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Hello. I'm looking for help for a friend. She was diagnosed today with genital herpes, and is in a lot of pain (this is her first outbreak). However, she's finding that the cost for the medication (Valtrex) is out of her reach ($400, even after insurance). I'm wondering if anyone knows of an assistance program for that medication. I've advised her to call her doctor and ask them, but she's distraught over this so I'm not sure she will.

On that note, does anyone have any tips for how to talk to her boyfriend about this? He's something of a health-nut/germaphobe, so she's even more worried he'll leave her than she might have been were he not. Either one could have given it to the other, as both were sexually active for a number of years before meeting (though they've been exclusive for over a year).

Thank you for any help that you can offer.
Hey, all.

So I have a question. I have endometriosis and have been on depo for around two and a half years due to chocolate cysts (endometriosis cysts, basically) and endometriosis scarring. I had horrible, horrible pain during my period.

I want to get off of depo soon(ish) so that my husband and I can try to have a baby, but I'm honestly terrified of having a period again and having to deal with the pain.

Just wondering who has been on depo for endometriosis and then wanted to get pregnant and how they went about it. I am hoping it's possible to outsmart my body and get pregnant before having a period, but not sure that is possible. I don't think anyone (my family and my husband) understands how afraid I am of dealing with the pain of a period again and how it really screws up my body.

I am also not sure when to stop depo and start trying. I'm 33 and my husband will be 35 soon, so we are not getting any younger, and would probably like to have a baby in at least two years. I am actually just graduating from nursing school in December, so I thought it would be good to work for a half a year to a year before getting pregnant.

Any thoughts, ideas, whatever, I would greatly appreciate it.

I'm just a little torn about the whole thing and wondering what everyone else has done that's gone through something similar.

Thanks so much!
9:50 pm - 11/28/2016

colposcopy and odor

Hi Everyone,
I had my first colposcopy in September, when I got my period a couple of weeks later I had a strong vaginal odor, similar to BV. I didn't opt to go in for a test because the pain of the colpo was very stressful and I wanted to give myself a break. My MD said she would call in BV treatment, but then the odor resolved on it's own over the course of my period. Now I have my period again and I have the same foul odor again. I figured the first time around that my period was pushing all the stuff from the colpo out, but I would think that by now I have a whole new uterine lining to shed and everything should be flushed through!  Has anyone heard of this recurring foul vaginal odor from a colpo?
Thanks in advance!
2:16 pm - 11/26/2016

paragard, part ii

hello! i'm back again. in my last entry i talked about my problems with hormonal birth control – specifically eczema – and i'm happy to report that they've gotten much, much better in just the 2.5 months i've been off hbc.

i had a paragard inserted a couple weeks ago, and it was partially expelled within five days. i don't really know why this happened, but i do fit the profile for a copule risk factors (i'm under 20 and have never had a baby). i didn't have any unusual cramping even before it was expelled – i just checked the strings, realized i could feel the knot at the base of the IUD, and had to get it removed the next day. (apparently it was hanging halfway out my cervix by the time i got to the doctor's office. yay!)

so i'm going to get another one in a few weeks, once i'm on my period again. do any of you have advice for what i should do to possibly help myself not expel it again? i realize it might be out of my hands completely, so if it is, even just some words of encouragement would help.

it's so melodramatic of me, but i feel genuinely heartbroken about this. i can't, can't, can't go back on hormones again, but the non-hormonal options are so thin on the ground. my partner and i already use condoms and were looking forward to (safely) cutting back on them once i got the IUD. if it gets expelled again my doctor says a third isn't worth it. so i guess a diaphragm?? sponges??

maybe it's just 'how i feel,' but this feels like a really devastating problem.

thanks for any support you can provide.

- sb
1:33 am - 11/20/2016

What the..????

To provide a basic intro...

I'm 38 years old, mom to a three year old girl that we conceived naturally. (only pregnancy ).  I went on Mirena a couple years ago, and had it taken out in April 2016 due to unwanted side effects.  I didn't start getting periods again until around June or July which the doctor said was normal. I'm not on any hormonal BC .

My last period was September 11 and I haven't had one since. Numerous HPT are negative.

I've had a history of irregular periods and this has happened before, but I'm wondering if this could be early menopause? I don't seem to have other symptoms. I also read stories of women that had negative HPT and were still pregnant and it freaks me out, although I know that possibility is incredibly remote and this is rare.

I'm going to see my doctor, just wanted to know your thoughts.
10:29 pm - 11/17/2016


So, last week I went to the gyno because I'd been experiencing a lot of abdominal pain as well as having a burning sensation in my girly bits. I suspected I might have either BV or a YI, as I get those frequently, but both came back negative. She aslo checked my IUD placement and it is fine. I did however come back with ureaplasma. I was stunned. From what I understand it appears to be mostly transferred through sex, but seeing as how I have now been over a year without sex, and in that year had been tested previously that was not the case. She did say, it could have been transferred simply by somoene who unknowingly having the disease sneezing on/near me.

She gave me an antibiotic, but it is a dulled down version because of all of the stupid medical allergies I have.

I have researched as much as possible, but with not much result. If anyone on here has personally had it or knows more about it, I'd appreciate any you can give.

So about three weeks ago I went to the gynecologist to consult with her about some BV symptoms (discharge + odor) I’ve been having for several years. She told me it sounded like it could be BV, and since we were both pretty sure it wasn’t an STI she asked me if I wanted a prescription for Metronidazole before getting the cultures back. I said yes, since I was fed up with the symptoms, and I picked it up at the pharmacy that same day and began the course. I took it for 7 days, 500mg 2x a day. The first day I noticed great improvement (still had discharge but no odor at all), and for about three days I felt great. However, about 4 days into it, the symptoms were starting to come back. The discharge and the odor were diminished, but each day it seemed like it was having less of an effect.

After I finished the 7-day course, the symptoms were only slightly better than when I had started. I purchased a female probiotic with 90 billion live active cultures and started taking it 2 days after I finished the medication. The next day I noticed an amazing improvement, and each day it seemed to be getting better. I didn’t want to jinx myself and get too excited, but it had been the longest a treatment had worked for me. However, about 10 days into it, I got closer to my period and the odor was getting progressively worse, and by the time I got my period it was about the same as before any treatment. Once again I was disheartened – for once I was starting to feel like a normal person who could have sex without feeling self conscious, and now it seems like it has gone down the drain again.

I’m still on my period now, and today I got the results for the cultures and to my great surprise, I tested negative for all of the BV indicative bacteria. The lactobacillus panel came back negative for L.crispatus and L.gasseri, both of which are the bacteria associated with a healthy vagina. So what I am gathering is that I do not need to KILL any bad bacteria, but rather recolonize with the kind in which I am deficient. Many probiotics contain L.gasseri, including the one I was taking, but L.crispatus is not available anywhere as far as my searches have led me. I’ve found many (currently ongoing) studies on L.crispatus with promising results on human subjects, but it is still unavailable to buy. What can I do?! Anyone else have a similar problem? I technically don’t have BV, but I have the symptoms and there’s no way for me to obtain the bacteria that my body needs more of. I am so frustrated ☹

If you read this all the way through, THANK YOU! And thank you so much if you contribute!
Hi everyone,

I was recently diagnosed with molloscum contagiosum in various places on my body, including my genital region, and recently had cryotherapy to burn off the lesions. It appears to have started on my arm and spread all over through me using towels, but I can't be sure. I will be going back this Friday to burn off new lesions that have appeared. I thought this was all under control and was assured that it will eventually clear up, so I just carried on with my life and tried not to think about it too much.

A few days ago, I noticed a pain down there. I didn't think too much of it at first, because I often get random pain like that, particularly around where my inner and outer labia meet (I have 'outie' inner labia - not huge, but they stick out and are easily irritated when I wear skinny jeans or tight pants, which I often do). I can't recall now how long I had the pain, whether it was one day or two days, but eventually I felt the need to take a look with a mirror. I wasn't really expecting to see anything other than some redness/irritation so I was quite shocked to see a pretty big pink bump on my outer labia near the vaginal opening, maybe the size of a pea, or a little bigger, with even more swelling around it. It felt tender to touch (and was the source of my pain). Because of its location, I thought it was maybe a Bartholin cyst or something like that. I had a brief worry that it could be herpes, but there were no blisters or sores as such, just a rather angry looking pink bump.

I looked again yesterday and the swelling seemed to have gone down a lot, but there seemed to be something in the middle of the bump - a scab maybe, as if whatever it was had possibly burst or drained. Today, it looks similar, but the pain has almost gone now and it only hurts if I press on it directly. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? If it's relevant, I haven't shaved recently at all, and I have been wearing underwear to bed for several weeks on the advice of my dermolologist (to reduce the chance of the molluscum spreading more), so the area has not really been aired out at all. Any advice? 
10:45 am - 11/12/2016

Painful sex after BV

Hey everyone! I had an unfortunate case of bacterial vaginosis for the first time about a month ago. I was also really sick with some kind of flu or infection or something, at the same time.
At first I thought it was a yeast infection so I took Monistat 1-day. I probably shouldn't have done that before seeing my doctor but I've had yeast infections before so I thought I knew what to do. Anyway, the Monistat didn't help (obviously) and I don't know if I had some kind of reaction to it or what, but all of the skin around my vulva (on the outside) became super dry and was flaking off for DAYS! So weird.
So I finally got to a doctor and they took a sample and told me it was BV. They prescribed me Metronidazole and the infection went away after a week or a little less. (Skin finally went back to normal too...)

Anyway, so my issue now is that ever since, it's been kind of painful to have sex. Not painful enough that I can't do it, but sometimes it just feels uncomfortable and I'm often sore after. Definitely can't do it more than once in a few hour span like I used to be able to. My boyfriend is pretty well endowed so I'm used to feeling sore occasionally but it's just different since the BV. It's gotten better--right after I got rid of the infection it was impossible, way too painful. But it's still not back to normal.

Potentially relevant details: I've been on the same birth control pill for about 2.5 years and have been exclusive with my boyfriend for about the same amount of time. Never had kids or been pregnant. I also have HSV1 and was worried at first that was it (I've only shown symptoms once...about a year ago) but I didn't see anything and the pain was only during sex.
Has anyone else had this problem? I've researched and found info about painful sex with BV, but not after BV.
Thanks for reading!
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