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Hey all,

I’ve had a paraguard iud for roughly a year now, and my period has been changing over the past few months.

I’ve always had light periods, usually consisting of a light day, a slightly heavier day and a day of spotting. Over the past few months it’s been dwindling. This month I was a few days late and I’ve had 3 days of very light spotting, enough to notice when I use the restroom but not enough for even a liner.

I also use condoms in addition the iud for std prevention, but will take a pregnancy test for some peace of mind.

Anyone have similar experiences or maybe just some insight?

Thanks in advance!
Really don't know what to do anymore. I have been going through different birth control pills for a year and a half now i think. It all started with break through bleeding, and after being on different pills, exams, estrogen pills, other birth control pills, the break through bleeding doesn't stop. My original doctor thought it could be fibroids, so I got an exam done back in september, turned out it wasn't that at all. That's when the doctor suggested estrogen pills, then a different birth control. I have no idea how many times I have switched brands.

First it would happen a few days before my off-week, but it discovered some break through bleeding today, after having sex with my husband and I still have a week left of pills to take!! It only seemed to happen after we had sex(got on the sheets, ugh!) Though, I am afraid it will be off and on until the end of my off-week.

I have talked to my gynocologist and since we want to have kids in the near future, he doesn't want to change my treatment yet. If it means to go off the pills completely and leave the chances of having kids up in the air for the next few months then we'll do that.

But it just frustrates me that the break through bleeding is happening earlier and earlier now. I don't miss a single dose, I always take it on time, given an hour or two late once in awhile, and I haven't had anything too insignificant happen in my life to change that either. The normal stresses of work and stuff, no big diet changes or anything.

I don't know why this is happening still. I thought it was done in February when i actually didn't have any break through bleeding! But that was only one month, after that, it's been still happening and not getting better.

I have contacted my gynecologist again to see what he says, but not sure what else he can do besides suggest an IUD. I don't want one, since we want to have kids in the future.

Has anyone else had these frustrations? So lost and frustrated.
4:42 pm - 04/17/2019

advice on having kids

It has been a long time since I have posted in here. Just got busy with life and all. But some big things have been happening, like we have started talking about having kids. My husband supports that, but is scared(understandably so) and I do still want to have kids, but also kind of scared/nervous in a way. A lot of what ifs...like what if I'm not a good parent, what if I can't handle that stress, what if we can't have kids and it takes longer that we thought.My husband is very supportive and knows we are in this together, but he has the same worries as I do.

It's what I want yet such a big change. We'd be the first in our group of friends to have kids, so just the fact that that will change our social situation, kind of worries me. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not trying to be selfish about this. I know there are a lot of great things about having kids, which I am ready for. I think what I worry about in that situation is I don't want to forget those friends. I have been on the other side, been forgotten and left out because a friend has been busy with her kid and her friends who have kids. But I also know life will change.

I guess I have heard so many stories of parents being sleep deprived and stories of painful child births and everything, that I am worried I can't handle it. But I guess everyone is different and in the end it is worth it.

Anyway, I guess I am just looking for advice as we start planning for this journey. I plan on getting off my birth control in the next few months. What has helped you get through it? Helped ease worries?

Thanks for listening!
Hi. I haven't used lj in a long time. I mainly used it so my dad could read about my thoughts and he died suddenly in September.. So I just saw no reason. But I remembered how kind and helpful you all were years ago when I had some question, so I thought I'd turn here now. I'm getting a copper IUD inserted tomorrow and very, very scared. I hoped some of you might be able to tell me what the experience was like for you. I'd be very grateful. I've never been pregnant. I'm a sturdy girl, if that would influence it somehow..but have an average pain tolerance, not particularly high. I am very self-conscious, I had a lot of trouble getting up the courage to even go to the gyn for paps and such, but my friend recommended mine and luckily she's super nice and doesn't mind my insecurity and initial refusal to open my legs. Do you think an IUD insertion is such a complicated procedure that they'll need to have nurse practitioners help? I remember they used two people when I had a colposcopy and that sucked. I don't want anyone looking at me other than my doctor unless absolutely necessary... Anyway, I would really appreciate anything you can tell me about the actual insertion. How long does it take? On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst pain you've ever ever felt, what would you rate it? And will I be in pain afterward? I only know one person who has an IUD and she said it's a 4, and then that night she had period like cramps. However, I've never had period cramps! So I don't know what that feels like. I have PCOS and maybe that's why, but my periods, though they randomly came and went, sometimes lasting for 4 months, never hurt me. So what do cramps feel like, if that's what it feels like after getting an IUD? I am scheduled to work Saturday. I wash dishes at a restaurant. Will I be able to? My sister is the manager and she said it's totally fine if I can't, but I could really use the money. Also, I know it can make periods last longer and more crampy. Does it make the flow super heavy? Mine was never heavy. Will I bleed after the insertion? Am I allowed to use a tampon if so? And just how bad are the cramps it causes during periods? I've read horror stories on drugs.com of women saying it makes periods excruciating, and more worrying, women reporting they got pregnant with an IUD. I really can't get pregnant right now. People who've had copper IUDs, were they at least effective? I've been on lo loestrin fe for like 2 years, other bc pills before that since age 20. I really want to see if hormones have affected me in various ways. I am just really scared. So anything you could tell me about your experience, even if you got a hormonal IUD inserted, would be really helpful. Thank you!
(Crossposted to little_details.)

The Museum of Menstruation--a grand rambling cross-referential time suck covering cultural, historical, medical, and commercial aspects of the topic, and aspiring to be the Junior Woodchucks' Guide on the subject--is a monument to the geekish obsessive special interest of one Harry Findlay.

My prior attempts to post this have been spamspanked, so relevant links are going into the comment section.
4:34 pm - 03/11/2019

Gynefix or paraguard?

i was planning to get the iud then i found out about the gynefix and now i cant decide which one to get?! Which one is better any ideas?
When i asked my gp about gynefix they said they've only fitted 1 or 2 gynefix so far so they wont do it unless maybe if im firm on in and really beg them . They told me family planning clinic offers it but when i went there the other day they said they dont? And also apparently it has a higher chance of perforation and its for people with a smaller uterus? :/
So now im really confused which would be better for me? Im petite and had my 2nd baby who's 8months still breastfeeding. I want a non hormonal iud which suits me but I've never got one fitted before so have no idea. Both places are not familiar with the gynefix amd pushing for the t shaped coil but my question is which is actually better or would be better for me? And is it a good idea to get my gp to insert it considering they've only done it like twice? Im in the uk btw.
Hello all,

After having been on Nuvaring for a couple of years I'm tired of the side effects, so I'm switching back to the pill. Before Nuvaring I was on Ortho Tricyclen, but this time they've given me Tricyclen Lo.

My boyfriend and I have been relying on the Nuvaring alone (i.e., no condoms or pull-out). But I have one friend, and I think a second mutual friend, who got pregnant on Tricyclen Lo. This is anecdotal, I know, but it's enough to give me pause.

Neither my boyfriend nor I are eager to start having to use condoms, but we're not thrilled with the idea of an oops either. If it makes any difference, I've always been good about taking my pills on time. Anyway, is there a greater risk with this particular pill?

Thanks for any help!

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8:32 pm - 01/01/2019

(no subject)


I am 53 years old and just recently had my annual OBGYN exam where the doctor refused to refill my BC prescription based on how high my BP was. The plan is to stop the pill and insert a Mirena IUD on January 31.

Has anyone else been in this situation? was wondering if anyone had an idea how soon after stopping the estrogen from the pill would my BP lower/normalize to what it really will be so I can have a truer reading and start the right BP med dose?
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