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Gynecologist Recommendations by Region.

I thought it might be useful to have an archived post containing members' recommendations on gynecologists. If you have had really positive experiences with your gynecologist and would like to recommend her/him, please leave a comment to this post. You can look it up later in the Archives under "Gynecologist(s)".*  (If no suggestions here work for you, and/or if you're in the US and looking for low cost care, you might also try this directory of free clinics.)

In your comment, please put the region (city, state, country) in the subject header for easy browsing. Feel free to include any other information in your comment, such as:

1. why you recommend this particular health care professional
2. how s/he can be contacted (phone/email/website, etc.)
3. the gender of the practitioner (some people are uncomfortable being examined by those of particular genders)
4. whether or not the person/clinic is LGBT-, poly- and/or kink-friendly
5. What the atmosphere of the clinic/office is like
6. anything else that might be informative/useful (the more information, the more better!)

*NOTE: Having this post archived on our website does not constitute VP's official endorsement of any/all of the gynecologists listed. As with everything else VP-related, please use this resource responsibly and with your own discretion!
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immortalavalamp Providence, Rhode Island (RI)25th-May-2012 11:41 pm (UTC)
Dr. (Michelle?) Anvar.

1. She was efficient without rushing me, sympathetic, and super smart. She also wasn't condescending, and when I had a UTI over the holidays and was out of town, she got back to me within a couple of hours and ordered me a prescription over the phone (it was a very obvious UTI, but still). My school's health services has told me to go to urgent care before, which I honestly do not have the money for and am very, very, very familiar with the symptoms of a UTI--I've only had a couple in the space of 5 years or so, but they come reeeeaaally fast and are very obvious.

2. Her phone number is (401) 444-3355. I think that's the only way to reach them. Her office is located at 111 Plain St., Providence, RI, close to Rhode Island Hospital.

3. I didn't ask her, but I think she is female-identified.

4. She's queer-friendly...when I had sex for more than 30 seconds with a male-bodied person for the first time and the condom came off, she laughed at my joke about sticking with women, which I really appreciated in my super-anxious state. She also didn't seem the least bit phased by my queerness, and her office lists gender as male/female/other (I think) on the intake paperwork, and is to the best of my knowledge trans-positive, so that's a plus. I don't know about poly/kink friendly, but she strikes me as a pragmatic type who cares more about safety than whether or not someone does something she would consider 'weird'. She wasn't judgmental about the fact that I had multiple partners, just made sure I had all the education I needed and knew how to be safe and reduce risk.

5. Her office was sort of like a standard doctor's office, I think white and green? Couches, chairs, magazines, the like. I think it was mostly People and health mags, but there might have been a few more progressive ones out. It was located on an upper floor of the building, but it was accessible by both stairs and an elevator, if I remember right. The parking lot was small, but accessible, I think with wide parking spaces to allow for vans with chair lifts.

6. When I asked about psych meds, she was not a big pill pusher at all. When I was interested in SSRIs, she really recommended a brief course of them because 1) they're only intended for short term use, and long-term effects are unknown/negative, and 2) most people don't necessarily need meds, long-term. She also asked about a therapist, which is great--she's totally supportive of other models of treatment (aside from meds), but I think she would have continued prescribing meds, if I'd really wanted to stay on them.

She also was supportive of my decision to go off of birth control, which I'd been on to help with my period but didn't feel great about taking anymore.

She really gave me information, but trusted me to make my own decisions and was a collaborator in my care, rather than patriarchal asshat. I love her and was very sad to leave her when I moved to OH.

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also_warriors Re: Providence, Rhode Island (RI)26th-May-2012 02:43 am (UTC)
This review is so helpful! Thanks a lot.
immortalavalamp Re: Providence, Rhode Island (RI)26th-May-2012 05:51 pm (UTC)
Yay! Also, the answering machine says something like, "Rhode Island Women's Health Associates", but she's in that group. They aren't all awesome, but she sure is!
mammatus Re: Providence, Rhode Island (RI)12th-Aug-2012 10:47 pm (UTC)
Do you mind clarifying - is she a primary care provider that also offers GYN services? I see she is listed as an internist online.
kadevha South Charleston, WV26th-May-2012 01:52 am (UTC)
Dr Osterman Cotes OB/GYN

1. He is just all around a great doctor! My friend recommended him to me after I mentioned the horrendous wait times at another highly esteemed practice in the valley. She had some fertility issues and has just come to love him and his staff. Once, when she was pregnant - he came in on a Saturday to give her an ultrasound when she was bleeding. I have felt nothing but comfort and ease with him, his PAs, and other staff.
2. Male and he also speaks Spanish which is great for around here!
3. N/A I have no idea
5. Very friendly and accommodating. While I haven't experienced a genuine emergency, they were able to see me within 24 hours.
6. I have had some issues with external cysts and the like so he's performed surgery on me twice. The first time, he was rushed for some reason and even the nurses noted that was odd for him, so I didn't put much thought into it since his bedside manner was great in the office visit. The second time (about a year later) he was much more relaxed. He spoke to my husband about everything, even suggested places where he could get a coffee or find an ATM in the hospital. He has been the best gynecologist I have met with. He has genuine empathy and concern for his patients. He's just an all around sweetheart. The nurses all over the hospital adore him, too.

Dr Osterman Cotes OB/GYN
500 Poplar St # 200 South Charleston, WV 25309
(304) 766-3400
shark_o_saurus San Antonio, TX, USA26th-May-2012 05:49 pm (UTC)
I recommend Dr. Garcia at Lonestar Primary Care. (She's a primary care physician, but she handles women's health as well.)

1. I've found Dr. Garcia to be very knowledgeable, she'll help talk me through an exam if I'm not sure what to expect, and she respects my decisions and my lifestyle. (My "lifestyle" isn't too interesting though; I'm a straight woman engaged to a man. The only quirky part is that I've been engaged since I was 20.)
2. Call. 210.298.STAR (7827) She also has a website at http://www.lonestarpca.com/default.asp
3. Female
4. Not sure
5. Atmosphere is okay. The front desk staff are nice in person, but can sometimes be difficult over the phone when it comes to scheduling appointments. There are a lot of ads for things like laser hair removal, which the office also offers, but I ignore those.
elephantus45 Denver, CO (Englewood, Lonetree)17th-Jun-2012 02:08 am (UTC)
Dr. Michelle McGould


She listens and understands really well. She is very gentle during exams, and she is intuned into her patients needs (When I needed a surgery scheduled because I was leaving for college in two weeks she mad it happen in a few days, my previous surgeries have taken a month or more to schedule).

I am not sure about LGBTQ but she is very understanding to my quirks. I've been seeing her for almost 10 years, starting when I was 15.

The office is very friendly and the staff is great. Its not a stark white doctors office, its warm and inviting.
glortw Montgomery County PA/Philadelphia suburbs24th-Jun-2012 03:10 pm (UTC)
1. I recommend Lynn Michel (Michelle,maybe?) at the Planned Parenthood in Norristown because she's been the only gynecologist out of at least 4 or 5 to understand my fear of exams, and also never told me to lose weight. (She's a bit thick, but I still figured she'd say I would be healthier if I lost weight. I am not morbidly obese or anything, but I'm heavier than I should be according to height/weight ratios, so I dread any doctor appointment, and especially a gyn, who would see my thighs, etc.) I cry every time I go there and freak out, and she's always understanding, goes slowly, and lets me calm down a little before she starts.

2. You can call 610-279-6095 to make an appointment, though there's an obnoxious phone menu to go through.

3. I am fairly sure she's LGBT friendly. She didn't say anything when I told her I had had relationships with both sexes. Strikes me as kink or poly friendly too. Just a generally tolerant and open-minded woman.

4. I do find it important to mention that you will inevitably, even if you've scheduled your appointment months earlier, have to wait at least an hour, more likely 2 or 3. It's just because it's Norristown, it's PP, and they're swamped and overbooked. This upsets me,and there is hardly ever anything good to read in the waiting room. Even once you're taken back to the exam room, after the one person takes your info and blood pressure, you will sometimes have to wait another hour to see the clinician. And also, there is another clinician there besides Lynn, I think. But I specifically said I wanted to have an appointment with Lynn, I'd only come in if I knew she'd be there that day. And I did see her, so if you say that it should work out. I'm just warning you about the extreme wait. Any day of the week. And very annoying people in the waiting room who don't seem to realise nobody else wants to hear their 30-minute cell phone conversation conducted at top volume.

Anyway, I'm extremely picky about gyns, and this is the first place I've found where they never tell me to lose weight, they never judge me, and they are calm and comforting about my crying and freaking out, even after years of it. I will put up with the ridiculous waits forever, because I never want to see anyone other than Lynn.
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