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herbal abortions...

i have a question, well several really, okay here goes:

my period is about 2 weeks late now. i'm not sure if i'm pregnant or not. i've been having sex but its been protected sex. so i keep on thinking its just nerves or something. anyways. i've been trying to read up on herbs that make yr period come faster or if you are pregnant, cause miscarriage.

i know very little about this. i just read a little about it in inga muscio's book cunt.

i've heard that pennyroyal tea, blue/black cohosh, and ginger root might work. and i've also heard that vitamin c and do the trick. but like i said, i know very little about this, or about my situation. i need answers. quick!

thank you very much. any input is greatly appreciated. i'm one scared/nervous/worried grrrl. xo.
rupie_zum 31st-Jul-2002 07:13 am (UTC)
First things first: you need to take a pregnancy test if your period is two weeks late. Stress & worrying about being late can delay your period's onset, so get an answer for certain.

</b> attempt any of the herbal remedies! If you don't know exactly what to take and in what dosages and so on, you can cause serious problems. Women die this way. Click here for information on this.

Please let us all know how you are doing, and what the results of that test are. People here are all willing to help in whatever way any of us can.

rupie_zum Sorry,31st-Jul-2002 07:15 am (UTC)
... that was supposed to say:

Do not attempt any of the herbal remedies!

ayodele 31st-Jul-2002 07:33 am (UTC)
if it's only two weeks, it could just be stress, i've skipped an entire period when things have been very intense in my life.

And perhaps someone else can give you more details re: whether a blood test might give an accurate answer at this time.

Unfortunately, herbs are *not safe* for abortions. Here's something I yanked from Scarleteen:

1) Herbal abortions can be dangerous and poisonous. By design, the formulations are toxic.

2) No midwife worth her salt would simply hand out that information to a person she was not directly involved with and could supervise. There is basically an unspoken rule among those of us who know formulations never to publish them.

There do exist herbal abortifaecents (which are nothing close to reliable in terms of effectiveness or safety), as a combination of herbs. But no one should EVER use them alone, or without a naturopaths or midwives supervision, and in terms of herbalist ethics, abortions are one of those things that none would advise unless an early-term medical abortion was completely impossible (read: illegal).


texaswillow I've done it31st-Jul-2002 07:45 am (UTC)
I have had two herbal abortions. One at 8 weeks in 1995 and one at 6 weeks in 1997. The second pregnancy was not viable and I probably would have miscarried anyway. They were extremely painful and they were scary and dangerous. I was extremely ill during and after. I used pennyroyal. It is toxic. I ran a fever of 104. This was before the RU486 pill became available in the United States. If you are pregnant, I highly recommend seeing a doctor and asking for RU486.

If I could have had that option at the time, I wuld have gone that route. It would have been much more preferable to what I put my body through.

Please take a test and be sure before you do anything herbal.
minniemoonshine Re: I've done it31st-Jul-2002 01:42 pm (UTC)
Your story almost made me cry, and reminds me of the women who endured dangerous back alley abortions before they were legal.

fuck. (can I say that here?!)
this just demonstrates to me how we need to keep pushing for SAFE, reliable birth control options for women.

Thank you for sharing...
texaswillow Re: I've done it31st-Jul-2002 02:16 pm (UTC)
Thank you. It is sad that any woman has to resort to a method that she is not comfortable. It's never easy to be pregnant when you're not ready. I have a beautiful daughter now. She's almost 16 months old. I am glad I waited. I couldn't have been a good mother back then. I'm 29 years old now. Those herbal abortions seem like a lifetime ago. In some ways they were. I will never forget them though. No woman who has ever lost a pregnancy, whether by chance or choice, ever fully forgets it.

And you are right. We have to continue lobbying, with the help of NARAL for our rights to access to adequate health care and for the right to make informed and safe choices for our bodies.

Blessed Be,
the_designdiva 31st-Jul-2002 08:23 am (UTC)
It's not so unusual to be late with your period, specially if you are stressed. I once missed an entire period -- nearly 60 days of no bleeding. My sis-in-law just told me she missed hers for like 4 months.

If this is upsetting you go take a pregnancy test. At least you will no longer wonder if you are pregnant. Then you can make a decision from there.
ravrhi 31st-Jul-2002 09:32 am (UTC)
Take a home preggie test first. When I was in college, my best friend (an orthodox Jewish girl who was not supposed to be touching men, much less sleeping with them!) was having unprotected sex with her bf. She stressed out about it so much afterwards that she didn't get her period for three months. Finally, the day after finals, she took a home preggie test, found out she was negitive, and had her period two days later. All she needed to do was relax. Once she did, it came a callin'.
serrano 2nd-Aug-2002 10:53 pm (UTC)
1. when taking a home pregnancy test, make sure you get one that measures the lowest possible amount of the hormones released during early pregnancy. there's a list somewhere on sisterzeus.com, which is a great women's health/herbalism site.

2. vitamin C works very well as an emmenagogue, which is something that 'invokes' your period; it's one of the lesser abortaficients, so unless you're taking it as a sort of morning after pill directly after unprotected sex, chances are, it won't work for that. read up on it on sisterzeus.com, but generally, take something like 10 mg/day, spaced out over the day (that means you'll probably be takinig about 10 or 20 per day). Make sure you don't take the ones w/ bioflavanoids, which were added in the 70's as an anti-abortificient.. it will probably make your stomach hurt/upset, but peppermint tea will help.

3. emmemagogues & abortaficients are two entirely different things, & I second everything said above about herbal abortions: they are not to be toyed with! additionally, doctors know nothing about herbs or natural birth control, so if your body doesn't react expectedly, a doctor won't be able to understand precisely what's going on..
maebinas 10th-Feb-2010 03:52 am (UTC)
never try herbal remedies it might be dangerous. How about take a pregnancy test like elisa kit to know if you are pregnant then if the result is positive well its a big problem. XD
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