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How long do Plan B side effects last?

I took a Plan B Wednesday afternoon after a condom mishap Tuesday night. This is the second time I've taken a Plan B, and the first time I took it, mostly it delayed my period by a few days, and sort of threw off my cycle for the next two and a half months by delaying my period a few days or so. I had some breast tenderness, but I usually have that with PMS anyway. Now, I know that Plan B affects everyone differently at different times (meaning, I know my experience with it this go-round shouldn't necessarily be the same as last time), but I was just wondering about some of the stuff that's going on with me now. I've been having headaches pretty much everyday for the past four or five days, feeling like my normal amount of food is just not sating me (I'm usually ravenous about an hour or so after eating a full meal), I've felt dizzy or lightheaded on a few instances (though I'm not sure if I attribute this to low blood sugar or not, I've usually felt it out of nowhere without any other "I'm hungry, must have food now!" symptoms). I've also had some loose stools (not necessarily diarrhea) the past four or five days as well, with some pretty noticeable gas pains. I had some breast tenderness right after taking Plan B (well, obviously not immediately, but like, within the following 24 hours), but it went away, was gone for a day, came back, went away, came back, now it's pretty much back for the past two days or so. My nipples also seem a little more sensitive, which is abnormal for me, even during my period/when I'm PMSing. I'm also practicing FAM (but I had two deaths in my family last month, so my sleep was off, and I stopped charting until this past week or so), and have noticed that my temperature has been steadily above 98 degrees when it's usually between 96.4 and 97.something. This could easily be because the weather has become the temperature of hellfire outside though, and I've been sleeping next to the boyfriend every night, and men are furnaces, so. Also, I have been doing some light drinking the past couple of nights (like, very light, one drink of liquor diluted in soda and not even enough to feel a buzz -- not sure how much that would affect my basal temperature). Nevertheless, just thought it might be worth mentioning.

I'm willing to just blow this all off as side effects of the Plan B (since I looked them up last night and they're all potential side effects), since I took it within 18 hours of the broken condom, but I'm just surprised that side effects would be lasting this long/show up this late. Is that normal/to be expected? I'm not really worried that I'm pregnant, because I took the Plan B so soon, unless I happened to have ovulated that day before we had sex (but like I said, I'm still just a newb with FAM, and I'd stopped tracking because of my erratic sleep patterns of late, so I wouldn't be able to know if/when I'd ovulated). My last period was on May 4, and I would be due for my period today if not for the Plan B. My cycles have always been 27-29 days (usually falling like clockwork at 28 days). Beyond testing on day 19 to give myself peace of mind, are there any other words of calm and wisdom I can/should consider? Again, I'm not too entirely worried that I'm pregnant -- just looking for someone to say "Yeah, those are Plan B side effects." 8) Thanks!

ETA I've also been experiencing some light cramping, but mostly in the last two or three days.
archangelbeth 31st-May-2011 02:17 pm (UTC)
A lot of them sound like PMS side effects, too -- the rise-and-fall of hormones may have triggered some of that, I wonder? (Not necessarily even your PMS effects, but random PMS effects?) Have you gotten a "withdrawal bleed" yet from the Plan B or is your body skipping that?

(And now, curse it, I must run away from the keyboard since I kinda have a stomach bug.)
fushigi_na_chou 31st-May-2011 02:22 pm (UTC)
Yeah, they do sound like PMS side effects. I was sort of PMSing before the condom decided to slit right up the side on us. ><" That's why I'm wondering if I may have ovulated that day, because my cervix and CM all pointed to ovulation day being then or shortly thereafter (low, open, and medium-firm cervix with a lot of thick CM, bordering on eggwhite, but since I hadn't been tracking my temperature consistently I don't have a thermal shift to tell me anything).

No withdrawal bleed from the Plan B yet. I expect I'll get it in the next few days. I know not everyone gets one, and not everyone gets one every time they use Plan B.

Hope your stomach feels better. DDD:
archangelbeth 31st-May-2011 07:34 pm (UTC)
(Thanks! I'm hoping so as well. Not to mention I got a tick nomming on me that I only found when it was wandering away from Beth's Leg Buffet, on Sunday, so now I get to play the "did it have Lyme?" waiting game. Tip: antibiotics within 24 hours of a tick bite are good. After that, the doctor wants to play the waiting game. I'm not sure why. O:p So a tick bite on Sunday when Monday is a holiday sucks. This has been a Public Service Announcement. O:p )

If you were sort-of PMSing... Hm. If it were me, I only start PMSing after ovulation, so you might've been in the "all clear, ova gone" zone. I understand the twitching. O:/ But anyway, maybe the Plan B just exacerbated the whole situation, PMS-wise? I wouldn't be surprised...

Here's a possibility, too: call the local pediatrician's and ask if there's a stomach bug floating around! We usually find out this stuff when the kid has a high fever or has been queasy for two weeks straight, and we go in, and, yeah, there's "been something going around that does this." O:/

Meh, that's all disjointed. Crossing fingers!
fushigi_na_chou 31st-May-2011 11:46 pm (UTC)
OMG, ticks are seriously lame. I decided one summer it would be a good idea to go walking in our local battlefield with a halter top and capris and flip flops. I found four ticks on me over the next three days. So. Much. Hate.

I think the Plan B probably did exacerbate my PMS. It doesn't help that my boyfriend has been commenting on how "so pregnant" I am because of our mishap. I wasn't really paranoid about it until maybe yesterday or so, when I began to get the "holy crap, I might be inconveniently pregnant" jitters. I swear, being sexually active is sometimes not worth the anxiety. XD Every month, no matter the form of birth control I use, I always wonder "could I be?? :o".

Things seem to be settling down though, symptom wise. No gross poopies, and no headaches. I don't feel like my stomach is about to eat itself, though my boobs still hurt (which I'm not worried about because any hormone change in me warrants boob hurtage). So, I guess we'll see what the dollar store test tells me in a week and a half. :)

Good luck with all your tick drama! I hope you don't have Lyme disease! :O
archangelbeth 1st-Jun-2011 12:38 am (UTC)
Oh, I wish this tick had been lame. (It looked like Garfield after he ate so much his belly outgrew his legs.) Alas, it was only seriously, seriously annoying. With screamies having to be suppressed. *shudder*

I'm hoping it was too young to have eaten anything with Lyme disease, too. O:(

Tell the boyfriend to stop with the "so pregnant" stuff unless he wants you to start putting a pillow in your shirt and telling him he's a daddy? *wry*

Anyway, good luck to you, too!
fushigi_na_chou 1st-Jun-2011 01:06 am (UTC)
Haha, that's what I told him. I said he needed to quit it or he was going to cause me to have a hysterical pregnancy. 8D
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