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Painful Swelling On Outside of Vagina

So I've never had any issues with my genitals before, but lately it seems like it's rebelling against me. I was having irregular spotting awhile ago, so I went to the doctor and got diagnosed with a bacterial infection. She changed my birth control and put me on a week's dose of Flagil. For awhile, it seemed like everything was great and healed, but now I've got a strange, brownish-black discharge and soreness around the left side of the outside of my vagina. It's not anywhere else - just that one spot. It feels swollen to the touch, and it's uncomfortable to walk. I've looked at the symptoms of UTIs and yeast infections, and it doesn't really sound like either one of those. It hurts to pee, but it's more like a stinging where the urine is coming in contact with the soreness than actually hurting. It doesn't really itch at all, either. It doesn't smell at all that I can discern. I'm a virgin, so there's no way its an STD.

I'm going back to the doctor on Monday if this doesn't go away by Sunday, but in the meantime, does anyone have any idea what this could possibly be or what I can do to keep it from getting worse?

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sabishii_kirito 17th-Feb-2012 02:26 am (UTC)
I can't give any advice for relief, but do you have a small mirror? You could get a visual to see if you have a cut or sore.

If possible, it might help to wear looser fitting clothes--older panties, skirts or baggy pants that won't cause chafing.

Hope you figure it out soon :(
dkwgdk 17th-Feb-2012 03:25 am (UTC)
Sometimes when I have Random Crotch Pain (tm) I find that taking a bath with some baking soda in it is very helpful. Alternatively, I dissolve some baking soda (maybe 3 TB?) in a quart of warm water, soak a washcloth in the water, wring it out, and apply it to the affected area. This won't necessarily fix any underlying causes of the discomfort but it might make you more comfortable until you can see a doc.
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mystofthestars 17th-Feb-2012 10:42 am (UTC)
I had something vaguely similar and it turned out to be an abscess. It was this swollen spot just under the skin, it didn't hitch but since it was swollen it was very uncomfortable to walk and sit, especially if I wore trousers. There was no smell nor discharge for me, nor it hurt when I peed but it's because mine was placed over my vagina so it didn't come in contact with my urine.
If this is what it is, you will probably need antibiotics or an antibiotic cream to put on it. Other than that, in the meanwhile try to wear sweater pants or skirts, nothing too tight, and cotton underwear.
helenkacan 17th-Feb-2012 12:35 pm (UTC)
I've got no experience with the brownish-black stuff (that could be from changing your birth control) but, as for the swollen genitals, it sounds like another bacterial infection or an insufficiently-cured old one that has now spread from the vagina to the vulva. I found out (the hard way, believe me) that 7 days' worth of antibiotics wasn't enough. Only when I insisted on and finished 10 days of a much stronger antibiotic did I finally kill my raging infections.

Besides more antibiotics, you may find (ahhhhhh) relief with a prescription for cortisone cream (you apply a very sparing amount to the swollen tissues).

It's been mentioned here before that, if you're having stinging pain from peeing, that you should actually drink more water. The more you drink, the more your pee will be diluted. But, even so, it may help for you to pee in the shower. If you can't do that easily, then pouring warm water over your genitals while you're sitting on the toilet peeing will help, too.

Can you try to get to the doctor TODAY instead of waiting until Monday? Tell the receptionist it's an emergency. Because It. Is. Giving the infection three more days to grow in strength isn't ideal. If your doctor can't see you today, are there any walk-in clinics or other resources? Also, BTW, you can have an infection on the outside of your genitals (your labia and perineum) even without any smell or other symptoms. But, to me, the swollen genitals are a clear signal.
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