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12:08 am - 05/26/2016

To Start or Wait

Hi folks! I'm a little unsure of what to do here.

I recently switched back to NuvaRing (I had been using Mirena for 2 years, but prior to that NuvaRing for many years), When I was supposed to take it out, I took it out a day late. The day I was supposed to put it back in my period started (On a Sunday), so I figured i'd wait a week to put it back in, which would have been this past Sunday. Problem is, with all the crap going on in my life right now, I completely forgot.

So I guess I'm wondering should I go ahead and put it in now? Or should I wait for another period? I am not currently sexually active so unwanted pregnancy is not an issue.
Longtime lurker, have a question hoping the lovely people here can help with. Maybe somebody has had experience with this slightly specific question?

I have had three babies, the youngest is still nursing. Hubby had a vasectomy shortly after baby was born, however we have an open marriage and as such I want my tubes tied too. Our plan was to wait until baby weans and go from there.

I have been doing physical therapy for a diastasis recti and she determined I also have an umbilical hernia that she believes I need referal to a surgeon to have repaired, physical therapy won't fix that.

I have a Dr's appointment next month to get that referral, my question is, could they tie my tubes at the same time they fix the umbilical hernia? Is that a thing? 'cuz if so, that would certainly make life a lot easier.
9:47 am - 05/25/2016

Which size MoonCup?

I finally bought a MoonCup this morning after wanting to try to for ages, unfortunately because I was on my way too work and didn't spend too much time reading the box, I got confused and bought size A (the larger size) instead of size B. I'm 28 and haven't had kids, so size B is recommended.

I know the sizing isn't black and white, and I'm not far off 30 when the larger size is recommended, so I'm just wondering if you were me would you try to exchange it for the smaller size? Based on sizecharts if you are used to inserting things in your vagina....well the wider size should be fine. And...I'm not *not* used to doing that...!

If you were me would you try to exchange it, or would you just use the larger size? I'm not even sure they *will* exchange this kind of product but slightly too big is better than too small right?

I know it's not clear cut but I'm just wondering what the general consensus is...thanks!
12:25 pm - 05/24/2016

birth control beginner

hi everyone,

i recently started drospirenone ethinyl estradiol (yaz 28 generic) and i had a few questions. this is my first time taking birth control so i'm fairly clueless here. i started the pack on the first day of my period and still had a fairly heavy period (abnormally so) and now on day 10 i'm still having some slight bleeding and heavy, thick brownish sticky discharge. i would say day 8 is when my period-like bleeding stopped and the spotting/discharge started. my periods are regularly 5 days at most so this is a little concerning to me. the white placebos are at the end of the pack so i was assuming that i was starting the hormones right away when i started the pack, please correct me if i'm mistaken though! is this normal? am i doing something wrong? just as a side note, i'm not currently sexually active and the only other medication i take daily is lexapro which i've been on for a few months and don't think has anything to do with these issues.

also, just curious, i have read that some people that use birth control pills take 21 days and then start a new pack immediately instead of taking the placebos. is this safe to do? do you skip your period altogether?

again, sorry if this is a silly question. any insight would be appreciated!
1:57 pm - 05/14/2016

Trying to Conceive

Me and my husband has been trying to have a baby I stopped birth control last September and been using the clear blue ovulation kits and having sec every other day and it is still not happened yet! I have an appointment in June to go back to the dr to discus what may be going on. Dose anyone have any advice and website I can join to talk to others that have had the same problem? Anything will be greatly appreciated!
2:51 pm - 05/11/2016

Mirena Question

hi everyone,
I had my Mirena removed March 31 after using it for 2 years. I didn't get periods while on Mirena. Since having it removed, I've had no spotting, bleeding, or anything. Is this normal? How long (aprox) til my period starts? I know it's different for everyone, but what's average?
I'm posting rather than searching past posts because baby is napping & could wake up any minute. I apologize.

Some background: I had an abnormal pap in January (I think she said agus cells of endocervical origin were found?), colposcopy (and endocervical biopsy) in February with normal results. After the colp I had a little bleeding for a day, then nothing for a few days, then something like a period for a few days. I'm nursing baby girl (she was 7 months at the time) & hadn't had my period return yet, so I figured it had to be from the procedure. Doc said it was probably my period coming back, but I just though the timing was too weird. A month & a half later my period DID return. And I knew it was coming because I knew when I ovulated that time (which I have never been able to tell before) because of increased mucousy discharge & cramping. About a week & a half/two weeks ago, I ovulated again. But last Friday I had a D&C/LEEP done under general anesthesia (doc wanted to make sure there's nothing abnormal going on, considering the "type" of cells found on my pap) and, again, very little bleeding that day, none the following two days. Yesterday, MAJOR cramping, and unleash the flood gates. Would I still be having a period if they "cleaned everything out" last week? I'm anxious to see the pathology results next week. Hopefully it's nothing. But is this kind of cramping/bleeding 4 days out normal? Am I being paranoid? I've had chills, but no fever, if that's relevant.
Hi there,i'm a 22 year old cisgender female. I do not have health insurance so I can't really afford to get officially diagnosed but I strongly believe I have PCOS. (Facial hair problem is quite bad,no periods past 2014, don't have acne or other skin issues though.)

Anyways, last week I went to a Planned Parenthood,mentioned that I believed I had this condition but that I also wanted birth control for  contraceptive use. I was prescribed something called Sprintec. Here's the problem:

I live 2 hours from the Planned Parenthod. I have to have it mailed it to me as a result,but I can't get a hold of a real person at the office in order to give them my payment information.  I have found that other divisions of PP let you sign pay for it online,but this particular branch (South Atlantic) gives no information on such a thing. What should I do?

I paid for the first prescription up front (Free, but $4 mailing fee) while I was there and am waiting for it in the mail,but have no idea what to do for the following months. I was not given any paper work at all, I don't even know what dosage I am getting. I called a local pharmacy and asked if they could fill it if I transfered the prescription and they said yes,but it would be $30.49. I just can't afford that right now, I don't even have employment.

So I was wondering,is there any way I can get this filled online or if I can be sent a bill in the mail? I just cant get a hold of a real person at this PP and its very frustrating. Or does anyone know of a way where I can talk to a real person at the actual location? I just got sent to voice mail when I was transfered to it before.
Background: I'm 28 years old, and have never been on any kind of birth control (besides using condoms) or hormones before. Since September, my period has been weird. It would be light with some clots here and there, but it would last for like 20 days, go away for 1-3 weeks, then come back. I thought it was stress for a while (been through a lot this past year), but I finally got in to see my doctor today. She did a pap smear (the first one I've had since my first one 3 years ago), and prescribed me a pill for a yeast infection (my first, that I know of). I was feeling very itchy, and stingy down there a few weeks back, but I figured, I'd wait for my appointment, and if it was still bothering me, I'd bring it up then. It hasn't bothered me in a few days, so I didn't think anything of it, until the doctor mentioned it. I just thought it was due to rough sex (I had a one night stand about 3 weeks ago, just before the symptoms started - before that, I hadn't had sex in over a year and a half). As far as the weird period goes, she said I likely had a build up of excess lining (or something to that effect) that was clogging things up and making my flow light and long (like a clogged, drippy faucet). She prescribed me a 10 day course of Progesterone to help clean out the plumbing, so to speak. I was just curious, has anyone on here had a similar experience? Has anyone taken Progesterone? What was your experience like? Did the pills help? Did you have any weird side effects? I'm just curious what to expect. Thanks in advance! ^_^
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