8:18 am - 02/11/2005

Birth Control Survey/Directory

We get a lot of questions about birth control around here, so the VP Team decided to come up with a poll that could serve as a directory/tool/resource for our members. The idea is that you should be able to come back at any time to check the poll results, giving you instant access to lots of member feedback about all kinds of birth control methods.

If you are currently using some form of birth control/contraceptive, please participate! As poll participants increase, so will the usefulness of the resource! Thanks in advance from all of us at the VP Team.

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kunargie09 17th-Aug-2010 11:54 pm (UTC)
I use a combo of Ortho-Cyclen and male condoms.. my boy is paranoid! I wouldn't recommend using spermicide, because I got a few UTI's from using spermicidal condoms..
bibliophilem 29th-Nov-2011 09:38 am (UTC)
I was abstinent until marriage and use FAM/NFP (specifically the symptothermal method) now. We abstain during fertile days (about 19-21 days per month in my case).
The pros: it's free, I know my body really well, I don't have any artificial hormones in my body, we are in accordance with the teachings of our religion, and it forces us to focus on our relationship as a whole, not just the sexual side of things. Plus, once we are ready to have children, we'll be able to time everything right to maximize chances for conception.
The cons: abstinence is often difficult, we get a lot of crap from friends/strangers who don't understand why we're doing NFP instead of just going on the pill or using condoms, and it does take a bit of practice before you figure out how to chart. Fortunately, I started charting before we got married so it's a lot easier now.
I know most people would not choose this method, but I'm happy with it and think it's a legitimate option for people who are actually willing to do the work.
brytewolf 17th-Jan-2012 02:54 am (UTC)
I was on the patch (ortho evra) about 5 years ago, for about a year, and while it was good I didn't love it quite as much as I do my Zarah (which is a generic of Yasmin).

Originally I was put on it by my dermatologist, to see if it would help with my acne. It has (a little bit) but it's everything else that I love about it.

I used to have horrible mood swings during PMS, where I'd get irrationally angry and not even know what I was angry about. Gone. I'd also get the worst cramps either the day before my period started, or the day off. A couple times, so bad that if I stood up I would have to vomit. Gone. I might have a little "unhappy tummy" feeling the day-of, but that's it. I used to have ridiculously heavy periods, heaviness that would last usually a good full week at the least, and be heavy until it disappeared. Now I have light periods, that last at most 5 days. I was also really irregular, and now I know which day during my placebo pills my period is going to start on each month. like clockwork.
Kristin Fulton 2nd-Mar-2012 11:30 pm (UTC)
I think HBC should be available over the counter. I am on ortho tricyclen-lo, when i first started taking it my irritability went up slightly, but since I have had no noticeable side effects. If you would like to get involved with the OC OTC (oral contraceptive over the counter) initiative check out the following link. http://gynuity.org/about/partners/over-the-counter-oral-contraception-otc-oc-initiative/
squibbon 21st-Apr-2012 03:30 am (UTC)
I've just started on Mirena. Before that I used NuvaRing. I was on Ortho Tri-Cyclen as a teenager, and ended up having my period for three weeks on and one week off.

(plus condoms for STI prevention, I've had a few break over the years so I don't like to rely on them exclusively for birth control)

About two months ago I had to go off of estrogen-containing birth control due to a few high blood pressure readings. I tried micronor, and it was horrible for me. I had a tough time remembering to take it in the 3 hour window, it made me moody and gave me crying jags, and to add insult to injury it gave me 12 day long periods.

I chose Mirena because it is a lower dose of progestin than the other progestin only methods, I wanted a cheap long term method, and it would be nice to have lighter periods or no periods. Also because I can't get a paraguard because they contain nickel, which I'm allergic to.

So far so good with the Mirena. I've only had it about a week. The insertion was pretty bad,and I'm still spotting some, but all the cramping and discomfort is gone at this point and it's great not to have to worry about taking a pill or changing a ring.

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