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Links round-up: Week ending 12 May 2012

Welcome to our new weekly links round-up. This is a compilation of items from the past week that may be of interest to VPers.
As a reminder, in lieu of trigger warnings, I use keywords describing the themes of the piece. Please skim these before deciding to read the excerpt or click through for the full article. Outside sources are not safe spaces, and mainstream source's comments should almost always be avoided. The links I highlight don't necessarily reflect VP's views, or even my own, for that matter. 

This week's round-up includes: Racial PTSD; hot sex without a hard-on; in 2011, NYPD made more stops of young Black men than total young Black men in NY; a break down of gay rights, state by state; fighting anti-Black racism as an Asian man; sexual assault in BSDM communities; Marriage Equality and Symbiotic Evolution

  1. Is There Such a Thing as Racial PTSD? at Clutch Magazine (Keywords: US, racism, trauma)
    A recent study out of Penn State University has found that chronic exposure to racial discrimination is analogous to the pressure troops can feel in combat and war. Researchers found that many African-Americans who’ve been faced with racism struggle with debilitating stress similar to soldiers returning home from war.

  2. Hot Sex without a Hard On at Early2Bed (Keywords: sex, penis, toys, erection)
    It seems like at least once every day I work at the shop, someone sheepishly asks me for a cream or a pill to help their dick get hard or stay that way longer. Recently, there has been much attention paid to the false and harmful myths about the way female sexuality is “supposed to be,” but men are also negatively impacted by sexual stereotypes. According to these equally ridiculous myths, men are supposed to want sex early and often and be ever equipped with giant rock hard cocks that never falter or cum “too soon.” Well, we think that’s bullshit. Men and their partners can enjoy sex whether or not there is a cock involved and whether or not that cock is hard.

  3. In 2011, NYPD Made More Stops Of Young Black Men Than The Total Number Of Young Black Men In New York at Think Progress (Keywords: US, racism, racial profiling, stop and frisk)
    the NYCLU report seemed to bear out charges of racial profiling in stop-and-frisk situations. In precincts where blacks and Latinos are least represented among the population (14 percent or less), blacks and Latinos were nonetheless the target of 70 percent of stops. Perhaps most staggeringly, the the Wall Street Journal highlighted that the number of stops of black men between the ages of 14 and 24 (168,126 ) exceeded the total city population of black men in that age range (158,406).

  4. Gay rights in the US, state by state at Gaurdian (Keywords: US, same-sex marriage, hospital visits)
    Gay rights laws in America have evolved to allow — but in some cases ban — rights for gay, lesbian and transgender people on a range of issues, including marriage, hospital visitation, adoption, housing, employment and school bullying. The handling of gay rights issues vary by state and follow trends by region

  5. Why I, an Asian Man, Fight Anti-Black Racism at Dominion of New York (Keywords: US, racism, white supremacy)
    I’m sure I do suffer from internalized racism, but I don’t think that racism is defined only in terms of black and white. I also don’t think white supremacy is a simple vertical hierarchy with whites on top, black people on the bottom, and the rest of us in the middle.
    So why do I expend so much effort on lifting up the oppression of black people? Because anti-black racism is the fulcrum of white supremacy.

  6. There’s A War On Part 6: Anti-Sunshine League at Yes Means Yes (Keywords: sexual assault, consent, BSDM, kink)
    The sixth in a series of articles about confronting rape culture in BSDM communities. Potentially triggering, so read with care, but also very good.

  7. Marriage Equality and Symbiotic Evolution at JaySmooth's YouTube (Keywords: )
    So as of yesterday, for the first time in American history, the President of the United States has said that he supports same-sex marraige, and I have to say, speaking as an American citizen, that, really, took a long-ass time.

What have you been reading (or writing!) this week?

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zemi_chan 13th-May-2012 12:04 am (UTC)
That Racial PTSD article is really interesting... After a bad experience I had in high school with race-based bullying, I was racked with anxiety, and I had to drop out... Of course, I had dealt with other bouts of bullying throughout middle school, as well, but my freshman year was the year that I finally just fell apart.

Even though that was about... 2 years ago (?), I'm still dealing with anxiety related illness and pain... Either I'm suffering from a completely anxiety-related illness (stomach issues/IBS), or I have a disorder like an EGID or HAE that has been exacerbated by the anxiety. :/ 'Still not sure yet.
also_warriors In which I talk a lot about trauma!13th-May-2012 04:26 am (UTC)
Honestly, the only surprising thing about that article for me was that it was phrased as a question. Of COURSE racial PTSD is a thing. There is so much trauma surrounding any marginalized identity, and so many reminders of truly dehumanizing systems built to continue that marginalization. What does it mean to live in a world where you are constantly reminded that you are less than human? Trauma is the well-adjusted response to dehumanization.

In my experiences of trauma (and I'll admit that I'm in a place now where I am rediscovering how much trauma I've had and how much of my day-to-day is a reaction to trying to process this trauma, so everything looks like trauma to me right now), it's hard to name when you are in the throes of it, so it’s hard to understand that the vacillations between hyperarousal ("OMGwhatterriblethingisgoingtohappentoday," tense muscles, flashbacks, nervous stomach, reading every news article you can find even though it is killing you…) and hypoarousal ("I just cannot. Time for bed," spacing out, numbness, inability to groom/feed oneself/get out of bed) are part of the same thing.

I want to say all of that because it's often hard for me to keep it in my head, but whenever I am reminded that what I am feeling is normal and part of a script associated with trauma, there is some relief. My responses are typical human responses to situations that shouldn't happen and which I haven't (yet?) figured out ways to process and work through. I've wondered if my own stomach issues are linked to anxiety, as well, and have had problems who don't understand that "exacerbated by anxiety" isn't quite the same as "just in my head."
zemi_chan Re: In which I talk a lot about trauma!13th-May-2012 05:12 am (UTC)
When I was going through the actual "trauma" (I feel guilty calling it that because, even though there was some hair pulling and invasion of space, I was never beaten up and the like...other people have been through much worse) I had a lot of that hyperarousal that you just described...I researched every bit that I could about race, talked about it all day long, thought about it all of the time...(I actually still think about it all of the time)...but now I'm more in that hypoarousal state... I really can't function. I don't get out, I'm always sick, I'm always sad....it's just a weird place to be. There's lots of sadness and guilt and apathy. I'm not sure if it's solely due to the bullying, or if it's just an accumulation of things, (like past instances of bullying, dad issues, etc.).
sweetchild92 Re: In which I talk a lot about trauma!14th-May-2012 09:53 am (UTC)
What other people have been through shouldn't have any bearing on what you call what happened to you. I mean...technically there will *always* be someone worse off, right? but if we save these labels only for the extreme cases, or for what "fits" into our preconceived notions...I feel like it could be a disservice to all the other people who suffer through and survive the more overlooked abuse. I hope you're able to not feel guilty one day, but at least know that when you call what you went through trauma, it helps others who have been through something similar but don't know what to call it :)

That you feel guilty naming what happened to you is quite the reflection of the work that needs to be done, imo.
zemi_chan Re: In which I talk a lot about trauma!14th-May-2012 11:23 am (UTC)
What you say makes a lot of sense... and I actually really agree. It's funny, because, if I was to talk with someone who had been through a situation similar to my own experience, I would be telling them the same thing that you're telling me. lol It just feels silly and out of place to me when I refer to my experience as traumatic...It makes me feel like I'm giving myself a free pass for not functioning properly or being productive anymore.
sweetchild92 Re: In which I talk a lot about trauma!14th-May-2012 10:34 pm (UTC)
And we are always harder on ourselves :/

Hmmm...however, would NOT calling it traumatic change anything (for the better)? It can be hard to function and be productive! And...even if you were completely unproductive, hey. Give yourself a break, because I'm sitting over here with no "excuses" and still can't manage to find out why i am so not productive lol.
zemi_chan Re: In which I talk a lot about trauma!15th-May-2012 12:28 pm (UTC)
Honestly, I don't think it would change anything. :/ At least not in any immediately foreseeable way...

I'm probably just over-analyzing this a bit too much. lol Everything you're saying has really helped put things a bit more in perspective, though. I really appreciate it.
sweetchild92 Re: In which I talk a lot about trauma!15th-May-2012 10:10 pm (UTC)
aw that makes me so happy, I hope you're able to feel less badly about calling it trauma....and also having survived it!
zemi_chan Re: In which I talk a lot about trauma!16th-May-2012 03:24 pm (UTC)
Thankyou so much for your kind words. <3 It definitely won't happen overnight, but I'm sure I'll come to terms with everything eventually.
sweetchild92 Re: In which I talk a lot about trauma!17th-May-2012 09:45 am (UTC)
aw yw and ty for sharing!!

definitely not, but for a lot of things, time itself is a great medicine :)
archangelbeth Tags: Depressing, technological, Dell-Fail, Women in the Workplace.13th-May-2012 03:08 am (UTC)

Short form: Dell hired Mads Christensen as moderator for the day for "Dell[']s big summit with Michael Dell in Copenhagen". Mads is........ Shall we say, extremely in the camp of "get in teh kitchen, woman, an' make me a sammich."

Dell’s danish CEO Nicolai Moresco [...] explains that [Mads] was only chosen to entertain and warm up the crowd and he thinks that [Mads] succeeded doing that.

...I gotta rant.

On the plus side? http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/05/09/countries-where-gay-marriage-is-legal-netherlands-argentina-more.html -- There are 10 of them! Yay?
also_warriors Re: Tags: Depressing, technological, Dell-Fail, Women in the Workplace.13th-May-2012 04:46 am (UTC)
That second link reminds me that I meant to include this one: Argentina makes sex-change surgery a legal right.
Adults who want sex-change surgery or hormone therapy in Argentina will be able to get it as part of their public or private health care plans under a gender rights law approved Wednesday.

The measure also gives people the right to specify how their gender is listed at the civil registry when their physical characteristics don't match how they see themselves. ...

Children also get a voice under the law: Youths under 18 who want to change their genders gain the right to do so with the approval of their legal guardians. But if parents or guardians want a gender identity change and don't have the child's consent, then a judge must intervene to ensure the child's rights are protected.

Which is so ridiculously awesome. Argentina has been pushing a lot of queer and trans rights since President Fernández (their first female president) was elected a couple years ago.
archangelbeth Oh, excellent!13th-May-2012 04:52 am (UTC)
That's definitely uplifting!
sweetchild92 Re: Tags: Depressing, technological, Dell-Fail, Women in the Workplace.14th-May-2012 10:04 am (UTC)
Can't even deal with how disgusted I am with that first piece. Oh how I wish DrunkMe had been there to let that...waste of space know how I feel.
frolicnaked 13th-May-2012 04:23 am (UTC)
This is from longer than a week ago, but I wrote Scared to Ask about invisible disability and workplace accommodations for this year's Blogging Against Disablism Day.

I'm also starting a new asana/anatomy series on yoga for the hips (which is a good complement to some of the previous pelvic floor posts I've done), right now looking at hip flexor anatomy.

And I ranted about swimsuits and boobs -- particularly about how advertising angles that claim "something for every body!" are so very often laughably wrong.
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