2:28 am - 10/23/2007

boils, down there?

hey everyone, thanks in advance

first off, in the past eight or so months i have been tested for STDs twice (three times?), simply out of my paranoia and fear of STDs. the guy i have been seeing (my only partner since feb.) for that period of time has never been tested (is going next week), but has definitely had sex with a handful of ladies and we do not use a condom (i am on bc) -- hence my paranoia. all of the tests were negative - i had bloodwork, cultures, and a pap done. i'm hoping i'm right in thinking those tests cover most if not all stds, including hpv and herpes - yeah?

okay, so, one reason i had the second test done was because i had found some pimple-like bumps on my lips (outer) and in my pubic hair, and one to the side, a little in from the bikini line (one in each place). they seemed like pimples but i didnt know - i cant recall having any pimples down there before. they started to swell, got red, got to the white head phase, i popped them, lil bit of pus came out, they scabbed over and went away. by the time i got into the gyn, they were almost gone - and the doc said they were just pimples/ingrown hairs. as i said, i was tested and nothing came back positive.

but now, they're back. i have one on my outer lip, with a little undeveloped bump next to it. it had a white head yesterday (like the fourth day ive had it?), and i let it be to avoid infection. the white head went away and now it's more swollen, a little painful to touch, and red. the other two, one near the bikini line (a lot smaller, i popped it when it got white, and is now smaller and a little red, like a popped zit) and where my pubic hair is (this one went away, came back, went away, and is now coming back). they are mostly in the same place as they were before.

the two above seem to be pimples (right?), but this one on my outer lip sort of looks like a boil. i had never had a boil in my life until about four months ago when i developed one on the back of my thigh. it was there and painful for about a month, then sort of popped and scabbed, and i now have a purple mark where it was. this bump on my labia sort of looks like that - but i don't know. do women get boils on their vags?

so, main questions (i had to write that out):

if, after being tested twice in 8 or so months, the whole time having condom-less sex with an untested partner (just him that whole time), and recieving only neg test results - is there any way these bumps are an STD?

do women get boils on their vaginas? if so, why, and how can you avoid them coming back? or take care of them?

am i having vaginal acne with these other bumps, or what?

okay, gotta put my mind at ease. can't do it til after boyfriend test results come back (oh, the fear of sexually transmitted disease), but am trying anyways.

thank you!
beloveddoll 23rd-Oct-2007 07:44 am (UTC)
I get boils on my stomach, my inner thigh area and sometimes close enough in to be considered on the lower part of my labia/butt cheeks.

I have been to the dermatologist many times for these evil buggers and after taking multiple courses of antibiotics, they did not go away. Apparently, I had to "find the right kind" of antibiotic to make them go away, but I was not willing to put my highly sensitive vagina into yeast territory.

My dermatologist DID suggest one thing that has significantly decreased the arrival of the "bumpies". Check out Cetaphil's Antibacterial Cleansing bar. This little baby is super gentle and helps restore pH in the skin, all the while killing off bacteria. I use it everywhere (even a light wash of my vag) and have had zero problems. (and I have super sensitive, super picky skin)

Also, instead of a Gynecologist, check out a dermatologist! They are really helpful.

Oh, and another thing -- warm compresses and frequent showers.
elialshadowpine 23rd-Oct-2007 10:58 am (UTC)
Yup, you can get boils down there. I usually get at least one a year in that area. They suck. I haven't found a preventative, or really looked for one because they're so infrequent, but I bet other people will have advice for you. I mainly wanted to post to put your mind at ease. :
cbackson 23rd-Oct-2007 01:17 pm (UTC)
Unfortunately, unless you ask what they're testing for, it's difficult to know what tests were done. My gyn's routine STI testing, for example, included chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, but not HIV or herpes; they didn't test for HPV, but rather looked for abnormal cells on the pap smear. The only time I've had a full test (which included chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, and a herpes blood test but not an HPV test) was when I was considering joining the military and got a health screen at the Navy medical station.
jennifer0246 23rd-Oct-2007 01:54 pm (UTC)
Most providers do not test for Herpes or HPV routinely, due to cost and lack of availability of those tests. Furthermore, there is no test for the types of HPV which cause condyloma (genital warts) - the technology simply does not exist.

I think you should be seen by a health care provider while you have the concerning bumps, so s/he can assess them with you while they're occurring instead of while they're mostly/entirely gone.
lilyofthewest 23rd-Oct-2007 02:14 pm (UTC)
I also want to echo the recommendation that you see a health care provider *while* the bumps are present. Then they'll be able to accurately diagnose them.

Blood HSV testing is not a routine STI test at the clinic I work at.
kalieris 23rd-Oct-2007 08:09 pm (UTC)
I got those for a while, and it seemed to be related to underwear shrinkage. When I got new underwear that fit properly, I didn't have the problem again. Also, some styles chafe in spots more than others, and even if it doesn't hurt it irritates the skin enough to cause pimples/boils.
chibiluv 23rd-Oct-2007 09:09 pm (UTC)
Have you gained weight recently. I've noticed that when I gain weight I tend to get an increase in pimples and cysts down there.

I'll also go ahead and repeat the advise that you see a doctor when the bumps are present and that you check to see which STIs you are being tested for.
pinupstar 24th-Oct-2007 05:51 pm (UTC)
your glands on your vagina can get blocked up and cause boils which need to be drained. It happens pretty regularly but they are more painful and keep coming b ack worse then a pimple or ingrown hair.
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