7:01 pm - 07/25/2007

watery vaginal discharge, swollen labia

hi ladies - sorry for the bunch of posts, i'm having a really bad month in the lady parts department :(

i was looking at my vagina in the mirror the other day because i had noticed some discomfort and pressure in the pubic area in general, and saw that both my inner lips (labia minor?) were super swollen and it is definitely kind of painful and uncomfortable to wipe after i pee.

ok, a little TMI coming up, sorry!

i was looking, and noticed some thicker white discharge (which could be a yeast infection - although i've had one before and that time it itched really bad, this time no itching) that was on the dry, sticky side. then two seconds later, it felt like water was leaking from my vagina, and the discharge and my vaginal opening became all watery and wet, thus making the discharge more watery itself. i've noticed in the past few weeks a wetness in my vagina/discharge that i've never had before. i'll see a wetspot in my underwear when i go to pee, like as if i had leaked a little pee, mixed with discharge stuff. my discharge has never been watery before, moist, but not watery.

i haven't had any pain during urination, urgency to pee, so i'm not sure if this is attributed to a yeast infection, uti, or maybe some other infection.

some changes lately have been stress, went off the pill a couple weeks ago, and had some dehydration issues a while ago where i wasn't drinking enough and had really dark or cloudy urine, but started drinking more water and urine looks normal again.

thanks for your help everyone! i really appreciate it. i don't have insurance, so it'll be a while before i can see a doctor or find a clinic :(
thisisme83 26th-Jul-2007 03:06 am (UTC)
you and I are suffering from the same thing! Although mine is a little itchy in the mornings, not too much discharge and I have very small cuts sometimes after I wipe (thinking because of the swollen/itchy part). I also don't have insurance by my period should be coming any day now so I am hoping that it makes it better. To me they both sound like yeast infections because you don't have to have all the symptoms of a typical yeast infection to have one. I would try to use yogurt to clear it up or is your period coming? That usually makes the pH in your vagina normal again
_heartquake 26th-Jul-2007 04:54 pm (UTC)
eek, i won't have my period for another couple of weeks, and seeing as how i just went off the pill, i don't know WHEN i'll get it again.

maybe i'll try an over the counter thing like monistat or something.

thanks :) its good to know this isn't totally out of the ordinary!
ecstasyforalice 26th-Jul-2007 06:30 am (UTC)
I've had yeast infections like that, with no itch. In fact I've had little to no itch every time.

The watery discharge sounds a bit like bacterial vaginosis as well, though that would be accompained by a fishy odour. It would explain the swelling and pain too.

I find when things down there don't feel quite right, my period will often knock things back into order.

See your doctor if it continues though :)
_heartquake 26th-Jul-2007 04:56 pm (UTC)
thanks for your help!
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