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Anal sex and Hemorrhoids

So on Tuesday I posted This about some bum itchiness after anal sex. Not necessary to go back and read.

Long story short, I had anal sex on Saturday, it was great but not really prepared for and there was some roughness. I was sore on Sunday/Monday, and my butt hole—only the hole—starting itching on Monday. The itchiness/discomfort got really bad on Tuesday night and yesterday in the morning.

I originally thought it was irritation from the rougher moments, but was in so much discomfort yesterday that I broke down and told my mom that I was itching. I really felt uncomfortable telling her that I had anal sex, so she surmised on her own that this had to do with pooping issues. We're pretty close and she asked to take a look at my bum, and she said she could see a few tiny hemorrhoids but nothing looked bad or scary. I went to the drug store and bought the Preparation H cream with Pramoxine which makes my symptoms go away COMPLETELY for a large number of hours before I have to re-apply.

I did some research online and some places say that anal sex can cause hemorrhoids, and other places say that this is a myth but that of course anal sex can aggravate them. About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with celiac disease after problems with extreme constipation, so I have had hemorrhoids before. I *think* that hemorrhoids never quite go away, but they do shrink and become fairly unnoticeable.

I tend to have very bad anxiety when it comes it issues with my... places...so am trying to stay calm and would really appreciate some advice. I will see a doctor if that is recommended but I don't want to go unnecessarily to a doctor because of my own anxieties. I don't really feel that bad anymore because the cream is helping amazingly (though I'm in discomfort if I don't use it). I really, really doubt I have some other type of infection because of how localized the discomfort is and because the feeling is quite similar (just a bit more uncomfortable) to the issue i had a number of years ago.

Basically i just want some reassurance that this problem can happen, that I haven't harmed myself for all of eternity, etc. I'll go from thinking "it's okay, you have some irritation of your butt and perhaps old hemorrhoids, you'll feel better in a few days!" to "omg, you've irreparably damaged your butt!"

somniumdraconae 26th-Jan-2012 06:05 pm (UTC)
I don't know for sure, but I am more inclined to believe that the "anal causes hemorrhoids" thing is a myth, and that the sites saying it can irritate existing ones if you aren't careful are the correct ones. There is a lot of incorrect info out there aiming to make anal out to be this horrible terrible practice (mostly made by people who think only "teh gayz" do it and that is the sole reason why they dislike it).

Since you have a history of hemorrhoids, and you know the sex was a little rougher, I'd say you probably just irritated your bum a bit and in a little while with some Prep H and TLC you will be just fine. After you feel better, remember to keep lots of lube handy and whatnot for anal, and see if that prevents this happening next time. That should reassure you even further :)

PS. Your mom is awesome. You're close enough that she looked at your butt for you? I bet you're close enough that you could have told the whole story ;)
helpme11111 26th-Jan-2012 06:52 pm (UTC)
:) thank you for your reassurance. It was amazing and didn't hurt at the time but we definitely used the incorrect type of lube (and I had a fragrance-free, water-based type sitting on my dresser at my house waiting for that moment! damn!) and might have been a bit hasty since he's rather large...and i know toward the end there was some serious thrusting that was probably a bad idea but was good in that moment!

Yeah I probably could have told my mom, but something stopped me from that. But she is awesome for looking at my butt! Years ago I had pinworms (one of the grossest and most horrible things ever, I fear) and she looked for me, and since that it's never been off limits!
helpme11111 26th-Jan-2012 08:17 pm (UTC)
btw i told my mom—and she said she figured it out from the weird suggestions i was making ("can you get hemorrhoids from rubbing? or friction???"). I don't know how I thought I was being sly. :P
dkwgdk 26th-Jan-2012 08:13 pm (UTC)
This: "it's okay, you have some irritation of your butt and perhaps old hemorrhoids."

There are lots of good books and internet info out there about how to have anal sex even with hemorrhoids. It's not impossible -- lubrication and relaxation is key. (and no Nantucket Flowers!!) I might check out Toys in Babeland (the link is under 'useful external sites') for suggestions, or Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross's website for more info. I've never done it (hemorrhoids are one health problem I actually don't have...unlike the zillion other ones I DO have) so I can't provide more concrete suggestions, but resources are available!
helpme11111 26th-Jan-2012 08:15 pm (UTC)
:) thank you

helpme11111 27th-Jan-2012 03:18 pm (UTC)

So I realized the itching was really localized to one place and sortof poked around there and noticed a spot that felt a little rough/tender almost like a little cut ...which could really very probably be a little cut like a fissure that is itching as it heals. That seems to be the most likely scenario although of course I'm freaking out that i "felt something" and am wondering if I should get it checked.
descent2madness 26th-Jan-2012 08:16 pm (UTC)
I get a one little hemorrhoid on occasion after anal sex, especially if the fiance is a tad more vigorous than usual or the lube doesn't last as long as we need it to (and are too distracted to stop and reapply).

I'd *never* had a hemorrhoid until I had anal sex for the first time so I definitely think the anal caused it the first time for me.

I've never found the itching that bad but it does get annoying (like I said, I only ever get one, more than one I can imagine being extra irritating). I wouldn't worry about going to the doctor unless they seem to stick around for an abnormally long amount of time (mine seem to clear up in a week or so).

Just breathe, don't panic, and keep up with the Preparation H!
helpme11111 26th-Jan-2012 08:22 pm (UTC)
thank you, that's the exact reassurance i needed.

Since it started on Mon/Tues i won't get worked up unless it feels like there's really no improvement by next week.

And i have the PH on hand! (it's funny to watch me hide it in my sleeve when i go to the bathroom...the same way i do tampons)
okamikaze 27th-Jan-2012 04:11 am (UTC)
I apparently had a lurking hemorrhoid that didn't start bothering me until I had anal, and, unfortunately last time we did it it hasn't completely went away yet. :/ (Granted, we were going fast/using toys/irritated it quite a bit)

I just wanted to ask you how you deal with them? Cuz apparently I now have a small 'tag' and my dr suggested hot compresses, but they don't seem to be doing anything. :(
ready2please 27th-Jan-2012 05:05 am (UTC)
I really doubt that you have harmed yourself for all eternity and if you are experiencing discomfort then I am sure it is real or happened. Whether it is a coincidence and your hemorrhoid flared up around the same time that you had anal sex or it was caused by the anal, I am sure it will go away.

I enjoy anal sex very much, and have not experienced this problem. We do use plenty of lube, and we can get quite physical. But just because I have been lucky so far doesn't mean that I might not have a similar issue arise at some other time in the future.

I'd keep using the cream since it is giving you relief and I would use Advil as well because it is an anti-inflammatory. Between the two it should resolve your problem. Another thing that has provided relief is Witch Hazel. Use those round cosmetic pads and put the Witch Hazel in the refrigerator. Put some chilled Witch Hazel on the hemorrhoids for a few minutes before you use the cream and that might even help more.

Good luck.
helpme11111 27th-Jan-2012 03:17 pm (UTC)
Thanks :)

I realized the itching was really localized to one place and sortof poked around there and notice a little weird feeling thing...which could really very probably be a little cut like a fissure that is itching as it heals. That seems to be the most likely scenario although of course I'm freaking out that i "felt something" and am wondering if I should get it checked...
ready2please 28th-Jan-2012 05:46 am (UTC)
If you are that uncertain, then definitely get it checked out. You also might want to eat less fiber for a few days too.
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