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So let me start by saying that I have no idea how likely it is that I have genital herpes since I've only ever been with my current boyfriend and I know for a fact that he hasn't cheated on me, but I'm still paranoid. For the past two months during low estrogen parts of my cycle (such as immediately after ovulation and right before my period), I've been getting these cracks where my labia majora and minora meet. It's always on the left side, and it only itches in that one spot. The cracks burn and it hurts to pee, but they heal whenever I use trimicilone (doubt that is spelled right) 1%, which my doctor gave to me when I had a really bad yeast infection back in February. I think my boyfriend may have gotten it in his mouth because ever since I had that yeast infection, his tongue has looked exactly like it has oral thrush (white and fuzzy). Is it possible that a yeast infection can go away and keep coming back like this? What worries me is that when these cracks appear, my left hip will feel warm to the touch, which I know can be a sign of herpes. My boyfriend has never shown any symptoms of genital or oral herpes, and I had oral herpes as a kid but I don't think I've had an outbreak in years. My OBGYN won't give me the herpes blood test because she believes that these cracks are just yeast or stress related, and even said to me, "If you had herpes, you'd know. You'd have blisters." I've been watching this journal for awhile now and decided to post here because y'all seem to be knowledgable about stuff like this :) These cracks have never scabbed over or anything, and always go away after I use the ointment she gave me back in february. Would trimicinolone work on a herpes outbreak? Sorry this post is so scattered!
So my doctor over the phone said i probably ruptured a cyst. Its now day 3 and i have began bleeding externally...has anyone dealt with a cyst popping? I'm so nervous. She said that its not an emergancy unless i hemmorage which i don't think i am?
11:33 pm - 05/28/2015

ovarian cyst burst?

hello all-
during the day yesterday i felt sensitivity/pain in my lower abdomen which is usually a warning that my ovarian cysts are acting up and ill be in some pain. usually it goes away, i dont take BC or anything to help control them. that night my boyfriend and I had sex, but during it i felt really sharp pain and we had to stop. i almost couldnt move/walk, my lower abdom. hurt so bad. i layed on the bed and took advil for 20 min, then got into a hot bath. i felt alot better, but now this morning i still feel pain. it almost feels like the cyst pain AND a gas pain at the same time if possible.... also if this has anything to do with it, i did feel air trapped inside me during sex so the combo of the cysts and air inside me really was hurting me. im a little worred though, i still feel very bloated. could the cyst have popped/should i have gone to my dr.??
7:49 am - 05/27/2015

Sensitive clit/vagina?


I have a history of yeast infection and BV. Both and/or either have been happening once in a while since last September.

Last month I saw my doctor because of vaginal discharge and itching. She prescribed me with anti-biotics for BV and yeast infection. She told me to take the BV meds but not the yeast meds. She instructed I keep the yeast meds as back up in case the symptoms persist or come back since often yeast is best friends with BV. The symptoms went away.

I had my period 2 weeks ago. No new symptoms, everything is fine for a week. Last Saturday, I have sex with my boyfriend but we have to stop because penetration is painful. It burns. The following day my vagina is still burning slightly, but on the 2nd day after that, it's gone.

Now since this Monday, my clitoris has been SUPER sensitive. I'm sitting here and I can feel it bothering me. I have no itching, my vagina is normal color and there are no discharge. I know that the sensitiveness can be symptom of yeast infection, so I took the back up yeast prescription I got from my doctor yesterday (Tuesday) morning. But there hasn't been any improvement since. I can definitely feel like the entrance of my vagina is also sensitive.

I took a bath of warm water with baking soda last night. This has helped me get rid of BV and yeast symptoms in the past. But still no improvement.

I've been going to my doctors every 2 months since September for BV and yeast. But never once did I feel discomfort when it came down to my clitoris.

My boyfriend and I have both been tested for STI/STD and we have both received negative results. I'm on OBC, have been for 10 years.

What's going on now? Should I be looking into/experiencing something else?

Everytime it feels like my sex life is finally returning to normal, something else comes up. I just want my vagina and life to return to normal. I never had this many problems in my life before. This is driving me crazy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
11:38 pm - 05/26/2015

STD Worry

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of three years. We were not working out for various reasons, so I decided to break it off instead of dragging it along longer.

I wasn't sure how I felt about the breakup, but then I found out that sometime during our relationship, he cheated on me and had sex with another girl. I found this out from multiple other people, and although I don't have too much information on it (I don't know if I want more, honestly), I know it was 'a while ago'- I'm thinking at least six months ago.

I'm slightly worried about STDs. We didn't use condoms during our relationship, and I don't think he used any with this person - he doesn't like them. I can't be sure, though, so I'm going to get tested soon. I haven't noticed any symptoms, but it would make sense to get tested anyway because I can't be sure until I get testing done.

If anyone could give me some information on how to get tested (we don't have a Planned Parenthood in my state, ND) and what happens when I do that, that would be useful.

Honestly, the fact that he cheated on me has made me feel really worthless, and I don't really know how to bring my self-esteem back up, so if anyone feels like sending me some good vibes, I'd appreciate that.

1:13 pm - 05/26/2015

Vulva Bump

Hi all!

So, a few days ago I felt as if I was starting to get a yeast infection from being hot and sweaty (I get them a lot). I was planning on swimming that day so I decided to wait and treat it afterwards. I swam and then I lounged around in my suit for about four hours. When it home I had a hard bump on my inner labia, right at the bottom of my bagina where the lips run back together. At first I didn't freak out as I saw an immediate cause (sitting around in my swimsuit), but now I can't get it out of my head. I think it is because if it is an STI of some sort, I'm dealing with being a bit broken hearted over the last person I slept with and my residual upset feelings are manifesting as worry.

So, have any of you ladies experienced something similar? I just feel very freaked out because I (of course) googled and read all about how HSV can feel like a yeast infection. (as far as that goes, I have some itchiness and a little burning all around the vaginal opening and some white bread smelling discharge. Pretty standard for my yeasties.)
How quickly can someone get pregnant again after giving birth? How long does it take for the body to get a regular cycle going again, etc.?

This is a theoretical question at this point, I'm just curious.
7:45 pm - 05/25/2015

Not able to orgasm

Hi everyone,

I'm kind of at my wit's end here. I'm 29, cis hetero female, almost 30 and I've never been able to have an orgasm. I've been masturbating since I was a kid, I've tried all sorts of tricks (shower head, vibrator...), I've had 4-5 sexual partners, and while I enjoy sex/touching/oral, I've never been able to come. I don't even know what it feels like to come. I seem to get close and then it just never happens. My partners have all told me it felt like I was about to come and then for some reason I didn't.

I don't think my clitoris is overly sensitive, or maybe the hood is quite thick. I find shaving helps a lot, but that irritates my vulva and often leads to BV and ingrowns, so I try to minimise the shaving. I've been looking into getting a VCH piercing, as apparently they can help a lot, but worry that it could make my issues even worse. I don't know what else to try.

Any advice?
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