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Gynecologist Recommendations by Region.

I thought it might be useful to have an archived post containing members' recommendations on gynecologists. If you have had really positive experiences with your gynecologist and would like to recommend her/him, please leave a comment to this post. You can look it up later in the Archives under "Gynecologist(s)".*  (If no suggestions here work for you, and/or if you're in the US and looking for low cost care, you might also try this directory of free clinics.)

In your comment, please put the region (city, state, country) in the subject header for easy browsing. Feel free to include any other information in your comment, such as:

1. why you recommend this particular health care professional
2. how s/he can be contacted (phone/email/website, etc.)
3. the gender of the practitioner (some people are uncomfortable being examined by those of particular genders)
4. whether or not the person/clinic is LGBT-, poly- and/or kink-friendly
5. What the atmosphere of the clinic/office is like
6. anything else that might be informative/useful (the more information, the more better!)

*NOTE: Having this post archived on our website does not constitute VP's official endorsement of any/all of the gynecologists listed. As with everything else VP-related, please use this resource responsibly and with your own discretion!
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blushingflower Syracuse-Utica (CNY) New York, USA21st-Jan-2005 12:41 am (UTC)
Dr. Lisa Freedman's office in Syracuse is really good. I had my first ever exam there, and the nurse showed me all the instruments before I removed a single piece of clothing, and the Doctor was really nice, as is her NP. And her nurses if you call with a question.
Plus, there are lots of really cute baby pictures all over the walls, which gives me faith in her as an OB/GYN.
onthepage Re: Syracuse-Utica (CNY) New York, USA21st-Jan-2005 01:11 am (UTC)
Ooh, I go to school in Syracuse now. I'm going to bookmark her info incase I need to see a gyno during the semester. Thanks!
sameoldlife1 Poughkeepsie, New York21st-Jan-2005 12:43 am (UTC)
I would highly recommend anyone at Riverside Women's Clinic in Poughkeepsie. Also, I recenlty had an excellent experience with the nurse practitioner at the Planned Parenthood in Red Hook, NY.
pudgybudgie Memphis, Tn21st-Jan-2005 12:46 am (UTC)
Dr Carol Lynn, at the Ruch Clinic
(Chauhan and Kennedy at the same practice are good, too).
Tara Hamada...hurts like a sonofabitch.
technotaco Re: Memphis, Tn9th-Mar-2006 12:57 am (UTC)
I went to Dr. Williams at Methodist east/Lebonheur today and she was FAB!
yafah Rutgers University, NJ (Piscataway)21st-Jan-2005 12:50 am (UTC)
Bernice Dillard is at the Busch/Livingston Health Center. She was fantastic. I told her it was my first time and before we went into the exam room she sat me down, explained all the equipment on a plastic model and exactly what would happen. Then she re-explained it as she was doing it, was very gentle and slow, and made sure I was relaxed before she did anything.
skylark777 Re: Rutgers University, NJ (Piscataway)21st-Jan-2005 02:11 am (UTC)
Hey, I got to Rutgers NB too! I was going to set a gyno appointment with a doc at the Busch-Liv Health center but heard that Hurtado was better. Anyway, I'll check out Dr. Dillard.
geminigirl Suffolk County, Long Island, New York, USA21st-Jan-2005 12:52 am (UTC)

I saw Dr. Bliss at Suffolk Ob/Gyn for several years, and thought she was wonderful. She does a lot with complementary and alternative medicine, and herbal medicine in gynecology. She was gentle and kind, and it was the most positive gynecology experience I could imagine. They seemed to be LGB friendly-I can't speak to them being transfriendly, because I don't remember how their paperwork was.

They have offices in Port Jeff, Smithtown, Wading River and Patchogue, so they're quite accessible for Suffolk County residents. Dr. Bliss is at Port Jeff, Smithtown and Wading River. Use the website to find the office you want to go to.
scarsnsouvenirs LaGrange, Georgia, USA21st-Jan-2005 12:57 am (UTC)
Dr. Ellen Phillips is actually my favorite doctor ever, in spite of her profession. She is so kind, sincere, and genuine, she sets your mind immediately at ease. She's great at sensing fear, and she assures you it'll be as quick and painless as possible. She talks about what the exam will be like and shows you the tools before anything happens. The exam itself is fast and gentle, and she keeps your mind off of things by asking about things like your belly ring, because she might want to get one herself (!). A nurse is always in the room, too. She is concerned that you get the best care possible, and she carefully reviews the options of treatment. She is soft-spoken and professional, and I cannot say enough good things about her.
mangofandango Southern Rhode Island (South County esp.)21st-Jan-2005 12:58 am (UTC)
Dr. Carolyn Howard

She was very attentive and really listened, was very gentle, and welcomed my spouse to stay with me during my IUD insertion and explained everything to both of us. She has reservations about inserting the IUD but was very willing to have a conversation about it, and was supportive in the end. She was absolutely great about everything, really. So I recommend her for anything OB/GYN related, and I can also tell you that she will insert any IUD for a young nulliparous woman as long as you're convincing. :)
so_cruel New Lenox (south suburb of Chicago), IL, USA21st-Jan-2005 12:59 am (UTC)
I highly recommend Dr. Joelle Wennlund. Her office is in New Lenox, IL (which is about an hour south of Chicago).

When she first walks in the room you might be like me and think "wait, she's going to be down there?!" only because she's incredibly beautiful. In any case, she's very understanding and gentle. She made my first visit to the gyno an absolute piece of cake. Wonderful woman!

Office phone: (815) 463-9040
kathleeniefont Mt. Pleasant, MI [Planned Parenthood]21st-Jan-2005 01:16 am (UTC)
PP *just* opened in Mt Pleasant, and while they are small-staffed right now, the people who work there are absolutly amazing. the main doctor there [i believe her name is dr. d. verberg...that was the name on my prescription] is an elderly woman who reminds me of sue johnson from sunday night sex show. probably the only doctor i've ever had that has made me feel absolutly comfortable and unembaressed. she was also quick and friendly.

the phone number there is [989] 773-5602.
charlie_ihsan Re: Mt. Pleasant, MI [Planned Parenthood]31st-Dec-2008 09:48 pm (UTC)
Since this is a reference sheet, then I don't think it's too inappropriate to respond to a three (almost four) year old post. :)
This Planned Parenthood is closed now, as of last year. The closest ones from there are Saginaw, Mi and Big Rapids, Mi.
fshk New York City21st-Jan-2005 02:24 am (UTC)
Marianne Styler
W 81st St. near the Natural History Museum
(212) 874-5200

She's very no-nonsense but also good at making you feel comfortable. I don't know if she's specifically LGBT, but she strikes me as someone who is hard to phase, and she doesn't ask a lot of probing personal questions. I have a friend who sees her, too, and who loves her. Just be prepared to wait in the waiting room for a while.
nobodygrl Re: New York City6th-Apr-2007 08:15 pm (UTC)
how is her bedside manner? is she sensitive to people who have "white coat syndrome" a.k.a freaked out by doctors?
rubyfusion 21st-Jan-2005 02:28 am (UTC)
Santa Cruz, California

Dr. Nancy Thorner and Nurse Practitioner Elise Storz. All-woman office. They give you a hospital gown instead of the paper shirt and napkin deal; the stirrups are padded and go under your knees, not your feet; if it's cold, they bring you a blanket; if you tell them you think you have a particular infection, however plausible or ridiculous, they will investigate it for you; if you want a certain kind of BC pill, it's yours and often it's in the form of a handful of free samples. Best of all, they not only take notes on your physical health, they take notes on your conversation so the next time you come in, they ask how the new job is going or what grad schools you got into. They are the most awesome gynecologist office in the history of ever.
_epiphany_girl_ 21st-Jan-2005 05:23 am (UTC)
Oh my gosh! I go to them too! And I recommended them, below. :)
sulingsi Middletown, CT area and Hershey, PA area21st-Jan-2005 02:35 am (UTC)
in Middletown:
Dr. Julie Flagg is my mentor. I think she's the greatest. She has a million patients and is incredibly busy but somehow manages to make people feel like they are the only one that matters. The practice is Crescent St. OB/GYN on Crescent St. in Middletown. There are several other women docs there who seem nice, but none impressed me as much as Dr. Flagg. All women office, in a Victorian house that is very cozy. Dr. Flagg lives on the 3rd floor. :-)

in Hershey:
There is a wonderful doctor named Dr. Shou Ling Leong who works at the Penn State Hershey medical office on Fishburn Rd. in Hershey. She is very nice and sweet, I would love to have her as my doctor but I don't think she does Student Health. The office itself is nothing to write home about, it's a big, busy family practice. But Dr. Leong is definitely a great doctor for GYN stuff or for FP. I don't think she's technically a gyno but she does paps and so forth, like a lot of FPs.
giraffemoo shelton, washintgon, united states21st-Jan-2005 02:46 am (UTC)
1- its planned parenthood...so if money is a problem then its free
2- phone number--(360)426-2933
3- i've seen 2 practitioners there, both female
4- they were both very kind. very nice and willing to help with any kind of weird problem you have. and i've come in with some weird problems in the past year! oh i just re-read the question...well i haven't come to them with any kinky things, but they are most likley kink-friendly. they gave me a different birth control pill to make me horny again, so they do care about your sexual enjoyment and not just your health.
5- its comfortable. theres usually not a whole lot of people there and you don't have to wait a whole long time. the wait to get into a private room....longest for me was 10 minutes. and then the wait to see someone while you're waiting in your room is about the same, but less. theres lots of magazines in the waiting room.
6- in washington state theres a special kind of insurance where if you have a low income then you can get your birth control for free. with this planned parenthood clinic, they ask for a donation of whatever you can afford (we gave them all we really could afford...$10), and they don't ask for a penny any other time. you can donate if you want, but they don't ask for it. theres not even a guilty donation pot in the waiting room or anything. the only thing i don't like is that when you call the number you get a machine. but one of the options on the machine is to talk to an actual person..and you don't have to listen to the machine for too long, so its ok. i wish i knew the day they had their walk-in clinic...but if you call they will tell you. what it is, is that you don't have to make an appointment you just walk in. but it takes a little longer, of course. and also in the waiting room theres an optional sexual learning thing...a lady who sits there and does sexual trivia like "whats the most rampant std in shelton?" (its herpes). she gives out fun condoms like flavoreds and ribbeds etc. but if you just want an appointment then you don't have to sit through the trivia session if you don't want to. all in all, its a great clinic. i think it might be the only gyno in shelton...there should be some in olympia, but i don't know if there is any others in shelton.
whoa_breathe Seattle, Washington, USA21st-Jan-2005 02:56 am (UTC)
Seattle, Washington (Northgate area--right across from the mall)

1) I recommend this Dr. because she is very professional, kind & gentle and she is very easy to talk to---also knows exactly what she's talking about.

2) Dr Lisa Conaghan, Meridian Women's Health: Web: http://www.meridianwh.yourmd.com/ Phone: 206-368-6644

3) Female

4) I really don't know for sure if the clinic is LGBT and/or kink-friendly. Everyone there is very professional and laid back though, so I wouldn't assume there would be a problem...but like I said don't know for sure.

5) Atmosphere is very professional and also very friendly. I have never once felt judged.
jadey_mcshadey Sydney, NSW, Australia21st-Jan-2005 02:57 am (UTC)
I go to Dr Queenie Wong, who works out of St George Private.

She's wonderful, completely unfazable, gentle, understanding, attentive. She does OB/GYN and has a very busy practice, so you may not want to try her for emergencies (I had to wait a few months, even though I was on the emergency list). She is also very open to alternative therapies and naturopathy, which is why I chose her. I was very impressed by her not rushing me into surgery for my endo.

Dr Queenie Wong
1 South St, Kogarah (close to the station)
ph: 02 9588 4371

tree Re: Sydney, NSW, Australia21st-Jan-2005 09:00 am (UTC)
yay, someone in australia!
barisaxyvet Iowa City, Iowa, USA21st-Jan-2005 04:23 am (UTC)
The Emma Goldman Clinic
1. I recommend this clinic because it is a client-centered, feminist healthcare clinic.
2. www.emmagoldman.com -- 227 North Dubuque St., Iowa City, IA 52245 --
(319)337-2111 -- (800)848-7684 -- Hours: M-W 9-5, Th 9-8, Sat 9-1
3. Everyone who works at the clinic is a woman.
4. They are totally knowlegable and queer friendly. I have actually been involved, in the past three years, in efforts and discussions to make the clinic even more trans-friendly. They are also kink-friendly.
5. The atmosphere is very comfortable, non-judgemental. There are occasionally protesters on the corner outside the clinic, as outpatient abortions are available there. Also, due to the volatile nature of the abortion issue and threats in the past, all bags and cell phones must be left in your vehicle or in the entryway of the clinic (which is in full view of the front desk, so things are very secure there). They work to be cooperative partners in the health of the patients. The atmosphere in non-intimidating, open, and very positive and educational.
6. They have a sliding scale for fees. Most insurance covers their services. My favorite thing about this clinic: they ask everytime whether you would like to see your cervix while the exam is being done! The nurse practitioner (pretty much all of which have been working in gynecological services and feminist, client-centered healthcare for most or all of their careers), hands you a hand mirror, positions a bright lamp and helps you find the right place in which to hold the mirror in order to see your cervix. You can watch while the pap smear sample is taken, while STD swabs are done, everything. They always ask if you would like a speculum to take home with you so that you can perform cervical self-exams. You always walk away with a goody bag full of safer-sex supplies (tailored to your needs), a brand new plastic speculum in the correct size (if you want it), plenty of birth control pill sample packs (if bcp's were part of your exam), and really great educational information (about EC, servical and breast self-exam procedures, and many other things). I like the Emma Goldman Clinic so much that I will be returning for my yearly pelvic/pap for as long as it is within driving distance, despite closer alternatives (now it is a 2.25 hour drive). It has been a wonderful experience, everytime I have gone there (ever since spring 2001). I had to be examined following a rape a couple of years ago and they were really great and sensitive and supportive about the whole thing, they even got all of my exam and tests and everything covered by a state victims' fund that I had never heard of. All-in-all, this is a superb place that I would recommend to anyone. (I'm telling you, seeing my cervix changed my life!)
barisaxyvet Re: Iowa City, Iowa, USA21st-Jan-2005 04:28 am (UTC)
Oh, also, they explain EVERYTHING before they do it (if you want) and then while they are doing it, so there really aren't any surprises. And being a feminist, client-centered care clinic, they try to make sure that you are healthy as a whole person, not just a vagina or cervix.
nirbhao Liana Rinzler21st-Jan-2005 04:38 am (UTC)
in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the US

Dr. Rinzler is the only doctor who has ever really listened to me. I have had long-undiagnosed health problems completely unrelated to gynecology discovered and treated through her office. I also visited her shortly after being raped, and she took as good of care of me as I would have exptected from my mom, if she were a doctor.

3800 Lake Michigan Dr NW,
Grand Rapids, MI 49544
616/ 453-8225

Dr. Rinzler is female, and although she doesn't advertise as being LGBT friendly, she has never taken issue with my sexuality (which is not straight).

Dr. Rinzler is also an obstetrician, so there are pictures of babies that she has delivered up in the office. It is very family friendly and pro-child. If someone is considering abortion, she might find the atmosphere difficult.
jaclyn Renton and Newcastle, Washington, United States21st-Jan-2005 05:04 am (UTC)
1. Very friendly, knowledgeable, honest and takes time to answer all of your questions. She isn't quick to prescribe medicine but ensures that no matter what comfort is important. She talks you through exactly through the process, and is quick, easy and safe.

2. http://www.valleywomens.com/midlevels.htm#Barbara_Golay,_ARNP_


4. Poly-friendly, kink friendly

5. It's in a woman's clinic which has an attached medical place next to it. Nice waiting rooms and never a wait to see her. often times when I've arrived early, she saw me early. Always remembers me.

I trust her.
dahliablue Fort Worth, Texas, USA21st-Jan-2005 05:10 am (UTC)
Dr. Lori Atkins. Female.

She is extremely nice, funny and friendly. She's understanding of my usually misunderstood illnesses - CFIDS and fibromyalgia. She also showed concern for my anxiety and PTSD issues and is patient and informative during exams. I was referred to her by a friend and well trusted GP and after the first time I saw her, I knew why. She's great.
weefaery Re: Fort Worth, Texas, USA5th-Feb-2007 04:54 pm (UTC)
Dr Lori Atkins, Fort Worth, TX, Female, (817)423-2002

I have to 2nd the recommendation for Dr Lori Atkins. Not for the same reasons, but I could see how she would be very understanding. I've had 2 kids and she delivered my 2nd. She was there from the first moment I started pushing all the way through. The 1st, the doctor didn't show until the baby was crowning (showing the top of its head). She is also *great* with people with body modifications (ie piercings, tattoos, etc) and she has a great sense of humor along with being professional. She performed my tubal ligation and was just as good of a doctor during that period.

Just all around highly recommended, for both gyno and ob. I lived closer before, but I travel almost an hour now to make sure she is the one I get.
_epiphany_girl_ 21st-Jan-2005 05:21 am (UTC)
In Santa Cruz, CA, I recommend Nancy Thorner, at a private practice office in Soquel. Her phone number is 831-476-3363. Her address is 1667 Dominican Way.

1. She's been my gynecologist for four years. In that time, she's performed surgery on me (the removal of a rather heinous ovarian cyst), performed a LEEP on my cervix to find and remove abnormal cells, and has emailed me a short story she wrote. She's funny, smart, personable, takes all my questions seriously and will actually take time to talk to you.
2. how s/he can be contacted: see above.
3. the gender of the practitioner: Female.
4. whether or not the person/clinic is LGBT- and/or kink-friendly: She's LGBT friendly. She talked to my ex gf and I about artificial insemination and various options. She started treating my ex when she started treating me. She's the best. I don't think she's a lesbo, but last I saw her, she did have a mullet. ;)
5. What the atmosphere of the clinic/office is like: Small office... just one other OB/GYN in there with her. Her NP, Elise Storrs, is quick, efficient and equally interested in listening to everything you have to say. There are lots of kids toys in the waiting room, and her office and the bathroom are decorated with antique medicine bottles and the such.
6. anything else that might be informative/useful: I would suggest you avoid her partner, Korakas, because I had a bad experience with her at first. YOu generally need a referal to become one of Nancy's patients. She's very busy. But once you're in, you're golden.

Happy gyno visits!
misslynn Henderson, Ky21st-Jan-2005 05:50 am (UTC)
Dr. Marjorie DeMund, Methodist Women's Health Services
736 N. Elm St., (270) 826-4000

1. why you recommend this particular health care professional:
I go to her. she is youngish, friendly, very helpful and easy to talk to
2. how s/he can be contacted (phone/email/website, etc.)
phone number above
3. the gender of the practitioner (some people are uncomfortable being examined by those of particular genders)
female; there are 2 male gynos and another woman in the same practice
4. whether or not the person/clinic is LGBT- and/or kink-friendly:
it's a small town, so I'm not sure - but she *seems* open at least to LGBT
5. What the atmosphere of the clinic/office is like
comfortable waiting area, friendly mostly-female staff
6. anything else that might be informative/useful (the more information, the more better!)
she's still fairly new to town and doesn't have a full patient roster, however she works at the hospital nearby some mornings and ran late both times I've been to see her. she was very helpful, however, easy to talk to and said to feel free to call her or the nurses with questions.
ricepaper towson (baltimore), md, usa21st-Jan-2005 06:58 am (UTC)
Carol E. Ritter, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
8415 Bellona Ln #213
Towson, MD 21204
(410) 296-2557

1. she was the first gynecologist i've ever seen who treated me with compassion and respect. she worked with me to solve chronic imbalance problems that led to repeated yeast infections and BV, as well as tackling my frequent-UTI plight. she treated my own opinions and decisions as valuable and educated. and, despite my being late for my appointment, she spent a more-than-adequate amount of time talking with me, asking me questions, answering my questions, and even introducing me to her staff.

and, just to site specifics, she did the quickest pap i've ever experienced! the whole procedure, including insertion and removal of the speculum, took easily less than one minute. she also spent very little time with the light between my legs staring, and stood up/looked away/etc. whenever she didn't need to be looking at what she was doing. wonderful for those who, like me, have issues with assault or are otherwise made uncomfortable. i felt like writing a thank-you letter after my appointment was done. :)

2. see above.

3. female.

4. practice seemed oriented towards mainstream sexualities, but i do not consider myself mainstream and was still relatively comfortable. paperwork could be more sensitive, as could some of the wordings of her particular questions. but, overall, not bad.

5. she no longer practices at the office i visited. however, for what it's worth, the atmosphere wasn't as scary and sterile as most. it was decorated tastefully with minimal medical equipment, etc. scattered around. fairly comfortable.

6. i had some insurance issues, so please check to make sure that her office accepts your insurance, and call your insurance company (or check their website) to verify. i feel i should say, however, that even though my insurance company wouldn't pay for my visit, she authorized the office staff to "write off" my cost, as i couldn't pay the additional $85 of her bill that my company wouldn't cover. she is really a very sensitive and wonderful woman.
ricepaper re: #621st-Jan-2005 07:03 am (UTC)
p.s. even without insurance, the cost of a new-patient yearly exam is $100. worth the price, if you can manage.
float0n_ 21st-Jan-2005 09:10 am (UTC)
1. why you recommend this particular health care professional
The NP I saw, Nancy, was probably the best examiner I've had in years. She's nice, she's blunt but not rude, she takes the time to talk to you and ask questions. She's very gentle and respectful of your body. Also, she's very knowledgable for looking like a little ol' gramma lady.

2. how s/he can be contacted (phone/email/website, etc.)

Planned Parenthood of Bremerton, WA
(360) 373-6827
2817 Wheaton Way
Bremerton, WA 98310

3. the gender of the practitioner (some people are uncomfortable being examined by those of particular genders)
She's female. I didn't see any males in the office at all.

4. whether or not the person/clinic is LGBT-, poly- and/or kink-friendly
they have safe-space maintainer signs up.. i think it's the purple triangle that lets ppl know it's a safe space.

5. What the atmosphere of the clinic/office is like
It's one of the most comfortable PP's I've been in. They place music from the top 40 station, they have current and interesting magazines, TONS of literature (i've seen some PP's with none). They have many brochures in multiple languages and the staff ppl are so nice, it's hard to feel uncomfortable there. The only thing I found odd was there is a "pregnancy resource center" in the same strip mall. Like, literally 4 doors down. But I've never seen people near either clinic or anything along those lines.

6. anything else that might be informative/useful (the more information, the more better!)
They're not keen on phoning in prescriptions so if you need Plan B or something else urgently, be pushy with them. If you're not already a member, ask about the Take Charge option for WA residents. They'll cover your BC and exams for one year if you qualify.

ALso, for those of you who like a male doctor, or maybe need another resource if you can't get into PP, I would highly recommend Dr. Clegg at Peninsula Community Health Services. He's my GP but he's the smartest doctor I have EVER met. Ever. He takes notes when he comes into see you and spends a great deal of time asking questions and answering your questions. Even if he's running behind or late or whatever the case may be, he takes his time with each patient and you can really feel that he cares. I dicuss everything with him and never feel uncomfortable. When I was on SSRI's and experiencing trouble orgasming, he was super cool about switching meds around and helping me out. For a gov't funded clinic, I really like this one. I haven't seen any other doctors besides Dr. Clegg though, so I can only really recommend him.

2. how s/he can be contacted (phone/email/website, etc.)

Dr. Clegg
Peninsula Community Health Services
616 6th
Bremerton, WA 98337
(360) 377-3776
3. the gender of the practitioner (some people are uncomfortable being examined by those of particular genders)
Dr. Clegg is male but he's extremely gentle, not judgemental, understanding, knowledgable, caring etc. I've never been comfortable having a male doctor until now.
4. whether or not the person/clinic is LGBT-, poly- and/or kink-friendly
There aren't any indicators either way but I can speak for Dr. Clegg when I say he treats everyone equally and fairly.
5. What the atmosphere of the clinic/office is like
It's a little crazy sometimes. It's a clinic for "affordable" health care, which means ppl on Medicaid, Medicaire, homeless people etc. Everyone is pretty well behaved but it can get loud and crowded sometimes. If you get the first appt of the day, it's the best time to go.
6. anything else that might be informative/useful (the more information, the more better!)
Take the eariest appt. you can get with Dr. Clegg- the first one if you can come that early! By the early afternoon, he's already running late (most patients are late) and you might have to wait a long time. Make sure you have your insurance card or they will make you pay. They also have a sliding fee scale if you do not have insurance and a pharmacy that works the same way for ininsured patients. If you ever have any trouble with anything or need some help, ask to speak to the clinic manager. her name is Debbie and she's a real sparkplug!

float0n_ 21st-Jan-2005 09:20 am (UTC)
and while i'm at it, let me add that I would avoid the Everett PP.
orenda Nova Scotia21st-Jan-2005 10:59 am (UTC)
Dr. Gillian Graves at the IWK/Grace
Not sure if she counts because she's a specialist, an endocrinological gynecologist who only sees patients with polycystic ovary syndrome. She's fantastic, though. She REALLY knows what she's talking about, and she's very comforting. She did my first ever pelvic exam, and not only did it not hurt, it wasn't even uncomfortable. There's a long wait to see her, but if you have PCOS, it's definitely worth it.
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