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Okay, so I've only just been to a gynecologist for the first time this week. (I'm 25, so my PCP has been badgering me for years, but I've also never been sexually active. I only finally went because my periods have been getting unbearable.) So the doc was guiding her student to do the exam on me, and she had some trouble getting in. I thought I knew generally how things work down there, but I'm stumped, because doc said something to the student about me having a "posterior lip". She didn't seem concerned, but apparently that was why they had to adjust to get in. Now, I've never heard of such a thing, and all Google is giving me is a bunch of stuff about pregnancy! What is this? Will it get in the way of things? (Mostly re: penetration, although this may also explain why I have trouble inserting tampons?) Come to think of it, this was right after my period, so is it a structural tihng or just temporary because of the cervix adjusting? I'm finding nothing! Help me, VP-wan Kenobi, you're my only hope
The OBGYN department of the University of Oxford medical school says:
We are redesigning courses for medical students to teach them what they need to know about sexual and genital health. If you have experience of going to the doctor for these issues, including asking about contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, screening, or any concerns about your genital or sexual health, we would like to hear from you.

They're running a short survey that could have a big impact not only on the current set of medical students at Oxford but across the UK and perhaps even more widely, due to Oxford's prestige. Please let them know what you'd like doctors to know!
Hi friends! I have a quick question for you. My doctor switched me recently from Alesse to Tricyclen. I just finished my Alesse pack today (so 28 pills) and would have started my new pack tomorrow. This time I filled my prescription so I have a pack of Tricyclen instead, which I assume I have to start tomorrow as I would have started the Alesse. Do I need to use extra protection for 7 days or is my Alesse going to "carry over"? From what I understand Tricyclen goes in increasing doses every week so I don't know if that makes a difference. Thanks for your help!
Dear people,

I'm using this site for the first time and I'm not an English native speaker, so please bear with any mistakes I may make. The description of my issues may be a bit graphic (I'm autistic, and I'm not very good at judging how much information is too much information). My apologies in advance.

For almost a year now, I have been experiencing what I would describe as a UTI - a frequent urge to urinate, burning before and during urination, something I can only describe as "painful stabbing bladder cramps", and even bleeding. While my doctors have found no signs of bacterial infections in my urine, they did find blood though, even when there were no longer the clearly visible blood stains after wiping. I have been given two kinds of antibiotics on separate occasions, and both have made the symptoms disappear for a few weeks before they returned unchanged. Still, no sign of bacterial infection has been detected, and an ultrasound of my bladder and kidney has not shown anything unusual.

I'm trans and 6 years on T right now (250mg every 4 to 5 weeks), I've had my uterus and ovaries removed four years ago. My gyno has prescribed me a low-dosage estrogen creme to use inside my vagina and around the urethra to reduce the atrophying effects of the hormonal changes, and usually it helps reduce the pain of the symptoms described above as well. However, it does not always work, and what really bothers me is that if I miss a day, the symptoms are back with full force.

My question is whether anyone here has similar experiences and / or ideas how I could get rid of this. It may sound dramatic, but this is seriously affecting my "quality of life", I'm constantly uncomfortable, often in pain, and occasionally, when the cramps come, I'm in so much pain that I double over. I really need this fixed.

Thank you all!
So...to be brief...I shaved my whole bikini area a few days ago, and immediately after shaving, I noticed two flesh coloured bumps on my outer lips, about a cm apart. I hadn't noticed them before shaving, but it's entirely possible that they were there and I didn't see them because of the hair. Over the past few days, other flesh coloured bumps have appeared and gone away - those are definitley from shaving, but I'm worried that those two bumps I noticed first could be warts or something else contagious. I went to see the nurse yesterday and she took one look and told me that they were from shaving and were nothing at all, seeming almost irritated that I bothered her with something so trivial. I asked if she was sure and she said 'of course I'm sure'. It's just that these are not typical ingrown hairs or anything like that and they have not changed in appearance over the last few days.

I have had two partners in the last year - one a long term partner who has not had visible warts, and the other a short-term partner who I slept with 3-4 times 4-5 weeks ago. Always using condoms, although I know that doesn't always protect you from warts. Any ideas?
6:02 pm - 04/19/2016

Bump on cervix

I am just wondering if any of you had a bump/bumps on your cervix? I have had the same partner for the last year, normal paps (last one in Feb of this year), and discovered a bump on my cervix last week! I went to a walk in and the doctor there could not visually see it but feel it- he concluded that it was just part of my cervix. Fast forward to this morning I went to pee and discovered that I was bleeding! There was no blood or discharge on my underwear though. The blood was light red, nothing compared to period blood. So I went to my normal GP and he said it was a nabothian cyst that had "burst." I did some research at home and found that these cysts don't pop and bleed. When he visually exam my cervix he said there was slight inflammation from where the spot was but it was barely noticeable. Has anyone had anything similar happen? I have never experienced anything like this before! I am 24 with no kids.

EDIT: I noticed a pattern the last few days that I only bleed after a bowel movement and it stops throughout the day - So three days later and I am still bleeding
I don't know if anyone will know anything about this or not! But I just found out my husband had one un descended testicle when he was small and had surgery to fix it to pull it down when he was 4. And we have been trying to get pregnant! Dose anyone know if that has anything to do with him not being able to have kids? Or may it just take a while I been off BC since September of last year!! Anything thoughts or answers would be appreciate :)
1:25 pm - 04/15/2016

What is normal?

So I am currently getting over a cold.. this is relevant because on the first day of an illness i usually get a pretty obvious yeast overgrowth which I remedy with boric acid. I feel like I am always having a candida issue down there which frustrates me.. The only question I have is what is normal? When I am healthy I tend to see only small flakes in my discharge, which makes me freak out. Other days, its dryer and flakier, but nothing compared to a "full on" yeast discharge. Is this still considered a "yeast infection?"
The weird thing is I never have an itch, so I usually check my CM daily. Is it normal to have this small amount in discharge, or is it a sign on an underlying problem? I have been to the gyno and he has prescribed me creams but they did not work so i stick with boric acid. I look at CM pictures online and although they look like mine, I am always very anxious about letting it be. :( Thanks for your help

Read more at VaginaPagina: http://vaginapagina.livejournal.com/#ixzz45vdJRp5I
I have had BV / bacterial vaginosis for 8 years after receiving oral sex. Since then I have had many test,maybe 10 doctors, clear pap smears,hundreds of dollars in “cures” or appointments. I have taken many pills,supplements,homemade cures to try to cure.Most recently I tried Genitan Violet, it pretty much burned 3 treatments in, in my labia minora and the smell is already coming back…Some of these helped for the time i used them, but as soon as I stopped it came right back Since then I have had no sexual contact with any one because what man would want a person who smells like rotten meat, ammonia, or fish .. one of my many smells which I have had every day without cease for 8 goddamn years..But I must admit I did quit for months on end because it was draining my pocketbook and so damn depressing i’m a 27 year old virgin thanks to this beside the oral sex. before the sexual encounter i had never even had a yeast infection let alone any sort of smell.. can someone help me? I’d like to have a healthy sex life or even a chance at love, but if I can’t even get rid of this smell I may as well prepare for no kids,or marriage or any kind of intimate life

here is the list of everything i have tried

  1. FOLIC ACID (2014-16)


  3. MONISTAT  (2009)

  4. GARLIC (2015)


    • ACCURAFLORA (2012)

    • FEMDOPHILIUS (2015)

    • YOGURT(2009,2015)

  6. ZINC(2015)


  8. AMOXICILLIN (2008)

  9. AZO (2009,2011)

  10. REPHRESH (2009)

  11. VINEGAR (2014,2015)

  12. PEROXIDE (2015)

  13. DOUCHING (2015)

  14. CLINDAMICYIN (2013)

  15. FLAGYL (2008)

  16. DIFICULAN (2008)



  19. BAKING SODA (2015)

  20. Fluconazole (2009)

  21. Miconazole nitrate (2009)

  22. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (2014,2015)

  23. WATER (2014,2015)

  24. EPSOM SALT BATHS (2015)

  25. DIET CHANGES (2008-2015)

  26. TEA TREE OIL (2014)

  27. NORFORMS (2015)


  29. GENITAN VIOLET - (2016)

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