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Wow, it's been exactly a year since I last posted here and it's still related! This is gonna be long, so I apologize in advance.

My ex messaged me that I seriously needed to go get checked for BV, because he basically infected his girlfriend. He'd cheated on her with me for about a month, but I realized I needed to be completely done with him so I sent his girlfriend a long email and copied him in it. I know I'm a terrible person, and not a day passes that I don't regret my actions but it's all in the past now. Anyways, he sent me this "heads up" about 2 weeks later. I asked if he was sure it was from me and he said yes, he smelt the "fishy smell" the last time we had sex. At the time, I remember thinking I smelt "weird" but I chalked it up to having just come off my period.

As elaborated in my last post I've had BV before, and I basically got it because this same ex and I had anal-to-vaginal sex. My vagina smelt all types of rotten (but not fishy, interestingly enough) and I went to the gyno praying it was a lost tampon or something, only for my worst fears to be confirmed. Went on metrogel, used femdophilus, hydrogen peroxide, folic acid, acv acidophilus capsules, vitamin c... all the works, because I was determined for it not to recur.

Over the past year, my discharge has been mostly normal. Sometimes, it smells a bit off, usually like mild plain greek yogurt, but i figure that's more good than bad because yogurt has a lot of the "good" bacteria for the vagina anyways. Other times it seems like my discharge smells a bit strong but i'm a little paranoid about my smell so it's possible it's all in my head. However, I had a fwb over the summer and occasionally when we had sex, I'd get a whiff of a smell... not necessarily unpleasant, but weird all the same. Also, lately my periods have been smelling rather strong and almost bad, particularly on the last/old blood spotting days (which is what I thought the smell my ex was referring to was). I've most certainly not had the extremely foul smell that gave me grief this time last year.

Anyways, I went to my school's gyno yesterday for a BV test but ended up getting checked for everything- trich, yeast, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV. Everything came back negative, so I'm thankful... but I'm a bit confused/curious. I got tested a day before my period, so I reckon if I do infact have BV triggered by hormone related pH imbalance it would have shown in the tests, right? Is it possible that I do have BV, but it's lurking somehow?

I'm asking because I do think it's very possible the girlfriend got it from me, because when I had it last year she was in the picture (at the time, he was cheating on me with her. yeah, such a lovely person.) I don't think he ever took any antibiotics till after this time around when he apparently infected her. It is entirely possible that he got it from me the first time, passed it on to her, and she went undiagnosed till she went to get tested after I reached out to her. But wouldn't I have gotten reinfected too? Please advise.
11:11 am - 11/23/2015

Boric acid how-to guide?

Hi VPers!

I wanted to see if someone could point me to an resource or success story about long-term success managing BV with boric acid. Also, can anyone recommend a specific boric acid brand I could order from Amazon?

Here's what's going on: I started using boric acid last spring after being diagnosed with BV for the 2nd time in 3 months. I've been really happy with it and have typically used it 1-2 nights after my period ends (big trigger for me), and have also been asking my partner to pull out since I know semen can be a trigger as well. My pH typically hovers around 4.5 (highest in 'normal' range - I wish it were lower). I've gotten sick of the pulling out thing and wanted to be able to stop doing that... well, after a very sexy weekend I'm feeling a little BVish (noticing a slight odor) and am frustrated once again that I can't seem to keep it at bay.

Any guidance on long-term maintenance/officially kicking this would be immensely helpful. I'm also taking Jarrow fem-dophilus probiotics 1-2x per day, if that helps at all.

Thanks, everyone. This site is the best women's health resource out there. <3
12:23 am - 11/22/2015

Very dry, sore vulva.

Hey everyone!

In July I had a mild yeast infection so I decided to buy a OTC anti fungal cream, this got rid of the infection however I seem to have taken some reaction to it. My labia minora is extremely irritated. My skin is dry and shriveled, I seem to have hard patches of skin on both sides of my labia, they look like a rash. My labia is also very swollen, itchy and sore, it burns at times when I pee and I have noticed an increased amount of discharge, but it's not a strange color and there is no foul smell to it. I'll wake up in the morning some days feeling very sore, it's been so bad that it's made me cry a few times.

I've stopped using any products when washing, no soaps, no shower gel, etc but no matter what I do I can't get my symptoms to go away. My doctor suggested using a barrier cream like Epiderm but I found that just caused more irritation.

I'm not sure how irritation from a product can last this long and I don't want to self diagnose, so I will be bringing it up with a doctor again but I was curious if anyone has suffered from this type of thing and if they found anything that helped?

Thank you!
Protected sex three-ish weeks ago. No rips in the condom, he didn't even ejaculate near me, never mind inside... Couldn't be knocked up.

No symptoms of period, just light cramping and lower back pains but I usually have them server and now they're mild and come and go.

My period used to change dates, eg: Start of month, then the middle of the month and then it kinda settled between the 18-29th. No period yet, so basically three days late...

I've READ (Doesn't say I believe) that first time sex can change cycles or knock your hormones out of balance so it pushes your period back a couple of days...

I'm 16, have a YI... My diet isn't the best tho, I probably only eat once a day and that's been going on for 3-ish months. My weight has been going up and down, since I diet, lose weight then forget about diet and put on 1 or 2 pounds... :( Any ideas???

I can seriously read an amazing bit of advice, saying I'm late due to stress and feel better but then I re-think about it and then back to stressing again. I'm just full of anxiety. Even now writing I'm thinking of it... >.< I don't regret the sex, please don't say "You shouldn't of had sex if you can't deal with the consequences" because if I was pregnant I'm sure I'd be able to deal with it in some way... And I'm 99% sure you can't get pregnant if you use an extra safe condom and he doesn't even ejaculate near you.

I just need some advice because nothing other people say (on other sites) work, like seriously they just say "i doubt youre pregnant" and i appreciate that but it doesn't help me at all and it stresses me out even more! I can't tell anyone yet, they'll just say "oh yeah pregnant" and get so mad at me and that'd stress me out even more, things aren't good at home and before I spend money and time going to the doctors (I should do that I know) I'd rather just see if I'm being stupid over something
Hi VPers - apologies if this has been posted before or if indeed I have posted it before! I have a shit memory, and this isn't a new problem for me.

I've been with my partner for 8+ years, we have a 9 month old baby, life is good. Except for the sex part. I've never been hugely interested in sex. I was in the beginning of our relationship, and in past relationships, but to be honest I'm not sure if that's because I was genuinely interested or because I thought I should be interested, if that makes sense.

Anyway for the last couple of years we've had sex maybe once a month. More or less depending on whatever is happening in our lives. He complains about it a lot, and every now and then I try and up the ante but it eventually dwindles back down to the usual infrequency.

However it's getting to a stage where we often fight about it and I've been with him so long and am so tired from being mum all day that I can't even be bothered pretending like I want to have sex. He can't understand why I'm never in the mood, and I can't either. I take care of myself occasionally, and sometimes I fantasize about whatever so I know I'm not completely dead in the sexual department, but I just really cbf having sex and it's ruining my relationship.

(Have tried watching porn, using toys, foreplay...etc. But it's like I have to be in the mood to even do that. Like I'd rather be folding laundry or something. Is there something wrong with me?!)
10:16 pm - 11/19/2015

Labia majora irritation

Hello all! I don't think I've ever posted here before.

For about 4-6 weeks, I've been experiencing irritation on a specific portion of my labia majora - if you're standing up, it's the bit directly facing the floor. It feels a lot like chafing or dryness (with occasional mild itching), but it's not especially red, and it looks normal. No pain anywhere else or weirdness anywhere else, though I had a weird amount of discharge/possible bowel leakage for two weeks around Halloween, which has since cleared up. I'm a 27-year-old cis woman, not sexually active, and have only had one previous sexual partner six years ago. Plenty of normal gyno visits since.

I first noticed the chafing feeling after I'd started biking more (I've since stopped) and started wearing tights almost every day because it got cold outside. Other things that had changed in my routine at the time were I tried a new personal lubricant or two (also stopped using that five weeks ago), went a little germophobic and used too much detergent for a couple loads of laundry, started wearing pantyliners almost daily, started a job with really cheap toilet paper in the bathrooms, and tried a new brand of underwear.

I feel like it's probably one or more of those things, but since it hurts just to touch it, and is generally a pain in the neck to deal with, I figured I should see if anyone has any other thoughts.

I'd go to the doctor, but my insurance won't cover a thing until I hit my deductible and I'd rather not go until my wellness exam in Feb unless I have to.
I posted a few months ago: http://vaginapagina.livejournal.com/22247981.html

I've been trying to use Boric acid to get rid of the bv/yeast. I have not been back to the doctor.

I've used the suppositories for up to two weeks. One in the morning, one at night. It never seems to fully get rid of the infection. My vagina ends up feeling dry and the yeast is still there. There's always slight sour smell. If I stop using the suppositories the infection comes back at full force. (Blah, blah vaginal pH imbalance=never-ending cycle of hell.) I've tried taking acidophilus pills after stopping the suppositories to help rebalance things but I'm pretty sure they're not doing anything.

I haven't tried using the suppositories for more than two weeks straight. I have no idea how long I should be using them or whether or not using them for three weeks or more would be okay.

I don't know what to do. I'm about ready to try douching. I feel so hopeless. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.
9:20 pm - 11/17/2015

Condom Question

Ok so just wondering can condoms cause you to get uti/yeast infection? I was taking birth control pills for 7 years I quit taking them back in September and been using condoms since! And ever since then I have had a really bad uti where I ended up in the ER with a iv and everything and now I am having problems with yeast infections! Anyone have this issue? We are married and would be fine having a little one but I was just curious to what eles we could use besides any condoms or birth control pills!
Hi all!

So I'm a bit confused what is happening with my body. I never had regular periods until I took Plan B in January and since then have had a pretty regular cycle. So last month I didn't get my period, but after being two weeks late, I had a rush of extremely dark brown discharge (?) that filled up about a tampon for a day or so and that was it. Same thing happened this month but it was more on time with my period. I haven't gotten and "period" symptoms but that's not unusual for me at all.

I am sexually active and am always safe. Is my body doing something weird with my period or is this a symptom of pregnancy? I have taken five pregnancy tests over the past month and all have been negative. I would go to the OBGYN but I don't have health insurance so I was hoping I could get a little guidance before I spend lots of money for something that might not be anything.

Has this happened to anyone else?
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