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10:58 pm - 07/26/2016

Two questions

1. If I'm only taking birth control to hopefully lighten my periods some, do I need to take it at the same time every day?

2. It turns out one of the reasons my girlfriend hasn't wanted to engage in sexual activity with me for the better part of a year is that my vagina smells really bad. Which I was aware of (she said it didn't bother her but I guess that was a lie) but have been unable to fix. I assumed at first my BV was back, but it wasn't and isn't. My discharge is in ridiculous amounts and that seems to be the cause of the issue - it doesn't smell bad when it's fresh but once it's been sitting there for a little bit it starts to reek. I have a fibroid, endo and ovarian cysts so I assume my hormones are out of whack; could that be contributing? I'm at a loss. My last pap was normal. Besides the unpleasant smell, it's a really unpleasant feeling - always chilled and sore.
Crossposted to IUD-Divas, yes. O:> But no responses, alas! O:(

Figured I'd try VP since I had another day where I had some... troubling... cramping and then pink stained potty-paper (really light pink, but definitely pink there), I am narrow-eyed but was not with-it enough today to call the doctor. Lack of sleep sucks. And some minor cramping has started up this evening. O:p

TL;DR: how long should I expect to have cramping from a Paragard IUD if I have a uterus in retrograde retroverted uterus? Should I be just taking an ibuprofen when it happens, or should I be worried that my uterus position is putting me at more risk of perforation/embedding? (And thus be on the phone to the doctor on Monday Edit: tomorrow if I remember, or meandering down to Urgent Care.)

Here, I"ll just copy-pasta the rest from the IUD-Divas postCollapse )

10:58 pm - 07/16/2016

Hysterectomy Exeperience?

Hey team!
So we figured out the reason I've been leaking urine and had ER-levels of bleeding with my HBC off-week last month: it seems I've grown another massive fibroid, and after 15 years of the system as a whole trying to kill me the docs seem to <i>finally</i> agree the appropriate course of action is to remove this cursed organ from my body.  No more menses!  No more abnormal paps!  No change of pregnancy, no further growths, no more waiting to see what happens down the line... I mean, my ovaries are still a ticking time bomb, but as I'm still under 30 I can definitely see the benefits of not electively going through permanent menopause quite yet if that's at all possible.

Wondering about others' experience with hysterectomy.  My surgeon is very well-versed with vaginal hysterectomies as well, but given that I've never been pregnant and the softball-sized tumor chillin' out there is seems like we're going in laparoscopicly.  This leaves me with the option of keeping my cervix, which seems to mostly lead to downsides in my mind - possibility of ectopic pregnancy, possibility of continuing to menstruate, possibility of cervical fibroids and further LGSILs/worse... but my gyn has suggested that at least anecdotally in her experience, the added structure can help prevent prolapse down the line/give some further attachment point if there is a prolapse they have to surgically correct?  My research ar least suggests there's not actually a statistical difference between the two cases, though.

Did you keep your cervix?  Lose it?  How did you decide if you had a choice between the two, and how did it work out for you?  What was life like post-surgery?  What sort of procedure did you have, and what was the recovery like?  Did your ovaries lay low for a bit afterward?  Did you unexpectedly lose ovarian function post-hysterectomy?  What was bladder function like?  How was your vaginal lubrication?  What else should I be asking you, and what should I be asking my gyn and my surgeon?
Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone had experience with the birth control Previfem.

I've been on Sprintec for about a year or two now, I think, and before that, I was on various pills such as Gianvi and Ortho-Tri Cyclen Lo. In all, I've been on birth control for four years.

I transferred my prescription to a new pharmacy because I moved, and I received Previfem instead of Sprintec. The pharmacists said it was the exact same thing, but I'm scared. I'm reading reviews online and lots of people mention weight gain with this pill.

Has anyone used this pill before and would like to share your thoughts on it?
7:25 pm - 07/11/2016

Ugh. Perimenopause?!?!

Hey :) So I started skipping periods a few years ago. I had been on the extreme side of regular. Every 4th Tuesday without exception up until my 40th year. That's when things started getting weird.
I'm wondering if anyone else has some sage words of wisdom having experienced this barrel of laughs....well tears and erratic mood swings.
Now I'm 43 and I don't know what's normal and what isn't and to make it worse no one wants to talk about it. A year ago I finally came to terms with my cycle and accepted it after 28 years. I found out about menstrual cups and got a few, thinking finally I've found the best thing ever.
Now I barely get my period. A few months ago I had a semi heavy flow. Since then it feels like I'm about to get my period on a daily basis and for the past 6 days have been spotting. It's annoying and just adds to my erratic moods that go from weepy to angry in a second. I also started a new job early May so it's been a stressful time. Trying to come to terms with what my doctor calls perimenopause and doesn't think there's any issues. But I think it's weird and bizarre and can help wondering why no one talks about it. There are so many symptoms I'm not prepared for. My mother isn't around so I can't talk to her but from what I remember her flow got crazy heavy. And she experienced haemorrhaging.....so fingers crossed I don't experience that.
Is anyone else suffering in silence? I never thought the day would come when I would wish my period would flow instead of this strange spotting. Anyone found something to ease the syptoms effectively?
10:03 pm - 07/09/2016

Clotting Issue?

Has anyone ever had excessive period bleeding due to a clotting issue? What were your symptoms? Can a clotting issue just randomly start? Since January I have been passing large clots towards the end of period. They are followed usually a large gush of blood. Some are very small and some are larger than a quarter. Some are black and some look more like pieces of raw liver. The larger ones look like liver.

I just had an ultrasound done and it came normal. My levels have been checked and are fine. I am currently on day 15 of my period and started Provera a few days ago. My cycles are crazy. They come when they want and stay as long as they want.
4:04 pm - 07/04/2016

Thyroid issues

Hi, all. I am posting this here because most of the thyroid boards I have visited in the past have gone silent, and I know there are folks here who know thyroid stuff. Feel free to delete if this is not OK.

I have been hypothyroid for years, post-sugical for about 8 years. Everything about my thyroid has been stable for the last five years or so, except for when they recalled my medication a couple of years ago and I had to temporarily switch.

I had my annual blood draw last week and just got the results. Free T4 was 1.32 (0.93-1.70 range). My TSH, however, was 27.7 (0.27-4.2)! I haven't had a result that high since the first year I was diagnosed.

I don't see my endocrinologist until July 22, but naturally I Googled. I don't recommend that. I have come to the conclusion that I am either completely fine and this was just one of those things, or I am dying. The truth is somewhere in the middle, no doubt.

Any insights? Any questions I should be asking when I see my doctor?

Thanks in advance.
Hey y'all,

My body is acting super strange and I'm starting to get worried. To make matters worse, I'm traveling for work and won't be anywhere near my doctor for about a week.

Basically, I have all the cramps, bloating, and constipation that I've often gotten with my periods. My cervix is in its usual place for bleeding. I've even had a day or two of PMS moods. This charade has been going on for about 4 days. But no blood, not a drop.

Here are some important facts:

-I'm 30.

-I was in chemotherapy which halted my periods from November '14 to April '15. Then after a bout of hot flashes and a healthy hormone panel, they returned at their pre-cancer 28-30 day cycle length. (It was not a reproductive cancer, the chemo shut down my ovaries. It was expected.)

-This March ('16) I started having abnormally short periods, about 20-22 day cycles. I had four of those.

-I got a copper IUD in April, which introduced worse cramps but was otherwise fine. I didn't experience any unusual bleeding or anything (just slightly heavier periods).

-The IUD feels normal and in place to me, as it was at my followup in May.

-When I was in the hospital for chemo, they incidentally found a 3cm cyst on my right ovary. At followup, it had gone away on its own. I have no idea if I usually have cysts or if I was supposed to do anything with that information.

-I'm currently in day *32* of my cycle. My body has been going through all the motions of a period (as mentioned above), but no blood.

-By my estimation (checking cervical position/discharge/etc), I ovulated around day 19-20 of this cycle.

-My blood is still recovering from chemo, and I'm currently at just-below-normal red and white blood cell counts.

-I've had no hot flashes or nausea or weird discharge or anything else I can think of.

-I do have tender nipples, which I haven't had since cancer, but I did before, so it's not unprecedented.

-I am terrified of early menopause.


-I will see a doctor, but I need support/stories/ideas until then.

Thank you!
Hi everyone! It's been years since I last posted here, I'm so happy to see that the community is still awesome.

So. I'm 29, I have murderous periods as well as vulvodynia. My period pain (and general malaise) each month is so bad that (a) I can't walk, (b) I can't do anything except screaming and (c) I turn into a truly horrible person.

My really sweet OB/GYN put me on Lynestrenol, which helped for the first couple of months, but now I'm bleeding continuously and not feeling well at all. On top of that, the Lynestrenol increases my vulvodynia to the point where I can't have PIV sex. I also get cramps now whenever I'm sexually aroused. So yeah, this medication is not for me.

I have another appointment with my OB/GYN a month from now. We're going to look at other options. Ideally, I'd like to just get my entire uterus out, but I know the risks associated with that and I'm definitely too young to accidentally enter menopause as a result.

I just wanted to ask if anyone has experience with non-hormonal ways to stop periods. I've heard some things about partial removal of the endometrium, but I'd like to do some more reading about those methods before my appointment, and I hardly know where to start or which websites to trust. I'd also like to do a bit more reading on whether other hormonal therapies also have such a strong effect on vulvodynia. Where do I start?

A bit more information about my body: I'm sterilised with Adiana (plugged tubes). I've been tested for endometriosis and cysts, all negative.
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