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Macrobid and UTI Prevention

Hello all,

I posted last fall after I had issues with recurring UTI's related to intercourse. I finally saw a urologist who put be on macrobid/nitrofurantoin (100 mg) to help prevent the UTI's. He had me take 4 pills for every time I had sex- one within 12 hours before sex, and then 3 more, 12-hours apart. Even though it made spontaneous intercourse impossible, it worked and I haven't had any UTI's since! I also take a dose of D-Mannosse and probiotics daily.

I saw my urologist earlier this week for a follow-up, and he said that I can basically do what I want now with the macrobid. He said I could even consider going off of it, but I'm too nervous I'll get another infection. I asked him about just taking one pill right after intercourse and he said that would probably be okay. He just told me to take what I feel comfortable with.

Well I definitely want to reduce how many pills I'm taking, I don't really like having to take 4 pills every time I have sex. I have read other places online that a lot of people usually just take one pill after sex to prevent UTI's.

My question is to anyone here who has been on a similar treatment plan... if you take a preventative antibiotic how much do you take?

lupinelullaby 21st-Mar-2014 11:04 pm (UTC)
Due to over use of antibiotics prescribed to me when I was teenager, I developed an allergy to penicillin. So I try to avoid taking them unless I already have an infection set in.

But I am extremely prone to UTIs, especially after sex. But some ways to avoid them without taking preventative antibiotics are:

1. Urinate both before and (especially) after sex. Any time I've forgotten this important step, BAM! UTI.

2. You may want to consider making drinking pure cranberry juice or taking a cranberry supplement (which can be found in most store pharmacy sections) a part of your daily routine.

3. You may want to ask your partner to do a quick clean up down below before you have sex.

I know this doesn't really answer the question you were asking, but I hope it helps! And I'm sure others will be along with more advice as well!

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flyyoufools8 21st-Mar-2014 11:17 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the reply!

I have tried everything you have listed, and I still now always pee after sex and make sure my partner and I wash our hands and genital area prior to and after sex. I was doing all of this before going on antibiotics, along with taking either Cranberry or D-Mannosse, and I still was getting the UTI's after sex. The only reason I agreed to go on the anti-biotic was none of the natural preventative ways were working. I became stressed out and scared about having sex because of the UTI's.

I agree about overuse of antibiotics, but I didn't feel like I had an option anymore.
onlyforever10 22nd-Mar-2014 02:10 am (UTC)
I take a single low-dose antibiotic pill after sex (or right before if I think about it...drinking a ton of water with it helps me to pee right after sex anyways!). I had a long string of sex related UTIs a few years ago and my urologist prescribed me Macrobid originally but it upset my stomach. So I take Septra instead. Haven't had a UTI since.

But yeah, 4 pills seems like a lot, especially if you're going to be on them long-term. The ones I was prescribed are also a lower dose than the larger pills that are prescribed for an actual infection too.
flyyoufools8 26th-Mar-2014 04:36 am (UTC)
Glad to hear that just taking one pill has kept you UTI-free. I have to take my macrobid with food or it will upset my stomach, but all antibiotics will do that to me.

I'm dropping down to 2 pills for a couple of weeks and then go down to one.

Thanks for the comment!
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