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How does one find a cervix?

Hello all :)

I am looking to buy a menstrual cup but am having difficulty determining a size (mainly with regards to length). Over here at menstrual_cups I'm getting conflicting answers as to how to find a cervix. So I come here for clarification!

So basically here is a journey into my vagina:

I stick my middle finger into my vagina and about halfway through my middle finger I feel a fleshy nub that when I press down on it, I can feel something hard behind it (I'm assuming a bone). This is with me laying down, palm facing up, so the front wall of my vagina? If I go past this I can continue past it until my middle finger can't be put in anymore. There is still space for it to go. It does, however, get significantly tighter after that bone/fleshy nub thing and sort of changes direction a bit? If that makes sense :D "It gets deeper" is the only way I can think of describing it, and kind of goes downhill, sort of.

So is my cervix really, really high up, or is it that fleshy nub? A few people are saying the fleshy nub is my cervix, but someone else said that it might be my g-spot.

I'm so confused and feel like an idiot :(! Since it's a pretty big purchase I want to be very sure that I'm buying the correct size, etc.

Thanks so much!!

ETA: Oh, and I can't access vulvapedia. My anti-virus keeps blocking it and says it's harmful.
slinkslowdown 10th-May-2012 01:36 am (UTC)
There's info about the Vulvapedia problem here: http://vaginapagina.livejournal.com/20869023.html
patchworkorange 10th-May-2012 01:39 am (UTC)
Your cervix isn't necessarily "fleshy", it's hard-ish, like your nose. Mine always felt smooth, with an indent in the middle (the OS, entrance to the uterus). Your cervix, if your uterus isn't tipped, will be found deep at the end of the vaginal canal, sometimes too far to reach.

Sometimes it will be closer depending on where you are in your cycle. I'm thinking that you did find your G Spot, and the hard thing might be your pubic bone.
kaowolfie 10th-May-2012 01:44 am (UTC)
I feel silly because I'm sitting here wiggling my fingers in the air and tilting my pelvis, trying to remember what it feels like to poke my cervix, without taking my pants off. XD

Your cervix can be pretty low or pretty high in the vaginal canal depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle, for one thing. Mine ranges from easy to reach with my index finger, to requiring me to lay back and engage in pelvic gymnastics to touch with my half-inch longer middle finger. When it's low, it's pretty easy for me to feel around and past it, although that can be uncomfortable.

Especially since you mention the nub feeling firm/bony, which I'm interpreting as feeling sort of like the end of your nose, I'd say that's probably your cervix. If one has a G spot, it can get firmer when the tissue is erect, but I've never heard them described as getting nose mistakeably firm.

edit: Wait wait wait, only halfway up your middle finger? lrn2read, Kao. That's probably your G spot/vaginal rugae. Try feeling higher, especially laying on your back with your hips on a pillow, pelvis tilted towards you.

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ennifer_jay 10th-May-2012 01:50 am (UTC)
This picture (NSFW) is kind of a visual to my experience, so I'm thinking that's what it is. Especially the downward thingy XD

ETA: And from this visual it looks like it just sits behind the pubic bone?

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kaowolfie 10th-May-2012 01:52 am (UTC)
*nodnod* Another resource I just found that you might like is these photo galleries from The Beautiful Cervix. It can give you a direct visual of how high to be looking, and what to expect to feel w/ your fingers. :)
ennifer_jay 10th-May-2012 01:56 am (UTC)
OMG it looks so odd!! Thank you. :D

I feel like drawing a eyes on each of them because the holes look like mouths LMAO.
great_bird_2 17th-May-2012 07:29 am (UTC)
Completely unrelated to topic at hand (ha!), but I like your style. I officially declare you Awesome™ -- or I would, had I the authority to do so... >_>
oiseausansailes 10th-May-2012 01:52 am (UTC)
So, I'm not really helpful at all in this matter because I can't find my cervix either, I'm assuming that it's really determined to hide from me because I've checked at every stage of my cycle by now. But, as a non-cervix-finder, I have both a small diva cup (flipped inside out) and a medium MeLuna soft cup that fit pretty well. Obviously, every body is different though.
withoutsums 10th-May-2012 02:24 am (UTC)
That does sound like your g-spot to me, but I've never found my cervix (though, I've never actually looked) so can't compare really. Your description sounds like how I might describe my g-spot though.

Looking back on when I bought my first cup, I'm not sure that any additional amount of research would have helped me pick the "right" one. I did ponder it for a while and looked at all the cup comparison charts, but still I got the "wrong" one to start with (the Keeper). It was very painful for me to use and was leaky and all around not a very good fit. Even after the initial learning curve when I figured out how to use it properly, it just wasn't right for me. However, looking at the measurements it seemed like it SHOULD have been a good fit. Unfortunately one thing I didn't account for was "squishiness". I got the Yuuki as my second cup to replace the Keeper since I developed a latex sensitivity, and it is absolutely perfect for me (and if I remember correctly, only slightly smaller--the squishiness made a huge difference). However, the formula has since changed, so I hear, and is now much firmer :( I can only hope that I won't have to replace my Yuuki any time soon :/

But anyway. I wish you much luck finding your perfect cup. Don't get too frustrated if the first one doesn't work out though. I know comparing all those millimeters and milliliters and stem-types and -lengths can get dizzying. You can always sell/trade it at mc_sales (http://mc-sales.livejournal.com)!
x_hypatia_x 10th-May-2012 02:52 am (UTC)
So I can't help with the menstrual cup aspect, but your description of what happens when you feel around is pretty much the same that mine usually would be. It seems like I just have a relatively short vaginal canal, cause if I try really hard, I can kind of touch the end past my cervix, and I don't have particularly big hands or long fingers.

I...don't think that what you're describing sounds much like my g-spot feels (or other women's have felt to me), although we're all built a bit differently. My g-spot feels a little different from the rest of the wall of my vagina, but definitely not hard or fleshy so much as the texture is different.
chamekke 10th-May-2012 03:42 am (UTC)
Sounds to me like you found your G-spot there :-)

The G-spot is just inside the entrance of the vagina, on the upper wall and just behind the pubic bone. You can usually feel it just by putting your finger inside yourself and curling upward ("toward your belly button"). It's rather spongy-feeling and doesn't have a clearly defined shape. If you press it, it'll squish a bit.

The cervix is at the far end of the vagina. It's quite firm ("like the tip of your nose") and distinctly circular. I always think of it as being like one of those very fat doughy bagels that doesn't have a true hole, only an indentation! It has a defined shape (in that you should be able to run your fingertip right around it) and will retain that shape even if you press it a bit. (Warning, some individuals have a sensitive cervix that may find this uncomfortable, so do this with caution.)

I have a low cervix, so my G-spot is the depth of one joint of the middle finger, while (during my period) my cervix is only two joints in. If your cervix is high, which could well be the case, you may find you have to explore quite deep to find it.
yespleasespace 10th-May-2012 04:23 am (UTC)
I wouldn't describe my cervix as hard or bony. It is firm, but the firmness is more like the tip of your nose than like a bone. I would agree that you were probably touching your g-spot.

Since I got my IUD, I've become much more familiar with my cervix than I ever expected, and because I don't ovulate often or have a regular cycle (due to PCOS), my cervix is usually high and hard to reach. The nurse who inserted my IUD even commented that my cervix is very high. I've found that it's easier to reach while squatting than lying down, though. You may also want to try standing with one foot on the side of the tub or toilet. I'm certain that I couldn't reach my cervix while lying down.

I've used a Divacup for years and I love it. I think it is one of the longer cups.
stothyra 10th-May-2012 11:25 pm (UTC)
It feels far more like the tip of my nose than anything else, but still not quite.

Also, cervixes tend to change height throughout cycles, so you should be trying to find it when you're menstruating. I can't feel my cervix most of the time, but it likes to hang low for a few days of my period, and I can definitely find it then. This makes longer cups a problem for me!
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