3:03 pm - 04/21/2006

Vinegar bath?

I heard that taking a vinegar bath will make you tighter, is that true? and if it is, what kind of vinegar and how much of it? I've only had one sex partner, my boyfriend, but what are some exercises that can make you "tight" again?
mollyester 22nd-Apr-2006 08:10 pm (UTC)
Just do your Kegels! I really wouldn't recommend the vinegar thing ... that can majorly screw with your vaginal pH, and make your genitals very uncomfortable.

Information about Kegels can be found here and here.
autumn_sylver 23rd-Apr-2006 01:19 am (UTC)
Although a vinegar bath can help if you have a yeast infection.
queensugar 22nd-Apr-2006 08:13 pm (UTC)
Well, I've certainly never heard that. But I'll tell you one thing: the idea of female "tightness" is highly overrated in our society. I can most definitely assure you that your vagina is not "loose" or otherwise "untight."

The vagina is a muscle, and as such it really doesn't get "loose," or stretch out... childbirth can have an effect, as can advanced age (since we lose muscle mass and flesh elasticity as we age). But it doesn't stretch out the more you use it.

However, like every other muscle it can be exersised... you can do Kegel Exercises, which can improve your vaginal muscle capacity and allow you to grip a penis better during intercourse. The website I linked above has a decent how-to for Kegels.
pirogoeth 22nd-Apr-2006 09:08 pm (UTC)
Wonderful info, as usual. :)
kaelstra 23rd-Apr-2006 03:59 am (UTC)
Totally agreed. It's like placing huge importance on penis size. Quite frankly, it's grossly overrated, and most of the issue of 'female tightness' is in the woman's head, not a real issue for the guys.
lovemy_cervix22 23rd-Apr-2006 08:17 pm (UTC)
Although after pregnancy they usually stitch you back up and you might end up tighter than before depending on how many stitches you get.
frolicnaked 22nd-Apr-2006 08:24 pm (UTC)
As others have said, the vagina is a muscle. Having sex does not make a muscle become "loose." If you do feel "looser," it may actually be because you've become more comfortable with penetration.

You may be interested in reading this info from All About My Vagina:

"How can I tighten my vagina?

Firstly, no chemical can tighten the vagina. Vinegar and other chemicals can upset the pH and the friendly bacterial populations in the vagina, leaving it prone to infections. Douching is harmful. Don’t put chemicals in your vagina. OK? OK.

Vaginas are made of muscles, and there are some very simple and effective exercises to firm them up so that they don’t feel so loose, and so you can squeeze them to make them feel even tighter. As a bonus, the exercises can improve everything from bladder control to labour to orgasms. Please see the muscles page, or do a search for Kegel exercises.

Finally, often when people describe a vagina as tight or loose, they are referring to how easy it is to penetrate that vagina, which is really a function of how slippery it is. Slipperiness prevents chafing and injuries, so I recommend always keeping sex slippery. Muscular squeezing is a better way to increase sensation than dryness."

Kegels are a great way to increase conscious control of your pelvic floor muscles. From doing mine, I have a lot more control over both contracting and relaxing my vagina.
beronikagila great responses but...22nd-Apr-2006 10:54 pm (UTC)
hi- all that is written is so- but problems CAN occur that cannot be fixed with kegel- but these are due to age, childbirth, obesit and other heath issues...
I am 52- but went to get a repair done that is common under various aging issues- but it turned into a major surgery- thankfully I am all set now... better than I was regarding that...
I doubt you will have to concern yourself with any of this unless you are old, fat and ill and as I was LOL..
I wonder what makes ya worry about tightness?
you are probably fine just as you are.
I spent too much of my youth not appreciating how terrific I was! *s*
enjoy it!
photobooth15501 23rd-Apr-2006 12:08 am (UTC)
I am going to be a minority here but I totally know where you're coming from about being tight. People often try to compare your vagina to your mouth and say "IF YOU ATE A CHEESEBURGER YOUR MOUTH WOULDN'T GET ANY BIGGER, RIGHT?!" That statement conveniently ignores the fact that opening and closing your mouth involves using a joint, whereas having sex does not.

In my experience a vagina can get "looser", perhaps not permanently, but things like fisting will definitely make the tissue around your vagina more flexible and therefor easier to stretch. Many women simply don't have control over their vaginal muscles (something kegels totally helps). I'm not saying it will make sex less pleasurable for either you or your partner, but it happens. I love kegels, my boyfriend cannot believe how "tight" penatration feels with me and loves it. They are fun and really easy to do, just make sure you're doing them correctly!

Okay, that's my piece!
kaelstra 23rd-Apr-2006 04:02 am (UTC)
Of course it can get looser immedately after any activity that would stretch it grossly beyond it's limits, however, it always goes back to how it was before-it is elastic, and meant to stretch. It doesn't stay that way though.

I'd also daresay anyone into fisting or using very large dildos is already aware of that though, haha.

Also be forewarned that there is actually such a thing as "too tight" for some guys. My ex-husband used to complain about it quite a bit, saying sex was uncomfortable for him sometimes. He once made the remark he hoped childbirth would 'loosen it up some' but it didn't.
lnorigb 23rd-Apr-2006 12:59 am (UTC)
whoever told you that needs to be shot.

if yr guy wants tighter then yr perfect self then he can get a tight holding handjob or find an arse.

lovemy_cervix22 23rd-Apr-2006 08:19 pm (UTC)
Why would you need to be any tighter? Sex is more painful that way.
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