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How often do you have sex?

For those in and not in relationships, how often do you have sex a week? And what positions do you usually do? Is it always enjoyable every time? 
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slinkslowdown 24th-Mar-2014 02:33 am (UTC)
Not in a relationship and I have sex at most, twice a year.

I use all sorts of positions--I love doggy most. I always enjoy it, even if I never orgasm from it.
jes0704 24th-Mar-2014 02:35 am (UTC)
I'm married and have sex at least three times a week and it always enjoyable and I have an orgasm at least 95 percent of the time. We do different positions but he my husband loves when I'm on top and I like to be in control.
kate_mct 24th-Mar-2014 02:41 am (UTC)
I haven't had sex with another person in 10+ years, but I masturbate frequently, sometimes once or twice a day depending on how close to my period I am.
lanalucy 24th-Mar-2014 02:51 am (UTC)
What kate_mct said.

It's not always fun, because frankly, my own hands don't really turn me on, but I achieve orgasm nearly 100% of the time.
sarahrose 24th-Mar-2014 02:52 am (UTC)
I'm a virgin. 27 years old, masturbating for 13+ years, about 5 times a week.
tisha313 24th-Mar-2014 02:59 am (UTC)
are you saving yourself for marriage?
wolfteaparty 24th-Mar-2014 03:18 am (UTC)
Lately, about once a week to every two weeks... I wish it was more, but my migraines have become chronic (migraines make sex impossible), and my partner is often exhausted due to his work schedule or how severe his allergies are (though it's hard not to worry sometimes that maybe he isn't attracted to me, as much as he reassures me he is...)

Usually missionary, sometimes spooning. I think my partner wishes for some more girl on top, but I am overweight and have a very poor body image so it's emotionally distressing for me to be on top--it makes me feel ugly. Even though they all feel good, the other positions are easier for me because they make it easier to forget what my body looks like.

It always is enjoyable, even though I am unable to orgasm from penetrative sex. I wish I was capable of it. I'm jealous of people who are.

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makale_83 24th-Mar-2014 03:21 am (UTC)
I'm married... We currently have 2 little girls that drive us insane (love them but man are they a handful!) the oldest is 4 an the youngest is 1. The 1 year old has slept through the night... twice in her whole life. (And those 2 glorious nights happened very recently.) Hubby is always stressed from school (he's about to graduate with his undergrad) and I'm always stressed from a messy house/crazy kids/part time student/working 40+ hrs a week/and I'm active duty military. So... we have sex, probably 1 time every 2 or 3 weeks. LOL

It's awful b/c I wish it was more and so does he but we are so exhausted so often that right now it's just hard to find time for it. One day!!! That, and a maid!! ;)

Our three favorite positions are missionary, girl on top, and doggy.

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archangelbeth 24th-Mar-2014 03:57 am (UTC)
Weekly? Oh, I wish. Between exhaustion and/or lack of privacy and/or lack of time, we're down to maybe a few times a month. Usually non-PIV for various reasons, and it's generally entertaining for at least one of us (sometimes time/exhaustion/just-not-in-the-mood = non-reciprocation).

I could also wish that I did not tend to get mildly randy at times when there is no privacy, like in the afternoon when the kid is off doing homework in her room right next to the bedroom, with the relatively thin walls. *headdesk* Or when the spouse is off doing errands for his now kinda housebound relatives. *headdesk more*

But we cuddle every night! O:>
classical_wolf 24th-Mar-2014 10:32 am (UTC)
Weekly? Oh, I wish. Between exhaustion and/or lack of privacy and/or lack of time, we're down to maybe a few times a month. Usually non-PIV for various reasons, and it's generally entertaining for at least one of us (sometimes time/exhaustion/just-not-in-the-mood = non-reciprocation). - I could have written this!

archangelbeth: So sorry for the essay below! I was rambling!

I feel like my sex drive is much lower than his is, I have the likeliness of falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, and sometimes my chronic hand (related) pain acts up. I feel like I am (the odd duck which is) in the mood at the most inopportune times (when I'm on the train commuting, when I'm at work, IE: Places/times which have nothing to do with my husband).

I think what it really is (too), is that for some reason when we do foreplay and he's using two fingers it hurts and yet one finger and then his penis are fine. Conclusion: Two fingers oddly cause pain, and yes, we're using enough lube! It's not his nails, it's not where he's hitting, maybe it's how I'm being opened/stretched with two fingers. ....I have no idea!

We usually do things that are non-PIV for the most part. As for maybe non-PIV - maybe once/twice a week. As for PIV - two/four times a month maybe.

We also cuddle every night! We love cuddling! :)

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mutedsapphire 24th-Mar-2014 04:28 am (UTC)
It used to be a couple times a week but my fiancé and I haven't had sex since the end of November! I'm pregnant (currently about 3 weeks from my due date) so it started getting uncomfortable around that time. We decided it was better to wait until after the baby was born. Our favorite positions are missionary and girl on top.
meshuggenah42 24th-Mar-2014 05:08 am (UTC)
I'm a few months behind you. What positions did you like when you were still able to have comfortable sex while pregnant?
svexsal 24th-Mar-2014 04:33 am (UTC)
Not in a relationship but currently fooling around with someone I love as a friend.
He's 30 years older (I'm 31) and we typically find that either me on top or doggy style is best. Any sort of position where clitoral stimulation is possible is preferable as I never climax from penetration alone.
It happens about twice or three times a month.

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brytewolf 24th-Mar-2014 04:51 am (UTC)
Been in a monogamous relationship for over three years, we usually have sex about 2 to 3 times a week. Would like more, but our schedules are wonky and too tired a lot of the times. :)

Position wise, it's usually missionary or doggy, and every once in a while I'll be on top. I can't orgasm from penetration, but I always enjoy myself. And my clit gets frequent attention from his tongue!
butterflybee260 24th-Mar-2014 04:59 am (UTC)

Once or twice a week at the moment, with a FWB. I wish it was more often but he works a lot. We have sex in missionary or doggy usually, and it's fine but doesn't last very long because...well...he comes really quick. But he always gets me off with oral beforehand so I'm happy lol. We're working on prolonging the actual sex part.
trinity85 24th-Mar-2014 06:42 am (UTC)
I haven't had sex in over 6 years. I don't miss it though. Sex would be quite painful for me because my endometriosis/etc is SO bad.
snatchbeast 24th-Mar-2014 07:25 am (UTC)
I'm not in a relationship but I have sex a couple of times a year.

Mostly missionary and doggie style, although sometimes I'll get on top. It's always enjoyable, and I get off many times. I love sex.
sleek_asashriek 24th-Mar-2014 07:36 am (UTC)
I'm in a relationship and my boyfriend and I have PIV sex usually twice a week. If we are/one of us is too tired from work probably one of those PIVs will be oral instead, not exclusively reciprocated every time. If there is a long weekend/we spend a lot of time together during a weekend, there might be a third time when PIV ensues. Oral and mutual masturbation always happen several times unless we have the "tired from work" situation described above.
We both love doggy style and it's the one we most perform. Then missionary and girl on top.
Oral and masturbation are enjoyable every time. PIV too but, at least for me, if my brain is faster into it than my vagina, it can hurt at the beginning. By this I mean I can be really horny and wanting it but maybe I'm not wet/stretched enough. There are times in which we jump into sex wanting it bad but, if foreplay isn't prolonged a bit more, it might hurt awhile until my vagina gets used to being penetrated.

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tsemed_chemed 25th-Mar-2014 11:26 pm (UTC)
I find it so frustrating when my body doesn't get to where my brain is at when I want it to!
arwen_17 24th-Mar-2014 11:19 am (UTC)
I have sex anywhere from 0-4 times a week. My partner and I have very different sex drives- just more likely to be sexually aroused at different times of the day. My current partner does not initiate very often, and I am trying to work on this concern. However, when I have sex, I most often (and usually) orgasm from being on top.

Having an orgasm isn't all that equates to pleasure, though. I also enjoy spooning (both on our sides), missionary, and doggy-style.
svexsal 24th-Mar-2014 05:39 pm (UTC)
Having an orgasm isn't all that equates to pleasure, though.
Cannot emphasize this enough. My current sometimes partner struggles to understand me when I say that I often just enjoy sex regardless of whether or not there's an orgasm at the end of the rainbow. Sometimes I just want him to come, sometimes I want us both to. But regardless, it's never just about me. The ride is nice.
dreamsreflected 24th-Mar-2014 02:06 pm (UTC)
I'm married with 3 kids, one of whom is under age 2 and sometimes sleeps in our bed so consider that.

We have sex 2-5 times a week depending on how the kids sleep (if they're up all night it's usually not happening) and our work schedules (when I work nights we have less sex than when I'm just working days).

Our go-to is doggy style, occasionally we have some more time and do some propped up on pillows type sex. Yesterday I suggested a variation on dogy style with me in the splits propped up on some pillows that went over well. I like adventure he's a little more reserved so we meet in the middle and try and stick with only going outside our (his) comfort zone every so often.

All of this works for us, we have a happy sex life and a decent marriage.
evilnel 24th-Mar-2014 03:25 pm (UTC)
I'm a newlywed (married six months), no kids. We used to have sex 2-4 times a week, but lately we've been pretty stressed out because of external events so it's been more like 1-2 times. I think my ideal right now is about 3 per week, but life happens! We usually go for missionary, sometimes doggy. We're both chubby so my butt is a limiting factor for other positions, haha. It's usually enjoyable. Sometimes I'm not so much into it physically (because I'm in a low point in my cycle or something) but I always enjoy it just because I love being with my husband; when I'm ovulating is usually when it's best.
i_love_freddie 24th-Mar-2014 04:17 pm (UTC)
In a relationship - have sex on average once a week.

I like being on top, missionary position, and being on my side while he penetrates me from behind.

Occasionally I am not in the mood, and then it isn't so enjoyable. But 99% of the time it is.
hibiscus042 24th-Mar-2014 07:09 pm (UTC)
Married for 3 1/2 years. Husband and I probably average 3-4 times a month, sometimes more often, but we're often tired or our schedules don't line up. Positions are either missionary or doggy as I'm a large woman and being on top bothers me (too self-conscious).
tigress35 24th-Mar-2014 09:07 pm (UTC)
In a relationship, average once or twice a week now that we are much past the new relationship hormones/honeymoon period. We're both pretty content with this amount. My fav positions are either on my stomach or on my back with my legs down on the bed, his are ones that allow more visual access. Sex is occasionally uncomfortable, usually the week before my period when hormones are dropping. But I personally am mostly comfortable letting him know that we need to stop or switch to just oral or something. Occasionally I'll keep going if I'm not to into it if he's really into it but not very often.
ms_babygirl 24th-Mar-2014 09:15 pm (UTC)
We've been together 13 years, Married 7 years. We have had some form of sex everyday this year. 95% of the time I have an orgasm, and the times I don't I am ok with it! Going off birth control makes me feel amazing and I can't get enough.
Before this year it averaged 3-6 times a week.
tsemed_chemed 25th-Mar-2014 11:29 pm (UTC)
Wow! That's awesome!
fallconsmate 25th-Mar-2014 12:24 am (UTC)
i went from multi-orgasmic 3x a day gimme gimme sex to... we haven't had sex (just cuddles) in months. i hit menopause, and that plus chronic pain have sent my libido packing.

sometimes i want to want sex, sometimes i don't.
tsemed_chemed 25th-Mar-2014 11:41 pm (UTC)
I've been with my partner for almost 4 years, and married for almost 1. When we lived apart, we used to have sex every time we saw each other, which was 4ish times per week, and we'd have sex at least once if not twice or three times on those occasions. Now that we live together, we're not having quite as much sex, which also has to do with me starting nursing school at the exact same time as we moved in together. Lately we are only having sex 2-3 times per month, but when I am on break from school, we tend to have a lot more sex (still not more than 2x/week though). We are affectionate with each other every day, and try to have some nice sexy kisses at least a couple times a day, but until I graduate nursing school in June, I am just too tired to have sex as much as we'd like!

As far as positions go, we're both cis-women, and we do a lot with our hands. I like being in my partner's "pocket" as we call it (her arm around me) while I get her off with my hand. She fucked me with her fingers from behind the other day while I was on hands and knees (modified doggy) and that was hot for both of us. She's really into my butt! I'm "morbidly obese" according to the BMI chart (I prefer the word fat!) and when we have strap on sex, my partner loves it when I'm on top and bouncing on her cock. (I love it too.) My big butt hasn't ever been an issue for doggy style, but I tried to be fucked "spooning-style" or side-lying from behind and that didn't work so well with my fatness.
classical_wolf 26th-Mar-2014 12:00 am (UTC)
Since you seem awesome - and big!women positive, do you mind if I friend you?

I figured I'd offer/recommend a body positive blog which I love :)


Sorry it's so random :/

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jeesh 26th-Mar-2014 09:52 pm (UTC)
My boyfriend and I get to see each other a few times a week. We usually manage to have sex atleast 3 times a week.
Back when I was unemployed and staying with him 5 out of 7 days, we seriously had sex like 10+ times a week. It was amazing.
But it's now about 3 times. I can't wait for us to get our own place in a few months...SO MUCH MORE SEX :D

Missionary, doggie, sometimes just handjobs (which I've apparently gotten very good at lately :D ). Sometimes toys.

It is enjoyable every time. I love that that's the case. Wasn't the case with my ex. It's so nice to be in a happy relationship.
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