happy about. Any advice?
drownophelia 29th-Dec-2007 02:02 pm (UTC)
i had one of those recently--it started on my left outer labia (looking down), and then migrated my moms, just above and to the left of where my mons turn into my labia); luckily had my annual GYN exam scheduled a about two weeks after it first showed up. he took a peek, had a poke, told me it didn't look like herpes or HPV, and said to come back if it didn't go away. it slowly reduced in size, and two months later, it's gone.

curious? yes. something to worry about? possibly, but with your normal pap, and all of you symptoms sounding exactly like me, i wouldn't. give it time, and, if its like mine, it should go away in a little bit.

i'm NOT a doctor, but it doesn't sound at all like HPV or Herpes, as you're right, it should weep or ooze, or look more like raised bit of skin rather than a little bump under the skin. those things usually become apparently pretty quickly.

(and, i had sex constantly while i had the bump, so, my suggestion is to give it a few days, but if it continues to reside under the skin, not worry & have fun! but to schedule an appointment with your doc when you can, for peace of mind).

best of luck!
drownophelia 29th-Dec-2007 02:03 pm (UTC)
(hahha.. migrated to my moms... i meant migrated to my moNs. with a n. not as in the woman who gave birth to me. THAT would be weird :)
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