9:10 pm - 12/23/2011

ingrown hairs/boil near butt? Weird...

So today I was wearing underwear that well...ride up my butt. And when I got home I noticed a big bump near where my underwear line is on the "inside" of my butt, close to my leg.

Does anybody else get these sorts of bumps near their underwear line? I have smaller ones that have developed in the past, but this one is big and reminds me of a boil :(

Any tips on how to alleviate/lessen the size of the bump? It's not really painful.

zedrobber 26th-Dec-2011 01:21 am (UTC)
I occasionally get those- no idea how to get rid of them, sadly. Usually mine go away after a while.
whatsherface162 28th-Dec-2011 08:26 pm (UTC)
I get them too. Clogged pores and/or ingrown hairs. Since they are in weird places like underwear lines they take a little more time to heal say than a clogged pore/pimple on your face. Just place a warm wash cloth over it for a little while each day or take a bath. The warm water will help ease it. Don't pick at it or it may become infected just like pimples can be. Whenever I have one in a certain I try to wear underwear that won't rub it or no underwear at night.
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