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1:01 pm - 05/23/2017

1st Time User of Diva Cup

So I bought a Diva cup researched folds to use and then tried practicing for a half hour. I checked with my finger to see if it was up all the way and if any "dent" were in it,none could be found. Also checked to see if cervix could be felt couldn't find it so thought that was a good thing. The question is I didn't hear the "popping" sound ppl say you hear but when pulling it out I could feel a pull and a slight pop. I normally use instead cups so I thought I'd give this a try but not sure if I have the cup high enough so there wont be any leaks. How high exactly does it need to be? The stem is just inside my lips and I'm seriously thinking of cutting that thing off. My period is supposed to be coming Saturday(if I calculated it right) and was hoping to get the jest of it. Any advice?
10:02 pm - 05/19/2017

USA State Fair

Biggest State Fair of USA? what do you think?

Kannesaw State Fair
Ohio State Fair
Indiana State Fair
None of Above
7:01 pm - 05/03/2017

Herpes or pimple?

So I am having the usual "shit I found a bump moment". I found 2 bumps while wiping today on the left side of my vagina. They are about a half inch apart. They are fairly hard bumps that didn't hurt until I squeezed them. Puss and liquid came out of both. One is still raised and hard and the other has flattened out more(flatter one had more liquid come out). Anyone who has herpes, do they ever present as painless deep bumps like I described. I was diagnosed HSV-1 via blood test but unknown location as I've never actually experienced an ulcer.
Hello all, I'm posting with a question about the pill and I guess to see if anyone else has had a similar experience. I was on the pill for around twelve years (since the age of fifteen) for heavy, painful periods and acne. Over the last three years I have been prescribed Yasmin which I have found to be very effective. Around four months ago I decided to come off of the pill to give my body a break and to see if my periods and acne would have settled any with age (I'm now 27). My periods were extremely regular after coming off of the pill - the first began after 28 days, the second after 28 days, the third after 31 days and the fourth after 28 days. My periods have been heavier than usual but not as heavy as they were before. However, my skin has gotten noticeabley worse but that's not the issue I'm writing about today.

The issue is that during my second natural period I was floored with a cold. Then during my third natural period I picked up another cold, although not as bad as the month previous. I'm now in the midst of my fourth natural period and I have yet another cold which feels as bad as the first one I picked up. Admittedly my stress levels have been higher due to completing my university degree this month. I have also put on around 20lbs in about eight months and so my BMI is sitting at around 30, which is something I'm currently working on. Is the fact I'm picking up colds during my period every month a coincidence? I'm actually considering going back on the pill if it will prevent this happening for a fourth month. I work full-time and cannot afford time off work, alongside the general inconvenience of becoming unwell.

Information/advice/similar experiences would be most welcome, thank you.
12:36 pm - 04/29/2017

vaginal soreness

Hi, I am so tired of vaginal soreness. I have had it on and of for a while. Sometimes yeast will culture out and sometimes it's BV. Sometimes it's nothing. Have had a white discharge at times which I just found out is totally normal. I am 51 and had a hysterectomy at age 45. I am doing bioidentical hormones. Because of the yeast etc, I have douched with iodine, used garlic etc etc. I am thinking my mucus membranes are just irritated or that it's hormone imbalance. Sex makes it feel better so I know it's not a drying of the tissue. PH always tests normal.

Just wondering if anyone else has had these type of symptoms??

Last night my boyfriend and I had protected sex twice within an hour or so using a spermicidal insert and condoms. All went well the first time; he ejaculated, urinated, and we were back at it with a new condom within 15-20 min. He didn't ejaculate the 2nd time but upon withdrawal the condom slipped off! Sorry for possible TMI, but I really had to fish it out of there and could barely reach.
I freaked out and immediately inserted a second spermicidal insert within 1-2 minutes of it happening or so. I'm also possibly at a fertile time being 13 days from my expected period.

He's reassuring me that it's likely fine since he didn't ejaculate that second time, peed prior, and I still had the effects of the first spermicidal insert (Encare brand if anyone is familiar with it) but knowing me I'm still going to worry myself sick.

What do you guys think? Is the risk great enough to warrant Plan B?

Edit: I ended up taking plan B the next afternoon within 24 hours of the incident. Spotted slightly that evening after taking the pill. And I had only used an insert the first time we had intercourse not the second. But I did indeed put in a second insert right away after the condom fell off. Still pretty worried, should I be?
I am leaving for Hawaii tomorrow, and I live in Wisconsin. It is a 5 hour time difference(Hawaii is 5 hours behind Wisconsin).

I usually take my birth control around 10-11pm, which would be around 5-6pm. Since it is considered "early" compared to when I usually take it in Wisconsin, is it okay to take it then? It would be easier for me to take it when I usually take it between 10-11pm, since that is when I go to bed, but that is 3am Wisconsin time and 5 hours later. When is better to take it?

I will also be starting a new pack on Sunday, so just have to take Saturdays on the plane. It is okay to start the new pack at a different time?

I realized this is really last minute, something that didn't occur to me until now.

Any help ASAP would help!!

edit: I am also skipping my off week to start a new pack, since I don't want my period while on vacation.
I also tried posting in a different community but not sure how active that is. Hopefully someone can answer my questions!

Edit: I think if I take it between 5pm-7pm(Hawaiin time), I should be okay still, right? That is 10pm-12am Wisconsin time.
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