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Hey there. I have a mild yeast infection kicking in right now, and I want to get rid of it before it gets worse, especially because I am going out of town this weekend with my boyfriend. So I figured I would try a 1 day treatment. I have the 1 day Miconazole at home, but after reading horrible review "s I decided to go buy the 1 day Tioconazole... but I'm still really nervous.

I've read online it tends to only burn terribly when one has BV and not yeast, but I am 99% sure I have yeast (the 1% being the absence of a test...). I get them frequently because I am on long term antibiotics, and they always start out the same way. I've had BV once or twice and it was also really stinky and hit me really quickly. I'm just scared to have that horrible burning reaction!

Anyway, I'm trying to decide if I should use the ticonazole. I've read the burning is less frequent with this one as opposed to the Miconazole.

If I take it tonight, how long should I wait to have sex? Three days? Does it stay up in your vagina for awhile? I've NEVER used one of these for yeast before, I always use the pill, but my doctor only prescribes it sparingly because it's hard on your system. But I really need relief, and I need quick relief!

Any advice would be much appreciated :)
you guys im seriously loosing hope, im so sad. I just cant stress it enough ,Like i mentioned before i got my first yeast infection a year ago around this time, they gave me the pill but the itch still remained its now a year LATER.Recently i got a bad rash on my anus and vulva, and they found yeast on my skin although my Gyno didnt assure me, that the yeast would be the problem, she gave me diflucan for seven days and anti fungal cream for my vulva, the rash seems to get better but im still itchy like i was before im really loosing hope ive read online that many women have this chronic itch i dont know what to do anymore, i have a follow up with my Gyno in july but she also gave me a Q-tip in case ''i was still itchy'', which i am so that mean im going to need to do that, i would need to do the swab test myself and drop it off to the lab so she can check if still have yeast in my vulva, im going to need to tell her that i want a biopsy done i hope its not eczema ( I wear cotton underwear , loose clothing , changed laundry detergents , i dont wash my vagina with soap either) this is very frustrating please help
7:54 pm - 06/29/2015

Vaginismus and Dilators

Hi all.

I have been talking with a sex specialist about my intense anxiety over penetration.

She has mentioned that she thinks I may be dealing with vaginismus alongside my anxiety and that she thinks using a set of dilators would be beneficial.

Does anyone have experience with vaginal dilation (not necessarily to manage vaginismus, but in general as well)? Any recommendations of where or what set to look into? Any pointers or advice about what to expect?

(There was a thread about this from 2009 in the archive but i wanted to see if anyone had further advice or more recent experience.)

Thanks. ♡
8:16 am - 06/28/2015

Urgent Question

So, I took plan B on the 12th May ~30 hours after unprotected sex. Had some bad cramping that night. On the 18th the condom broke and my period was due another week but 2 days later it started but it was really light and lasted for 5 days instead of the usual 6. Two days later I started spotting but only like two drops for two days.
I'm really confused at this point: could I be pregnant or is it the plan B messing up my cycle?
11:01 pm - 06/27/2015

Need some opinions!!

Okay so about a month and a half ago I began using Norform deodorant suppositories just to try them out, which I think was a huge mistake now. HUGE mistake. About maybe 3 weeks after I started using them, I noticed I had this excessive mucousy discharge with white bits in it every day that I didn't remember having before. I stopped using them immediately. I started believing it was a yeast infection because I read some posts by other Norform users online who said it caused them to develop a yeast infection. I went to the store and bought the 7 day Monistat, and I used that for the full 7 days. It didn't end up helping. So now what? I did some research based on what my discharge looked like and from everything I've read it seemed to me it's cervical mucus. I thought, well maybe it will ease up during the next couple weeks, so I stopped worrying... and it hasn't eased or stopped. Somehow I ended up here. The thing I'm worried about is, before I used Norforms I didn't have this much discharge. My mom seems to think my vagina is flushing out all the remnants of the Norform usage but I have a hard time believing that. It just doesn't seem likely to me, but what do I know? I'm still having this mucousy discharge everyday and some days its more than others. I know it's not normal for me so I did make a gyno appt. My appt is not until the 7th of July and I'm still nervous thinking about what it could be. I mean could it still be some sort of yeast infection that the Monistat couldn't take care of? Some of it is yellow but looks white on my fingers. Real mucousy but not curdy like yeast infection discharge- which I had many years ago. Sometimes it's also really slippery and stretchy which I know can be normal. Another thing that causes me distress is I had recently had sex with my boyfriend since this all started. We did use condoms, but if it's a yeast/thrush infection of some sort that still gets me paranoid about possibly passing some it to him- even with condom usage. Call me extremely paranoid LOL.

So anyway, I just wanted some thoughts on this while waiting for my gyno appt. Not having anymore sex until after that just to be safe. I will never be using sprays, deodorants or anything of the sort again. Trush? BV? I have no idea at this point.

Thanks guys!
Hi there, i had my first yeast infection last year around this time of year.I got treated with the pill,but i still felt itch on my vulva along with my anus.I kept going back to my Gyno and all they kept giving me was ointments like for eczema, (since they kept doing yeast tests and didnt find anything inside)the ointments didnt really work and a year later (TODAY) im still itchy and it drives me nuts. I recently got a bad rash on my vulva and anus, i went to a specialist and she did a swab on the outside of my vulva and found that i had yeast on the skin, Today was my last day on medication (took diflucan for 7 days), but im still feeling discomfort.My question is, can yeast live on skin for a year (vulva/anus) ? and if not treated could it get worse?.My Gyno didnt assure me that the itch would go away she said it could be ''linchen simplex'' a type of eczema on my private parts but i hope its just yeast and it goes away ugh
Hi everyone!

I am a 21-year-old woman and my (first) boyfriend and I have been together for a year and have been having sex for almost the same amount of time, but during this time I haven't been able to orgasm with him once. I have been able to orgasm on my own. We've tried a lot of things already, but honestly I'm starting to lose hope. When we are having PIV sex, we've tried plenty of positions that are 'supposed to' help with reaching an orgasm for a woman, but it doesn't do anything for me. Both he and I have tried stimulating my clitoris during PIV sex but our fingers are always too dry and spit doesn't quite help in the way that whatever it is coming from my vagina does when I'm turned on. I also find it difficult to feel any stimulation on my clitoris while I'm being penetrated either by a penis or fingers.

As far as fingering goes, this has gotten me closest to any sort of release. His fingers go either very deeply inside me or about half, and then he starts making a 'come here' movement which drives me nuts. BUT, while I feel some sort of climax build up (not the sort of build-up I'm used to) it never goes beyond that and it's very frustrating. After a while it also starts to feel both good and bad. My bf has tried going down on me during fingering, but there the earlier mentioned problem arises again, where I can't really feel any stimulation on my clit during penetration.

Last of all, there is cunnulingus. Honestly, it does close to nothing for me. It just feels kind of nice but there is no arousal there, even when he is directly on my clit or somewhere nearby. Mostly my legs just shake a lot but I'm not turned on by it.

Since he is my first boyfriend, he is also my first bed partner. Could it be that I am, after a year of sexual closeness with him, still too insecure or uncomfortable with his touches? Or is there something that we/I/he are/am/is doing wrong?

Any advice is very appreciated!
Good morning, superstars!!!

I've been a cloth pad aficionado for the past 7 or so years, but I'd still use tampons occasionally when I'm out and about and didn't feel like lugging my wet clothies along with me. A few months ago, I got a menstrual cup, and I love it, but I seem to have misplaced it. Right now, I'm in the middle of an intense job-training thing, where I'm either in practicum or lecture from 7am-5:30pm. I got my period yesterday in the middle of a lecture, and went to put in a tampon. Over the course of the next ~4 hours, my cramps worsened a lot, and I became shaky and started to sweat in the middle of the very air-conditioned classroom. As soon as I got home, I chucked the thing, and put a pad on, and while the shakiness stuck around, the cramps and sweats resolved themselves. This morning, I woke up feeling awesome! I just put a tampon in, however, and I literally almost puked. The shakiness and cramping are on their way back.

So....what gives? Has my body just forgotten what a tampon is?
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