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Gynecologist Recommendations by Region.

I thought it might be useful to have an archived post containing members' recommendations on gynecologists. If you have had really positive experiences with your gynecologist and would like to recommend her/him, please leave a comment to this post. You can look it up later in the Archives under "Gynecologist(s)".*  (If no suggestions here work for you, and/or if you're in the US and looking for low cost care, you might also try this directory of free clinics.)

In your comment, please put the region (city, state, country) in the subject header for easy browsing. Feel free to include any other information in your comment, such as:

1. why you recommend this particular health care professional
2. how s/he can be contacted (phone/email/website, etc.)
3. the gender of the practitioner (some people are uncomfortable being examined by those of particular genders)
4. whether or not the person/clinic is LGBT-, poly- and/or kink-friendly
5. What the atmosphere of the clinic/office is like
6. anything else that might be informative/useful (the more information, the more better!)

*NOTE: Having this post archived on our website does not constitute VP's official endorsement of any/all of the gynecologists listed. As with everything else VP-related, please use this resource responsibly and with your own discretion!
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kiesha Chattanooga, TN USA (Hamilton County)10th-Nov-2008 04:57 pm (UTC)
Dr. Chris Radpour
Obstetrics & Gynecology
1651 Gunbarrel Rd
Chattanooga, TN

1. why you recommend this particular health care professional

This doctor was awesome. He was the ONLY doctor that took the time to test my blood to see why I had 2 miscarriages before the first 2 months. Turns out I had a genetic disorder which makes my blood clot. He also educated me on more personal issues. Excellent doctor.

2. how s/he can be contacted (phone/email/website, etc.)

1651 Gunbarrel Rd
Chattanooga, TN

3. the gender of the practitioner (some people are uncomfortable being examined by those of particular genders)

He is a male doctor. I don't mind that. Very gentle with an excellent nurse on hand as well.

4. whether or not the person/clinic is LGBT-, poly- and/or kink-friendly

This one, I'm not sure of. However judging from the atmosphere, I can't see them being closed minded.

5. What the atmosphere of the clinic/office is like

Very fast paced but friendly nurses/staff. Usually you are in and out. I was actually invited to his office several times to discuss options/results.

6. anything else that might be informative/useful (the more information, the more better!)

This may not be an issue to some but this office is located off of Gunbarrel road which is a VERY busy area. That's my only complaint. However if you desire, there is Hamilton Place Mall, Several other shopping area and restaurants.

Let me know if you require any additional info :-)
evillittlekiwi Syracuse, NY (and surrounding areas)12th-Nov-2008 07:31 am (UTC)

associates for woman's medicine
i was seen by Kandice Kowalewski, RPA-C

1. why you recommend this particular health care professional
she was super friendly and down to earth. very professional but not stuffy. Took time to listen and answer all my questions. Also the entire staff was super friendly-from the receptionist to the nurses!
2. how s/he can be contacted (phone/email/website, etc.)
the web site above..has all the contact info!
3. the gender of the practitioner (some people are uncomfortable being examined by those of particular genders)
4. whether or not the person/clinic is LGBT-, poly- and/or kink-friendly
i am not sure...but i have a genital piercing and she didn't mention anything about it when she did the pelvic exam.
5. What the atmosphere of the clinic/office is like
the atmosphere is inviting and friendly. the waiting area at the northeast medical complex (where i went) was super plush. not the typical waiting area...comfortable chairs, variety of magazines, nicely decorated with colours and plants. There are pamphlets and info avaliable as well all over.
6. anything else that might be informative/useful (the more information, the more better!)
they have a pretty nifty way of keeping charts. they use computer tablets and the nurses write down the information on them..no bulky paper charts that i saw.

this was my first visit as a new patient and i was so nervous but everyone there was super nice, friendly and professional. No nerves anymore!
skeas Reno, NV, United States28th-Apr-2009 12:03 am (UTC)
1. I started out seeing my mother's gynecologist (Dr. Chotiner). He actually was her obstetrician as well! Although he is IUD-friendly, and even seemed eager to get a Mirena in my nulliparous uterus, he is just not gentle or understanding. He actually mocked me for groaning after he shoved the speculum in and cranked it open. He's a thorough doctor and seems knowledgeable about gynecology, but he can be pretty brusque. The time spent in the waiting room is generally short, but when you actually get back to the exam room and take off all of your clothes, you can be left naked (and cold!) for long periods of time.

I just came back from an annual exam with Terry McCaskill. Dr. McCaskill is a woman, and she is absolutely amazing. I got an appointment quickly (though I have heard that they are sometimes a little overbooked). I was in the waiting room for around forty minutes, but once I got into the exam room, Dr. McCaskill made me feel like I was the only patient she was seeing that day. She asked me quite a few questions about my health and actually listened when I answered. She seemed to like the idea of my menstrual cup. She was so gentle when inserting the speculum that I didn't even feel it.

Dr. Chotiner made me feel uncomfortable being naked, as though he was uncomfortable with my nakedness and wanted to get the whole thing over with as soon as possible. Dr. McCaskill definitely put me right at ease. I even started bleeding all over the exam table and she was totally fine. I had felt a lump in my vagina recently, and she had to do quite a bit of probing to get at it, which she did without hesitation. I thought I was going to feel gross about it, but I actually came out of the room feeling as though I had done the exam myself. She hadn't poked me or made me feel weird about the fact that she was practically fisting me.

I don't know whether or not she is lgbt, poly, and/or kink friendly because I didn't bring up any of those issues, but I imagine that she would be pretty open and accepting.
machagagobed University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, United States3rd-May-2009 03:11 am (UTC)
Bev Yuhasz

1. Bev is a very friendly woman who really listened to all my questions and went out of her way to answer them. She finagled me a 15 month prescription of BC, which is great, and called around to pharmacies to make sure it was okay. She did my pap and it was very quick and painless.

2. She can be found on this website - http://campushealth.unc.edu/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=40&Itemid=80

3. I believe much of the clinic is LGBT friendly. Friendly practitioners will have a sign outside their office that denotes it as a LGBT friendly zone, and most office have this sign.

4. She works in a small clinic on the third floor of a hospital building. The nurses are generally pretty terse, but not rude.

gglass Columbus, Ohio, USA4th-May-2009 02:22 am (UTC)
I highly recommend Dr. Elizabeth Sabol at Northeast Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Gahanna. My mother, sister, and I have all been going to her for our exams for years and have had nothing but positive experiences. Dr. Sabol diagnosed and successfully removed my mother's endometrial cancer, and was extremely kind and compassionate throughout the entire process. She's been gentle and understanding with my sister, who has a lot of anxiety over ob-gyn exams. She also inserted my Copper-T IUD when I was 19 and single, which not many doctors in the US seem very willing to do.

I'm bisexual and have not had any problems, so I do think she's LGBT-friendly. I'm not sure if she's poly- and/or kink-friendly, but she has been professional and nonjudgmental in all my experiences. The office is comfortable and pretty soothing, as far as doctor's offices go. I've seen patients representing a diverse range of ages and life experiences in the exam room.

Office Phone #: (614) 476-4101
otherrootbeer Rockwall, Texas, USA21st-Jun-2009 03:38 pm (UTC)
1. It's a collaboration of OBGYN's most of whom I have known since I was little. They're all extremely friendly and wonderful ladies. Dr. Jewel Malick, Dr. Maureen Ribail, Dr. Carol Poole, Dr. Fara Behnia, LaDawn Cantu (C.N.P.) and Ginger Douphrate (C.N.P.) are the practitioners there.

I personally see LaDawn Cantu and she is quite possibly one of the bubbliest ladies I've ever met. She is super nice and extremely helpful. She takes her time to explain things and will easily talk you through an exam.

2. They have a website: http://theobgynplace.com/

3. They're all females.

4. I'm fairly certain that this group is LGBT friendly, and possibly poly and kink friendly.

5. The atmosphere is generally friendly

6. All forms can be printed from the website. Each day at least one of the practitioners is available to handle emergency situations. Appointments are made by phone.
kindamaybe 30th-Jun-2009 01:26 pm (UTC)
Anybody have a rec for a fat friendly gyn in north central fl? I'm in Gainesville.
geminigirl 2nd-Jul-2009 02:47 pm (UTC)
If you haven't seen it yet, there's a comment below yours for someone in Ocala. I've got a great OB/GYN recommendation but he's a bit far for you, over in Lake Mary or in Deltona.
silverwing26 Ocala, Fl, USA1st-Jul-2009 06:23 pm (UTC)
This is a copy of the post I made in VP after my great visit with Dr. Philip Johnson.

Hey, I know sometimes people post asking for recommendations to doctors, so since I had an absolute rocking first visit yesterday I thought I would recount my experience. I live in the area around Ocala Florida and you're looking for a Gyno I recommend Doctor Philip Johnson. I had to wait about two months to get my first appointment, but it was worth it.

His staff was extremely friendly and supportive. I felt respected the entire time. The receptionist had to ask me about some of my issues so she was polite and lowered her voice to ask me while we were at the counter instead of announcing it to the room at large.

I am also very overweight. My weight was not a problem at all and I was not made to feel ashamed or shy in anyway. When Doctor Johnson walked in, he put me completely at ease. He was very easy to talk to and explained things in a way I could understand them without making me feel like I didn't know anything. When I voiced a concern or had a question he addressed it. The only time I felt slightly confused was with some of my perscirption instructions so he said he would have the nurse give me a packet with all of the instructions in them and went over it with me again.

The physical exam went fine and was not nearly as painful as the last place I had been. He explained the steps to me the whole time and frequently asked if I was alright or in any pain. This was just such a stellar experience compared to the last place I went that I wanted to share. I hope it helps. :)
shyshutterbug Extreme northwestern VA, US; Austin, TX, US6th-Jul-2009 09:53 pm (UTC)
-Drs. Laura Dabinett and Carolyn Wilson in Winchester, VA. Both are extraordinarily professional, compassionate, and gentle female physicians who provide a wide range of gynecology care. Having worked with both and been a patient of Dr. Dabinett, I would readily recommend them to anyone. Their small office is not intimidating in the least. Both are "alternate-lifestyle" friendly, be it LGBT, poly, kink, etc. Also in-office, though not affiliated with the partnership of Dabinett and Wilson, are Dr. Beth Omundsen, a family practitioner, and Dr. Francisco Irianni, a reproductive endocrinologist specializing in infertility. As with Drs. Dabinett and Wilson, I cannot say enough good things about Drs. Omundsen and Irianni.

Dr. Dabinett: 540/665-8833
Dr. Wilson: 540/665-8414

-Brookside Women's Medical Center in Austin, TX. Staffed with two male physicians, Dr. Tad Davis and Dr. Andrew Massman, and a female nurse practitioner, Ginger Ridout. Thoroughly experienced and non-judgmental practitioners devoted to providing the best possible care to women. A wide range of gynecology services are available, including abortion services. (Word to the wise: I would avoid seeing Dr. Davis if at all possible; however, both Dr. Massman and Ginger are amazing.)

ladylovelorn Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, and Chicago, IL26th-Jul-2009 01:56 pm (UTC)
Dr. Rebecca Keith, at Novas, Dohr, Coll OB/GYN Associates, S.C.
111 Lions Drive Suite 210
Barrington IL 60010

1. why you recommend this particular health care professional:
Dr. Keith was the most gentle gyno I have ever been to in my entire life. I move around a lot and have been to many many different doctors. I have never walked out of an exam feeling as safe and comfortable as I did with her. She took time to answer all my questions, She listened to my concerns and issues with out making me feel like I was being paranoid or dramatic. She also worked with me to figure out ways to be sure my insurance company would pay for everything I needed done as I was on a pre existing condition waiting list. Also I like this office because all of the Doctors are women.

2. how s/he can be contacted (phone/email/website, etc.)
see above

3. the gender of the practitioner (some people are uncomfortable being examined by those of particular genders)

4. whether or not the person/clinic is LGBT-, poly- and/or kink-friendly
Dr. Keith didn't seem to care that I have had female partners before but it wasn't really the focus of my visit. So I can't really answer this. I can say that the lobby and and facilities do specialize is childbirth, fertility treatments etc. so if you don't like seeing pregnant women children and toys while you wait for your exam then this might not be the place for you.

5. What the atmosphere of the clinic/office is like
It is in a fairly wealthy suburb of chicago so they are catering to a more affluent demographic. However the staff is all very friendly (even to someone who doesn't look like they belong to that affluent class of people :)The woman in billing is particularly helpful and will go above and beyond to help you.

6. anything else that might be informative/useful (the more information, the more better!)

Howard Brown Health Center
4025 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL 60613

I just wanted to make a note about Howard Brown in this list of Healthcare Providers. Howard Brown is a LGBT health care provider in Chicago that has a huge range of services. They do people's health, STD testing, violence recovery, AIDS care and research, substance abuse programs and on and on. They also take payment on a sliding scale depending on how much you have to give. I have had good and bad experiences with at this facility but if you are looking for open minded, sex positive, feminist, LGBT, kink, poly (or whatever else you might be into) friendly care this is really the best place in Chicago to go. All of the bad experiences I have had here directly relate to scheduling an appointment or dealing with the front desk at check in. Both things relate to the fact that this is a busy clinic with only so many resources. And since it is a clinic designed to help those with no or little insurance their resources can be in high demand so sometimes you have to wait. Especially if you are a new patient.
syntheticdeath Re: Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, and Chicago, IL21st-Sep-2009 04:05 am (UTC)
Can you recommend any gyno in Chicago? Barrington is about two hours away from me and that's a little too far. Not sure if I can go to Howard Brown seeing as I'm straight, but I could be misinterpreting it?

I'm a new student here and I have no idea where to begin to even look!
oopsiedaisies7 Bangor, Maine, USA4th-Jan-2010 05:04 am (UTC)
Dr. Leigh Bretta from Acadia OB/GYN!

1. I have only had a routine exam with Dr. Bretta, but the entire procedure was very comfortable. She was not overly talkative (which I really appreciated), but vocalized what she was doing and took time to discuss problems that I've had.

2. http://acadiaobgyn.com/home.nxg

3. She's female.

4. I am not sure if the practice is LGBT-, poly- or kink-friendly.

5. The atmosphere was very comfortable. It is a busy office, but I was "processed" quickly; I think I left the office 15 or 20 minutes after my appointment time. I didn't feel "rushed", though.

6. Dr. Bretta seems to be a trusted and popular doctor. She was very nice and made a couple of (appropriate and humorous!) jokes during my appointment, and she and all of the staff seemed to try to make me as comfortable as possible.
prettyboicris New York City19th-Apr-2010 02:36 pm (UTC)
Dr. Zoe Rodriguez affiliated with
Beth Israel Hospital
10 union square East
New York, NY 10003

1. She is very is LBT sensitive and has extensive experience with the needs of transmen

2. 212- 844-8590

3. Female

4. The Provider and the clinic is LGBT Friendly.

5. The atmosphere of the clinic is professional and respectful

6. She is trans positive and will perform hysterectomies on transmen as long as she can justify it medically.
princessselene Portland, OR, USA27th-Apr-2010 10:32 am (UTC)
Dr. Blake Osmundsen at Providence Professional Plaza right across the street from Providence Portland Medical Center. Best GYN I've ever had and would be using him for my obstetrician if he still delivered babies. Very laid back, professional, and makes you feel so at ease with him. Any questions or concerns you have, he answers them completely and honestly.


Part of Comprehensive Gynocologist Associates, inside Laurelhurst Women's Clinic. Everyone at the clinic usually remembers your name and are very genuinely nice.
quietchildae Mission Viejo, CA, USA - Planned Parenthood2nd-Jun-2010 10:01 pm (UTC)
1. I saw a general administrator type person, and a nurse practitioner. I could not have been more pleased - both were professional, friendly, and non judgemental. I was there to get a new birth control prescription for Yaz. They both advised me as to other options that were available, but did not pressure me to change my pill. When I asked about an IUC, the NP was more than willing to discuss putting on in for me, and was knowledgable about the differences between the two available in the States. She also said if I wanted to pursue sterilization (which I do), she could recommend a doctor who would be willing to perform the procedure despite my age. Also, I was unaware that I qualified for state assistance to cover my pill, and they got me enrolled and running with it so my visit, and prescription cost me nothing. She did have a trainee with her, but the trainee was quiet and polite, and non intrusive.
2. Contact via planned parenthood website, mission viejo location
3. Female
4. Poly friendly - they asked me if I thought my partners might have other partners, and when I said yes, they asked "are you ok with that?" (presumably to rule out a potentially abusive relationship), and moved on. No condemnation, or lectures on having multiple partners, just very factual and unassuming.
5. A bit busy, as there were many walk-in clients. Waiting room was somewhat noisy because of the people there, but the office itself was professional. However, I found it to be a bit chilly, so I would recommend bringing a sweater.
cheniqua_17 25th-Jul-2010 03:28 am (UTC)
Kimberly Shepherd

She is amazing. Willing to listen to any concern or question, always happy to see me no matter how little the issue. She is very gentle and will have a 20 minute discussion with you if that's what you need in order to treat you to the best of her ability. example: when i was 17 i found my first breast cyst (didn't know it was a cyst at the time) she straight up held my hand and told me that it was ok. this was big for me because i was 17 and courtesy of Dr. Google scared out of my mind that i had cancer. she even had me come back to the office after a breast ultrasound at a different facility to explain the readings to me herself.

that's the practice she is part of

she is a female

The main office is near a college campus that is fairly large and liberal. I've never been in the direct position to find out if she is LGBT,poly, or king friendly but given the proximity to campus I don't see how she couldn't be. Her main goal is to provide the best possible care to her patients.

the atmosphere is nice. admittedly there are lots of parenting/pregnancy magazines but they also carry newsweek and stuff like that. they recognize that not all patients are parents/pregnant. some of the main areas (processing rooms where you are weighed, etc before going to the exam room) have pictures/cards from patients-mostly baby pictures. in the main lobby there are pictures of all the doctors in the practice with their families.

she is very sweet, understanding, and willing to listen to anything. no question is too trivial, no concern too small.
rowlena_rose Lower Fairfeild Country CT USA27th-Aug-2011 06:36 pm (UTC)
Maryam Hedayatzadeh
Womens Health Care of New England

1. why you recommend this particular health care professional
I find her presence very calming and my first visit ever she was gentle and explained to me what was going on the entire time. I appreciated her straight forward manner and she did not make the visit longer then it needed to be.

2. how s/he can be contacted (phone/email/website, etc.)

3. the gender of the practitioner (some people are uncomfortable being examined by those of particular genders):Female

4. whether or not the person/clinic is LGBT-, poly- and/or kink-friendly: I dont know. Sorry :(

5. What the atmosphere of the clinic/office is like: the Norwalk office is bright and neat but affords privacy. Easy parking as well. The Darien location is very bright and at my last visit was brand new (as in two months). A bit difficult to find at that time due to lack of signage, but was very nice and welcoming.

6. anything else that might be informative/useful (the more information, the more better!)

Multiple locations in lower Fairfeild county, and they work hard to get close to day of call appointments (i.e. next day)
glitterberrys Manhattan (Chelsea), NYC, New York, USA12th-Oct-2011 11:51 pm (UTC)

Dr. Ovitsh's practice has been trimmed a bit - he no longer delivers babies or does surgery himself due to insurance rates - but for the usual stuff he's great (though I've never been pregnant, so I don't know how he is with the prenatal stuff firsthand). He's also just a really sweet guy, willing to stay and talk if you have questions or issues, and his staff is very friendly and helpful. Last time I was there having blood drawn, I'd never met the nurse before (and unfortunately didn't get her name, as I was too busy freaking out over the 11 cm ovarian cyst he'd just found), and oh my heck she is just the sweetest, most calming person.

I have no idea if the practice is LGBTQ/poly/kink friendly as a rule, but I'm a lesbian and have never felt uncomfortable. And, I mean, it's in lower Manhattan, so...you don't generally get a ton of blatant bigots in the area. If nothing else it would be terrible for business!
aliterative About to go in to Sydney Doctor27th-Jan-2012 03:38 am (UTC)
I noticed there is a dearth of Sydney/Australia based Gyno recommendations.

I'm about to go in to the Preterm clinic on Elizabeth Street in Sydney next wednesday to have a copper IUD put in, and will report back once that is done.

My experience so far has been unrelentingly positive. I emailed the contact details on the website, and they were prompt to reply and begin an email dialogue, stating available dates and suggesting I call them to make a booking when I had decided which of those dates would suit me.

When I called, the receptionist mentioned that their preference is to insert it a few days into the period as the cervix is already slightly dilated and they can be sure there is no pregnancy. The receptionist/(nurse?) was very professional and to the point. It speaks well of the practice as a whole.

During the phone consultation, she did not try to discuss my choice beyond asking relevant questions - like, have you had children? I've heard reports of doctors/clinic nurses trying to persuade women against IUDs, (particularly in germany for some reason) and so was encouraged by this promising beginning.

She also asked if I would be bringing my own IUD for insertion, or whether I wanted to buy one of theirs. This also I took as a good sign.

She said that the insertion would be done under general anaesthetic, and when I said I didn't want an anaesthetic offered intravenous sedation. She didn't object when I said that I was not interested in either anaesthetic or sedation, which I take also as a good sign.

(let's hope I don't eat my words, but from reports by friends who have had IUDs inserted in England and Europe, the process is only very uncomfortable, rather than actually painful, and I'd rather have some awareness of what is going on with my body than not, as a rule of thumb.)

Also, I'm hoping secretly a little bit that if the doctor knows I am not anaesthetised he or she will be a little more careful about bashing around inside me with foreign objects.

calculatorhater Grand Rapids, MI, USA27th-Mar-2012 11:24 pm (UTC)
1. Steven Lown, DO: He takes time to listen and is non-judgemental. Professional, easy to talk to. In & out in a second- you blink and you miss it. Very comfortable going to him.
2. Michigan Obstetrics/Gynecology, (616) 532-5025
3. Male
4. Not sure
5. Nice, clean, newer building

MommyMidwife LGBT BIrthing Options in SE Virginia17th-Apr-2012 12:02 pm (UTC)
1. why you recommend this particular health care professional
I am the provider.
I was reading through my FB posts this morning and I came across a lady
looking for a midwife for her wife.
She said she couldn't find anyone who was LGBT friendly.
That broke my heart.
I am a homebirth midwife in SE Virginia. I am very LGBT friendy. My
daughter is a Lesbian, my assistant is bisexual, we have helped quite a few
Lesbian women!!
I am not sure if your service lists midwives or how it works but I want to let people know that our service is not concerned about how you get pregnant, who you are pregnant with, if you have a husband or a wife... what we care about is safely helping you become a momma!


2. how s/he can be contacted (phone/email/website, etc.)
I can be contacted at Jeni@VirginiaHomebirth.com/757-472-2936/www.VirginiaHomebirth.com

3. the gender of the practitioner (some people are uncomfortable being examined by those of particular genders)
I am a female...our whole team is female.

4. whether or not the person/clinic is LGBT-, poly- and/or kink-friendly
We are involved in the LGBT, poly, BDSM communities.

5. What the atmosphere of the clinic/office is like
We are family friendly, very casual.

atalanta0jess Syracuse, NY, USA25th-May-2012 04:47 pm (UTC)
I see Dr. Amy Petrie at CNY OB/GYN. 315-445-2701.

I was referred to her by my midwife after experiencing abnormal pap smears. I ended up having several colposcopies and a LEEP done by Dr. Petrie. I found her to be very gentle, and she did a good job of explaining my test results and such. She was responsive to my concerns. I also appreciated that she did not "over-intervene" and let me follow the recommended "watch and wait" for a totally reasonable period of time.

I don't know whether the office is kink or LGBT friendly, which means probably not hugely. The patient pamphlets and such are not inclusive. It is definitely an OB's office...the waiting room has baby magazines, they sell moby wraps, stuff like that. If baby stuff would be irritating or upsetting, this is not the place for you.
jouyous_end Uniontown/Connellsville/Southwestern PA25th-May-2012 05:16 pm (UTC)
I see Dr. Lawrence Glad, who has offices in I believe both Hopwood and Connellsville, PA.

Dr. Glad is a man, and I saw him after having difficult periods when my mom recommended him. For first visits, he does an excellent job of making you as comfortable as possible and explains everything he's going to do before he does it and why. I'm not positive of if he's LGBT-, poly-, and/or kink-friendly, only because I have no basis to judge. However, I have found him to be very nonjudgmental in my conversations with him. He does seem to be more concerned with health.

The staff is very friendly and just as helpful.

He can be contacted by phone at the Connellsville office at (724) 626-7593 or (724) 437-2147 in Hopwood.
spamanda77 La Crosse, WI, USA25th-May-2012 05:52 pm (UTC)
Kristen Lerberg, M.D.
Family Medicine
Mayo Clinic - La Crosse
700 West Avenue South
La Crosse, WI 54601
Phone: 608-785-0940
Specializing in obstetrics (yes, she delivers babies) and infertility.
She has always been gentle, friendly, and compassionate. She's natural-minded and was wonderful during the birth of my son. She's kink- and poly-friendly (I am in a nonmonogamous marriage and I have sex with men and women. She didn't even bat an eye and actually asked very good questions and had things to recommend to me - like gardasil.)
Her office is in the Mayo Clinic - La Crosse, so it's a very big hospital. Everyone is always super friendly and I've always had good luck there.
Also, as an FYI, because she's family practice she sees my whole family - me, husband, and both our kids. It's very convenient!
hikerpoet Boston, MA25th-May-2012 07:39 pm (UTC)
I have not seen all these providers so I can't recommend them personally in a broad sense, but it is a list from my doula and friends with personal experience on providers who have experience with and who are willing to attempt vaginal breech deliveries. It's something that can be very hard to find info on, as I know from personal experience, so here are some names.

Arthur Spector--Cambridge
Beth Hardiman--Mt. Auburn
Malcolm McKenzie--Mt. Auburn
Theodore Yurkoskey--Lowell
Stephanie Keontz--Mt. Auburn
Todd Shapiro--Beth Israel
Mark Kobelin--Beth Israel
encircleme Pasadena/Los Angeles CA25th-May-2012 10:52 pm (UTC)
Dr Alice Yung
960 E Green St # L-60 Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 793-3339

She was fantastic, explained my pap results and my colposcopy results to me thoroughly. Her wait time is a bit long, but she's friendly, gentle and I highly recommend her.
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