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12:03 pm - 08/30/2015

Constant burning

I really hope I am following the guidelines. Please accept this so I can find help..

I'm burning really bad and have been going through this for 3 months now since June. In June I was positive for both yeast and bacteria. No stds or HIV. Was negative for herpes..gonnorea..syphilis and trich. I started to take diflucan(anti fungal) and metro(antibiotic). None if it was helping or so i thought because the itching and burning continues.. I even started the candida diet and supplements.. the diet lasted 15 days as i saw no results and was losing to much weight. I finally get a obgyn appointment.. she was very rude.. she did not want to help.. a week passes by and I decide to call the office to see if my cultures have came in. I was negative for yeast and bacteria! This means I healed it! But why am I burning more than ever?! No more itching but so much burning its painful! I never even had a discharge or even smell to begin with.. but just constant burning. Im depressed more than ever.. Im putting my two week notice in at my job.. Im in so much discomfort its painful! I cant work anymore.. i cant stop crying in agony.. this is consuming my life! Ive been to 9 doctors now! Obgyns dont want to help and one infectious disease doctor told me its all in my head!

Things ive tried and think it is under cut

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Whats going on with me?! Ive spent over 700 dollars on supplements food creams and medicine! How can i make this constant burn go away so i can not go through with the two weeks notice at work tomorrow! Im so depressed.. this is taking the life out of me.
I'm not sure how all of this works. I take microgynon and have withdrawal bleeds, but someone mentioned to me that those are not "real" periods. So I am curious as to whether a person can be pregnant and continue having withdrawal bleeds. Say I was to miss a pill or two, and fall pregnant without knowing it. Then I continued taking my pills as normal. Would I continue to have withdrawal bleeds between each pack of pills, or would those stop? Can a withdrawal bleed be used as proof I'm not pregnant, or can a person be pregnant and still keep bleeding?

I hope this made sense.

((Also, FYI, just letting people who commented on my last question know that I am not ignoring them and will respond soon, I'm just a little overwhelmed. I promise I appreciate your answers and will get back to you soon.))
2:26 am - 08/30/2015

Not sure what to do next?

Hi everyone, I've posted a few times about how I've been experiencing a lot of discomfort down there for near enough six months now. My main concern was discharge, it has been excessive and I've been having a lot of trouble as it soaks through my clothes. It's also extremely sticky, and it gets everywhere, I just feel like a sticky mess down there, it's horrible. I'm also experiencing dryness, my labia is swollen and I have rashes, soreness, itchiness and a burning and painful sensation after I urinate.

I tried treating myself for a Yeast Infection, it didn't work. I then visited the doctors for swab tests and nothing has come up. It's really confusing, I was told it's probably just hormonal and I was given birth control to try, but I'm really not sure. The doctor did try to do a PH test and then told me she could not because there was no discharge, this confused me because I felt very, very wet. I've noticed that sometimes the "discharge" can be really thin and watery and smells like urine, so I'm not sure if it could be related to that? but other times it's sticky and smells yeasty.

I'm worried about going back to the doctors only to be told I'm over reacting or there's nothing there. It's really took a toll on me as I've been feeling really under the weather because of it, I haven't really been going out as much because it causes me so much discomfort and I'd really like to just go out and enjoy myself without worrying about ruining my clothes or feeling unclean. I'm frightened that it will affect future relationships, as I think I'm nearing my first proper relationship and I'm worried that I won't be able to be intimate.

I feel like it's a Yeast Infection even though nothing is working for me and the tests are coming back negative but I really do not where to go from here. I'm so uncomfortable, I'd really appreciate any advice! Thank you!
8:52 pm - 08/29/2015

Strange bleeding

Hello everyone,
I was active here for years back when I was in college and was so excited to see that the community is still active! I'm hoping someone might have some info or experience with an issue I'm having. I can't seem to find anything about it anywhere else on the internet.

I am 31 years old, and my husband and I recently started to stop using protection, as we are open to starting a family. We used just condoms and the pull out method for years. The first time we had unprotected sex and he didn't pull out a couple months ago, I noticed a bit of blood the next day on my TP every time I wiped. It lasted a day or two. I just chalked that up to some old blood that maybe got stirred up and didn't think much of it. Now, 2 days ago, on my cycle day 15, we had unprotected sex and didn't pull out and I saw the blood again immediately after, when I went to the bathroom. Two days later, I am still having blood mixed with cm (and probably semen?) every time I wipe. It ranges from red to brown and is definitely not my period. The bleeding definitely seems to be directly related to ejaculating inside me. I should also mention that we had unprotected sex 6 days ago also, on my cycle day 11. And my predicted ovulation day is tomorrow.

Some info about my health/history:
I've never been pregnant. My periods are pretty irregular (ranging from 28-44 days), but average around 31 days. I found out I have some ovarian cysts last year, but my OB wasn't very concerned after a couple transvaginal ultrasounds. I have suspicions that I could have mild endometriosis because of the irregular but painful periods and strange pains at other times in my cycle, but since you can't really be formally diagnosed without being cut open, I don't know for sure. And for the past 8ish years, I skip a period once a year, but never at the same time of year. I do want to have children.

Has anyone else experienced or know anything about this 'postcloital bleeding' that is directly related to the ejaculation? Does it seems like something I should be concerned enough about go to my OB? I've already had my annual visit and insurance doesn't cover more, but obviously will go if it seems like a big enough problem.

Any and all related feedback is welcome! Thank you!!
6:20 pm - 08/29/2015

Cipro for possible UTI

Has anyone ever used cipro for a uti, if so how long did it take to feel relief?

It hasn't been confirmed as a uti uet, but I've been experiencing urges of frequency, a constant burning feeling above my pubic bone, sharp pain/cramping, no real pain when I pee though. It feels like I'm not completely emptying my bladder either.

Anyways the Dr took a sample and is going to culture it and also tested for all stds (even though I'm 99% sure they are coming back negative due to being in a relationship for 2 years)

She put me on cipro 500mg every 12 hours for 7 days. Does anyone have any experience with this? How long does it take so start experiencing relief?
6:20 pm - 08/28/2015

Bacterial Vagnosis? Discharge

Okay, I have had yeast infections, UTIs, and been diagnosed with bacterial vagnosis so many times through out the past 2 years. I have taken every kind of antibiotic and medicine to cure or help with symptoms for all of these. But I am still experiencing this white creamy discharge. I'm not sure if that is just my normal discharge or what. After I would take the medicine to treat one of the infections listed above I wouldn't have it for about 2 days and it would start right back up. You can really notice it after and during sex. I don't have a natural lubricant anymore since this started. It seems like the natural lube is that discharge. And it's hard to enjoy sex now. I mean it still feels good and everything, but it's not like what it used to be. I've went to the doctor about stickily this and they just prescribe me with one of the above infections. I don't have it for a couple of days after my period, but other than that it is just constant. It has no odor. Please help!
4:02 pm - 08/28/2015

Any help?

I have had 4 yeast infections now, and I've twigged that they only come after my boyfriend and I do stuff, (grinding ect) but he doesn't show signs of yeast infection but I seriously can't think of any other ways I could get it... I do take vitamins, but that wouldn't contribute would it?? I know parteners can transfer it backwards and forwards between each other.
What my real question is: Can he have a pill for yeast infection? And if he doesn't have it what would happen if he took the pill???
3:15 pm - 08/28/2015

Vulva skin problems

Please Vp-ers, you're my only hope. I just had a chat with my Sexual Health Clinic and the nurse gave me a very inspiring 'I have no idea what that could be'.

So here's my problem.

Every now and then the skin on my clitoris hood and clitoris has a little peel. It's very superficial and the worst that happens is that I get a few raw patches that are the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. My doctor prescribed hydrocortisone/anti-fungal cream to clear it up and it seems to happen on the monthly, usually when I've been stressed. It takes 4 or 5 days to clear up. Her verdict was that it could be dermatitis. I spoke to another gynecologist about it (and he was awful) and he thought it was lichen sclerosus. However it doesn't itch or hurt, and it certainly doesn't look like the photos I've seen so I'm skeptical about that.

For the above I've actually found that putting pawpaw ointment on can be helpful too, because the skin gets very dry.


I've had a look with a mirror at my vulva, more 'round where the entrace to my actual vagina is. I have a thick white coating around the area, and when I wipe it away (and play with it a bit, sigh) it actually has the consistency of skin. I can smooth it out and it's actually like a very thin layer of skin has come away.

Please help. Has anyone had anything similar? It is not thrush - I had swab test for it about a week ago and it was negative.
So ive been dealing with a horrible itch for a about a Year now! on my
vulva /rectum/anus. The itch is unbearable and im loosing hope.
I recently had a biopsy done to see whats going on on my vulva, Results came back normal,Im currently using an ointment for the itching called protopic it only calms the itching though, my Gyno mentioned to me that if the ointment doesnt work that i should treat myself for crabs.
Like really? i see no crabs on my pubes!how could i treat myself for that? i feel like shes giving up on me. She mentioned that crabs are sometimes hard to diagnose which i beleive is bullshit!
But anyway is it possible to have crabs that you cant see at all????
or if they live inside the skin?
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