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10:44 pm - 06/15/2018

9 days after LEEP

9 days ago I had my LEEP. It went okay. The pain meds did not work, butI came through. The first days I fine okay and things were what I was told. My regular cycle started Monday and went my normal few days,but tonight I started bleeding heavy. On Tuesday I have an appointment to see if the cervix is healing. If I am still bleeding can the doctor still see anything or should I cancel the appointment? If I cancel it may be over a month before I can get an appointment.
Ah, I know I posted about this before and yet here I am again. I once again have been having problems with my birth control.

Short back story: I've been on the same birth control for 5 years, been working well up until this fall, when I was starting to have break through bleeding before my in-active week. Went to the doctor, put me on something different(can't remember what) and told me to stack them, to try to restart everything. That caused more problems. Then, they put me on something else and I still had the same problem. Finally third try, was put on Portia, was told to give it a few months, even though i was still having break through bleeding, and if there are still problems see my regular doctor. Went through 3 cycles, and almost to my in-active week(which is next week) on of course, just like before, on Monday, there was break through bleeding.

Now, I am not sure if its break through bleeding because I started the pack a little late or if its break through bleeding like before. It hasn't bad as bad as before, more on Monday but barely any(just a light trace) after that.

I am going to the doctor tomorrow, just can't see my regular one, because she isn't around. I am so tired of this, I am not sure what the doctor will even do about it. Been on so much so far. Ugh.

Just hoping maybe someone out there knows what I should do.

*Edit*:Went to see the doctor today. Put me on Apri and HOPEFULLy that should work! She said to keep her posted on the progress and if it doesn't work, then I need to come in to have my hormone levels checked and maybe an ultra sound to see if it is something more going on there. Part of me thinks I am just being paranoid over nothing. I only really had break through bleeding on Saturday and Monday, with a very little trace of it on Tuesday. But had cramps this morning. I guess better to be safe than sorry, since this shouldn't be happening at all really. After so many switches, i shouldn't have any problems. Ugh.
Ok so last month I took clomid 50mg and the only side effect I had was hot flashes, this month I started clomid 100mg and my heart has been racing it was 165 yesterday and I went to the ER they said everything is ok with my heart and could not find anything? Could I just be having anxiety from the medicine? Is this normal to have increase in heart rate on this medicine? I took my last two pills yesterday so does anyone know when this anxiety or whatever is going on will stop?? This is a awful feeling! And hoping my level went much higher when my blood work is done it was 7.9 on the 50mg so fingers crossed! Thanks so much for anyone that comments
Last Sunday, I was going to take my first pill of my new birth control pill pack, and realized I must of stupidly thrown out my next three packs when I was cleaning.(I know, dumb move! Ugh!) I had to work the next day, so after work I went to the pharmacy and they were able to get me a new pack. I took the first one as soon as I got home. It was less than 24 hours late(I think 14 hours late).
My husband and I had sex last night and this morning, no condoms. I have been reading different things. The instructions on the packet said that no other protection is needed if you miss one pill, as long as you take it as soon as you can. While stuff on line says protection is needed the first 7 days after. We didn't wait 7 days, but it was close to it.

Coud someone tell me if I need emergency birth control or if I am okay?

I take Portia and I haven't missed any before then.
9:46 pm - 05/24/2018

Tampons coming out bent?

So I'm 16 years old and my periods have always been regular in time and flow. This week, my tampons have been coming out bent. What I'm finding even more strange is that the blood usually covers the whole tampon, but this week, it's been covering the whole thing except one vertical bar being left completely bare and white. I've checked for possible parts of tampons being stuck but there's nothing there. 

Does someone know anything that can help?

I'm new here and I don't know what information is required, so I hope I have provided an adequate description of my problem. 

Thank you in advance.

Hi there, everyone,

It's been years since I've posted here and I hope it's alright if I avail myself of everyone's wisdom and advice on a strange problem I've been dealing with for the past few months. For starters, I'm 37 years old with a copper IUD, and my periods have always come regularly, about every 28-33 days.

I've been under intense stress at work and really run down, and in the past couple of months my periods have been somewhat less regular than they normally are. Here have been the cycles over the past few months:

Dec-Jan: 30 day cycle
Jan-Feb: 25 day cycle
Feb-Mar: 33 day cycle
Mar-Apr: 28 day cycle
Apr-May: ??? On day 35 and waiting!

I'm not sure what to make of this. Most of the cycles are within the normal range, but that Jan-Feb 25-day cycle really surprised me, and now here I am waiting, again, on day 35 of my cycle with no period in sight. I have some minor cramping and boob soreness (which I always get before my period), but it's just not coming. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, so I'm not all that worried about that.

I guess I'm kind of freaking out that I'm going into some kind of early menopause or something. I have an appointment with my gynecologist (annual exam) scheduled for a few weeks from now and will talk to her about all this then, but in the interim, I can't help but get all worked up with anxiety. So I guess what I'm asking is, has anyone had stress interfere with their cycle over the course of several months? I know it's possible to have stress screw with a period for a single month (when I travel internationally I sometimes miss that month's period entirely), but there's just been some general period weirdness going on for a few months here and I'm really hoping I can chalk it up to this unrelenting work stress I've been under instead of perimenopause or something.

Thank you in advance for your help!
3:09 pm - 04/30/2018


Um.. this is the most blood i have had come out of my bowels. Blood in my stool happens a lot but it just seems like its getting worse and darker? Im worried. Sorry this isnt exactly a vaginal problem.

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5:03 pm - 04/17/2018

LEEP...or something else

I had a colposcopy done 2 weeks ago and I got the call that I need a follow up as I have an aggressive leasion... This was the message... I don't even know what to means. The nurse said that the doctor wants to offer me a LEEP or something else, but did not say.

Has anyone had a LEEP and are they willing to share their experience?

When I Googled LEEP it also mentioned something called a Cryo... and that people have profuse drainage from that and it can be bothersome... That causes me a lot of anxiety. Has anyone had any experience with that?

Edit: I will be 53 in August and have not started menopause yet. Didn't know if that would matter.

I am quite anxious at the moment as it has been 2 hours and the medical office has not called me back.

I posted a little over a week ago about being paranoid about pregnancy. I was mostly reassured that I was most likely not pregnant because we used a condom. Well, I didn't keep complete track of my period but I estimated that I was supposed to start around April 9th, which is tomorrow. However, I started bleeding yesterday, on the 7th. I read on some pregnancy website that implantation bleeding is often not noticeable, but I've had to wear a pad and I bled enough last night that it got on my underwear. I also read that you don't pass blood clots with implantation bleeding, but I have been passing some. But I'm not bleeding at the moment, so I was wondering if my period is just slowing down for a little bit, or am I experiencing implantation bleeding?

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