9:36 am - 05/22/2012

Vagina Sweat, Smell and Discharge problem

Hi Everyone, 

I need a bit of help. For years I've had a few problems. First during the spring and summer, my vagina gets really sweaty to the point where my underwear is soaked, and it sucks because I commute 2 hours a day for school and I'm stuck all day wearing wet undies. I even bring an extra pair and they just get wet also. Next problem is that no matter how many times I shower or change my underwear, my downstairs area ALWAYS smells. It's like a mix of skunk and fish and it's a very strong smell. And finally, my underwear always has some yellowish/whitish/browninsh discharge found in the middle. I've started wearing pantyliners but that doesn't really help. In short, I'm constantly uncomfortable down there. 

I'm not sure if this means anything related to why  have these problems down there but I'm overweight and also a virgin..although I do masturbate A LOT. I'm just really nervous also about having sex because of the smell :\ I'm wondering if I need to go see the doctor about this. I want to, but I'm very shy and nervous about having discuss these things with my doctor. I know that's what the doctor is there for but I'm really self conscious I just feel like she'd be judging me

thanks in advance for any advice!
kittywattywoo 22nd-May-2012 01:57 pm (UTC)
It sounds like a classic case of BV to me, it's quite simple to treat and requires a swab to confirm it. The doctor isn't going to judge you, to be quite frank these people see genitals in a sorry state everyday. BV is really common and she's seen it before, I promise it won't be as bad as you think.

Click the link in our site sections: bacterial vaginosis. There's loads of tips and advise.

For the sweatiness I recommend using a powerful deodorant such as Odaban between your legs, don't spray it directly on your vagina and cover it when spraying between your legs. Always read the instructions beforehand! Avoid wearing pantylines because they'll just make you more hot and sweaty, change your underwear frequently instead.
juliiie87 22nd-May-2012 02:02 pm (UTC)
Any strong smell that a plain shower doesn't get rid of is a good indicator that something might be up. I'm thinking about BV, although I'm not a doctor. Maybe if you go to a doctor, she/he won't even have to check anything, if you just tell him/her that you have smell and discharge issues you can't get rid of. Look through the tags for topics about BV (bacterial vaginosis), you might find some easy, over the counter remedies you could try. I've read about boric acid and douching with a solution of vinegar, but you'll have to ask someone more knowledgeable than I am.

Other than that, having some discharge is faily common and absolutely normal. I hate the wet feeling so I just wear cloth pantyliners every day, they might be more comfortable and breathable (I've heard raw tussah silk is antibacterial), but that won't make the smell go away.
corinthia_moon 22nd-May-2012 02:35 pm (UTC)
After I gained some I weight, I noticed that my crotch and inner thighs sweated a lot more when exercising. So I started to wear regular deodorant on my inner thighs sometimes - not on my vagina, but right below it on my inner thighs. It helps.
patchworkorange 22nd-May-2012 02:40 pm (UTC)
My first case of BV was definitely just like this. I felt like I was either uncomfortably dry, or "sweating" copious amounts of rank discharge that was odd colored.

Go to your doc and get tested, the treatment is an easy (but messy) vaginal gel or Flagyl by mouth. I just insert boric acid capsules when I feel that way.
archangelbeth 22nd-May-2012 06:24 pm (UTC)
Yet another person saying that sounds like textbook Bacterial Vaginosis. It is kind of important to get checked, because if left untreated for long enough -- and it sounds like you've been leaving it untreated for a long time, if you have it -- BV can get into the uterus and cause Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which is a general drain on your health and can affect future fertility (if that is important to you).

How long "long enough" is... depends on the person and the infection and if they douche. (Douching is generally dangerous and promotes both the acquisition of BV and the complication of PID, though a vinegar-water rinse -- very gentle, to avoid forcing bacteria through the cervix -- can be helpful at times.)

I'd say that, unfortunately, a doctor is almost certainly in your best interests, unless you can poke your own cervix to see if it's tender. (If poking your cervix reasonably gently brings pain, especially extreme pain, you pretty much need a doctor for your health; the cervix is part of the uterus, so if you have a uterine infection... it gets much more tender.) Perhaps a gynecologist would seem less judgmental, since they see all kinds of vaginas, all the time? If you call a medical group and say that you need to see someone who is really gentle and good with new patients who are nervous around doctors, you might get some good results.

Good luck!
glitterberrys 23rd-May-2012 11:18 pm (UTC)
Another one adding to the "get checked for BV" chorus. Mine is recurring again, and my vag feels "sweaty" constantly and has that unpleasant smell. It's a quick and easy fix for most people. (For some people it does become chronic but it's not difficult to manage, just annoying.)
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