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7:29 pm - 01/16/2017

Off-topic, but...

Could some mod please delete the cartoon spam? There are all sorts of appropriate venues to post the likes of Moana trailers, but this isn't one of them.
9:12 pm - 01/16/2017

Yeast infection

So I recently discovered I developed a yeast infection so I bought the canastene procdut with the cream and the pessary. I did as it told me to and inserted the pessary. About 20 minutes later I went to the toilet and whipped and it seemed that the outside part of the pessary had come out but seemed to have half dissolved, does this mean it won't work or should it be okay ?
My husband really likes it when we sleep in the nude I do not. When I wear underwear I feel comfortable. However when I don't wear underwear to bed I get moist and sticky down there. It actually wakes me up because the moisture gets all over the place and makes me itchy. Why does it only do this when I don't wear underwear to bed? Does anyone else suffer from this?
11:42 am - 01/05/2017

Pap Smear Confusion

Hi VPers!

Since 2015, I have had some weird results regarding my pap smears and have been having weird symptoms as well. I am outlining my results and symptoms if anyone has had similar experiences. I am so lost!

Note: I am 24 years old, no history of STDs, guardasil shots (at young age), BC for almost 10 years, and I have been in the same monogamous relationship since May 2015.

- March 2015: recurrent yeast infections, BV, ASC-US pap, normal pelvic & trans-vaginal ultrasound

- June 2015: no more YI or BV (and haven't had it since) - had no slept with my current BF as of yet

- November 2015: normal pap

- May 2016: vaginal bleeding with bowel movements (100% vaginal), went to see a gyno ........Normal PAP and NEGATIVE HPV
* bleeding with bowel movements at least once a month or once every few months

- November 2016: blood work done with the following results

High: anti-TPO & anti- TG (gyno suspects food sensitivities to why my thyroid is being suppressed - or hypothyroidism, but the other symptoms do not apply to me), also HIGH in cortisol (622 nmol/L), stress related? I was in the middle of midterms

Low: FSH (0.7 IU/L), LH (0.2 IU/L), progesterone and bioavailable testosterone.

- December 2016: bleeding with bowel movement 2x, ASC-US pap, waiting results for the pelvic ultrasound

So my concern is, why are my pap smears jumping from ASC-US to normal? Also, could I have HPV but still test negative, like I did in May? I am going to get off birth control to see if maybe hormonal changes have something to do with all of this. Any advice would be appreciated.
So I'm on the pill, which gave me incredibly regular withdrawal bleeds - as in I take my last pill on a Friday morning and get it Monday afternoon afterwards. Except this month, I got it on the Monday morning of my last five days on the pill - i.e. a week early, while I'm still taking pills. A week later, it's still here, although it's coming and going (as in it'll be really light, like the last day tends to be, more discharge with old blood than actual bleeding, until suddenly it's more like fresh blood; still fairly light though) and it's normally only 4-5 days long.

It turned up in the middle of sex, so I initially thought it might just have been too rough/hitting my cervix a lot (my (cis) bf is... sizeable and it's not always perfectly comfortable). We don't use condoms regularly (only if he wants to finish in me, I know pulling out is't a 100% method but I'm on the pill, so) but we were both each other's firsts and are/always have been monogamous, so I'm reasonably certain it can't be any kind of STI causing it. GP appointments are 2-3 week waits where I live and also have been closed a lot of the time for new year's/christmas so going to see them hasn't been practical.

The only thing I can think is that I'm on a new brand of pills, but this is three months into taking it and I've had no issues before. I'm sick of being on my period (bf and I are long distance but he's been home for Christmas and I really just want to have sex with him) and anxious in general. The 'fresh' bleeding seems to coincide a bit with when I'm turned on, e.g. if we've been fooling around a bit - no penetration though so again I don't think it's an infection.

Do any of you have recommendations for safe things to use in the bath that will not cause UTIs? I am extremely prone to UTIs, I've had so many I can't even count them all. Luckily I haven't had one in a while because I am extremely careful now and stick to a pretty rigid routine to keep them at bay, but I really miss using bath products. A few months ago I had my first UTI in two years, and it came from using a bath bomb from Lush. I thought that Lush products would be safe to use because they're supposed to be natural and gentle, but evidently not. I'm just wondering if there's anything I could use at all? Something natural like milk or oatmeal just to soften the water? Or would flower petals be okay? I would have thought they'd be fine because they just float and don't actually change the water, but at this point I can't be sure so I'm afraid to even try. Any ideas?
2:58 pm - 12/24/2016


Hello friends!

I have BV (sigh) and am planning to use boric acid capsules to get rid of it, as everything is closed for Xmas and I am unable to get antibiotics for a few days.

How many days should I use the capsules for?

Much love and happy holidays, everyone.
10:04 pm - 12/15/2016


Hey VP people!
I am wondering if anyone could help me with a situation. I was washing and I noticed a small painless lump near the left side of my clitoral hood probably the size of a grain of rice maybe smaller. It doesn't move or hurt when I touch it. Tried squeezing it and nothing came out. I've been in a faithful relationship for the past 3 years. Just had a round of std testing that all came back negative (except HSV 1 which I expected due to having canker sores most of my life). I've been wearing a pad all day today due to a miscarriage and I wondering if it's not just a clogged gland or something. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this?
Any input would be helpful. Thank you!
Hi all.
I posted here before about this issue, hoping I can get some more feedback.

I'm a 38 year old cisgender woman with one child (biological). I went on the Mirena IUD when my baby was about six months old, and didn't get periods while on it. I had it removed in April 2016. Since then, I had 2 or three periods only. The last one was in September. I have taken several HPT and all are negative.

I am wondering if it could be early menopause. The only possible symptoms I've noticed that could be related to that is feeling warm at certain times when no one else is (and I'm cold all the time normally), fatigue, and bloating, but I also have a kidney issue that can cause these too.

Most of the women in my family went through menopause much later, but my mom did have an aunt that was completely menopausal by age 35.

I am going to see my doctor (life has just gotten in the way) but don't they have to wait until you're at a certain point in your cycle to test for perimenopause? I have no idea where my cycle is at. I'm also not thrilled with the idea of going back on hormonal birth control (the pill gave me bad side effects),so not sure what the next steps will be. Ideas? Feedback?
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