12:14 am - 10/21/2009

YI - Apple Cider Vindegar-Soaked Tampon

Hey everyone,

I've been having some itching around my vaginal opening lately which is usually typical when I start to get a yeast infection. I usually use yogurt to soothe and prevent further infection but I'm all out. Is it okay if I use a apple cider vinegar-soaked tampon the same way I would normally use yogurt? I already feel less itching.

Sorry if this question has been asked before...I've tried looking through old entries but I didn't come across a comprehensive answer to my specific question.

TIA! ♥
theinfamouskym 21st-Oct-2009 04:23 am (UTC)
Vinegar makes my skin dry out - so personally, I wouldn't. You might try douching or rinsing with water and vinegar instead.

My favorite YI remedy is Gentian Violet - I soak a tampon in it - and I usually get relief (some, depending on the severity of the infection) - instantly!

I like tea tree oil pessaries too - but they can only be found in health stores.

I also usually take extra acidophilus.

I'm fighting the yeasties too (sucks). Hope you feel better soon!
grimalkinrn 21st-Oct-2009 04:26 am (UTC)
I've been fighting a recurrent yeast infection forever.

Vinegar is drying, so I really wouldn't recommend it. I have had good experience with garlic as well as boric acid suppositories. I am allergic to Monistat (no fun at all) and so my gyn helped me find other methods to help me.

I take a daily probiotic now and that seems to help keep it at bay.
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