10:57 pm - 05/11/2007

Heavy Menstrual bleeding

I just had my daughter five months ago and this is from my first post partum period, so part of me is curious if it's from the lack of a period for so long or could be a deeper issue?

Pre-pregnancy I wasn't entirely regular, somewhere around every 28-34 days, lasting about 3 days with a mildly heavy flow the first day and lightening progressively until it stopped. Bad cramping, mood swings, the usual.

Now, April 28th, my husband and I were out and I got a very, very heavy period. It was bad enough to soak through my underwear and jeans within a couple minutes (it was unexpected so I wasn't wearing anything for protection at the time). We went home, I put on a pad and within maybe 20 minutes, it was COMPLETELY soaked to the point of I was leaking through it. I changed it, but the bleeding seemed to have stopped. It switched from bright red to a darker brown and just spotting. I figured it was lucky of me that it was already stopping within a couple hours, but weird. No cramping at all.

The dark colored spotting continued for a week until May 5th when, once again, I had a huge gush that soaked through a pad and needed to be changed within 20 minutes, once more after that, and then it lightened to the dark colored spotting again. Still, no cramping.

Until, a couple days later, this past week (May 8th), again with the gush of heavy bleeding, same thing, turned off within a couple hours to the spotting again. Still, no cramping.

Until tonight! It happened again.

I've never had a flow this heavy in my entire life, nor have I ever had any bleeding last this long. I'm not sure but I think there are clots? Stringy pieces anyway, another new experience.

SO, through all that long fun thing, is this normal, especially considering this is my first period post partum? I loved my OB for being my baby doctor, but I lost my insurance and just got new insurance and need to find a new doctor, which I haven't done yet, thus why I haven't called one. The fact that there's been no cramping also makes me worry less because I'm pretty sure any problem would come with some kind of cramping, right?
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storychick 12th-May-2007 03:27 am (UTC)
My first few postpartum periods were hellish after each baby -- very heavy & crampy. If it keeps up, or you continuously soak more than a pad an hour for more than 4 hours, I'd call someone.
indis_earfalas 12th-May-2007 08:57 am (UTC)
Since I've had kids, my period has been like a very enthusiastic fountain. Annoying, but it feels fine. I wouldn't worry toooo much about it, at this point, but if its like that in a couple of months it certainly isn't going to hurt to see someone about it.
archangelbeth 12th-May-2007 12:00 pm (UTC)
When I was released from the hospital after my c-section, I was told to come back immediately if I did either (or both) of A) passing plum-sized clots, or B) soaking through a pad in an hour. They said nothing one way or the other about cramps.

I would call your doctor ASAP. Since you aren't having pain, there is probably a good chance it's not horribly serious, but gushes of blood aren't considered "normal" till they're checked out and determined individually to be "normal for this person."

(My clots are sort of gooey-stringy bits, normally. If you didn't normally have clots at all, I'd consider that a potentially troubling sign -- when I got my period back after my kid, it started out light (and un-crampy), and only slowly got back to my pre-kid state of cramps, goo, and general ick.)
harlequinbliss 12th-May-2007 07:36 pm (UTC)
They told me the same thing after my c-section, but only concerning post partum bleeding and I'm well past that stage.

I used to have them maybe every so often if I had a really heavy period but the coming and going of this is what concerned me more.
archangelbeth 12th-May-2007 07:44 pm (UTC)
More conservative doctors! Heh. Seriously, I'd call up the doctor and ask what's up; it would be rather inconvenient if there were something wrong with the suture, for instance, and how it was interacting with your period. Doesn't have to be a panic call, but BLEED-spot-spot-spot-BLEED sounds, to me, like something your doctor'd want to know about.
jennifer0246 12th-May-2007 01:44 pm (UTC)
I'd consider it really quite important to establish with a doctor and be seen soon. Bleeding heavier than a pad per hour is considered hemorrhaging and is the sort of thing you seek medical attention for on an urgent basis. If it happens again, is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, a fever, or dizziness please go to the nearest Emergency dept.
harlequinbliss 12th-May-2007 07:37 pm (UTC)
Everything I saw said a pad per hour for four hours or something like that, and that's definitely not what I'm doing. I feel fine generally other than this, it's more an annoyance than anything else.
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