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5:03 pm - 04/17/2018

LEEP...or something else

I had a colposcopy done 2 weeks ago and I got the call that I need a follow up as I have an aggressive leasion... This was the message... I don't even know what to means. The nurse said that the doctor wants to offer me a LEEP or something else, but did not say.

Has anyone had a LEEP and are they willing to share their experience?

When I Googled LEEP it also mentioned something called a Cryo... and that people have profuse drainage from that and it can be bothersome... That causes me a lot of anxiety. Has anyone had any experience with that?

Edit: I will be 53 in August and have not started menopause yet. Didn't know if that would matter.

I am quite anxious at the moment as it has been 2 hours and the medical office has not called me back.

I posted a little over a week ago about being paranoid about pregnancy. I was mostly reassured that I was most likely not pregnant because we used a condom. Well, I didn't keep complete track of my period but I estimated that I was supposed to start around April 9th, which is tomorrow. However, I started bleeding yesterday, on the 7th. I read on some pregnancy website that implantation bleeding is often not noticeable, but I've had to wear a pad and I bled enough last night that it got on my underwear. I also read that you don't pass blood clots with implantation bleeding, but I have been passing some. But I'm not bleeding at the moment, so I was wondering if my period is just slowing down for a little bit, or am I experiencing implantation bleeding?

Hi everyone, I posted once before about recurrent Yeast Infections.

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Has anyone experienced any urinary incontinence after hysterectomy? I find that if I don’t go fairly quickly after I get the urge, I am no longer able to control it. I’ve had a couple of incidents of losing control. My job involves a lot of driving and I hate that I’m having to make bathroom stops in between my job stops because I’m afraid if I don’t I will end up losing control of my bladder and have to go change...

Also mine was a full hysterectomy, partial laparoscopic but they did remove my cervix vaginally. Im 42 and my surgery was November 2, 2017 and I never had this problem before surgery. I have been without insurance for about a month due to a job change but it goes back into effect on Sunday so I will be able to see an on/gyn after this week if that is necessary.

5:19 pm - 03/28/2018

Pregnancy Paranoia

I had sex for the first time yesterday, and even though we used a condom I can't help but be paranoid. It was with a guy that I'm not dating, but I've trusted for years, and he supplied the condom. He said it was a good condom and I want to trust him, but I can't help but wonder if there could've been a hole in it. I know I'm probably being irrational but I get worried easily. I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance?

So I started counting calories and carbs about a month ago, and things are going swimmingly.  However, last Wednesday marked the beginning of my first period/withdrawal bleed since changing my food intake.  And it’s been HELL.

Various resources I’ve been reading all say that your first menses after instituting a drastic diet change will probably be rough.  I thought I'd be exempt, due to being on oral HBC.

I was mistaken.

Tomorrow will be day eight of heavy bleeding and clots.  I honestly think I might weep if I pass another clot.  They’re huge and they’re gross and they feel unspeakably disgusting coming out of me, and every time one happens I have to deal with having it either on me or on my pad until I can go to the bathroom and clean it up.  Yesterday morning I swear I passed a perfect cast of my vagina.

I’m on HBC to prevent this exact thing from happening, but it’s happening anyway.  I restarted my active pills on Sunday, with hardly any change so far.

My OBGYN office is not interested unless I start saturating an overnight pad every hour.  I bled on my freshly-laundered sheets last night.  My inguinal creases are incredibly chafed and irritated from the pads.  I know I need to go commando for a couple of days and nights to let them air out and heal, but I can't because of the pads.  This experience is making me seriously consider cloth pads.  (I hadn't previously because I only get a period/withdrawal bleed every three months thanks to the HBC, so I may as well just soldier through with the regular pads.)  As soon as this period is over I am going to take the most EPIC bath.

ANYWAY.  I'm not really looking for advice here, although if anyone has any, lay it on me.  Mostly I'm just looking to rant, and commiserate with anyone who has experienced anything similar.  To anyone reading this, thank you for indulging me.

4:46 pm - 02/12/2018

birth control frustrations

I am so sick of my birth control not working!! It all started when I started to get my "period" a week before I was due, while I was on Microgestin. Talked to the Dr, and she prescribed Sprintec and told me to take them with out a break. Well, not giving myself a break just made me breakthrough bleed a whole lot! That was getting annoying! So, she prescribed Lovrah, and it was working fine up until yesterday(a week before I am supposed to get my period again)! Now it is starting and I am not supposed to get it until next week!

It is the first pack I am taking, but I am getting tired of things not working. The Dr is starting to run out of ideas!

What can I do?
3:38 am - 02/12/2018

Concerns after Pap Smear!

I’m hoping people are still active here. I recently had a Pap smear done and it was incredibly painful I couldn’t stop myself from tearing up and cursing nonstop. I had it this Thursday and I’m still feeling somewhat discomfort. I don’t know how to explain it other than a “loose” feeling and it’s been itching, also for some reason I’ve been queefing frequently. I’ve never had a problem down there but I had to shower right after noticing a bad odor. I feel so dirty. I began reading online about complications and have come across people saying that Pap smears should not even be mandatory because when done incorrectly they can mess you up OR the patient can even contract a std(!) from unsanitized speculums. I’m freaking out! These past days I’ve been feeling so scared, panicked and alone since I have no one to talk about this with. I’m definitely going to make an appointment ASAP to test for STDs and maybe speak with my general DR but I’m so panicked right now I haven’t stopped shaking thinking of all the possibilities. Has anyone gone through any of this?
2:41 am - 01/29/2018

Recurring vaginal cysts

Hey VPers!

I've been suffering with a frustrating problem for a little while now and I'm not sure of what is causing it or how to properly go about treating it. I seem to be getting frequent cysts (usually one on its own at one time) or something just inside my labia majora (at the top end, not the entrance). I only seem to get one at a time rather than multiple but it's still sore and although they seem to go down after some time they generally come back. I actually went to a gynecologist recently but at the time I didn't have any cysts (I thought I still had a small one from a bartholin cyst but turned out it was gone). She said my vagina looked healthy and I discussed other stuff unrelated to the cysts. I forgot to ask her why they occur and what I can do.

Idk if this is related but I do suffer with cystic acne on my face (for about 10 months now). I'm not sure if the vaginal cysts are similar but it is strange they occur in both places.

Does anyone know what causes them and how I can treat them? I don't wanna have to get referred back so soon and its likely it'll have cleared before I get another appt.

Ftr, I'm not sexually active right now. Also I wear liners all the time as I have IC and generally have a leaky bladder so idk if that contributes to the problem. I also don't shave down there right now but was told by my doctor when I had one previously that it was likely to have been an ingrown hair?

If anyone can advise that'd be awesome as I've run out of ideas haha.
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