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9:49 pm - 06/29/2016

Kink Interest Checklist

I remember going through a list of possible sexual interests with my now ex and i think i got it from here. I remember it had things like blowjobs as well as breath play on there and you marked whether it was a yes, no, or somewhere in between. It was not the sexual readiness checklist from Scarleteen. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Can you please point me in the proper direction?
12:22 am - 06/28/2016

Residue in clitoris??

I wasn't really sure how to word/describe this but, when I was in the shower today cleaning myself i noticed something. Usually when I wash, i just use hot water to clean the outside and inside of my labia, because soaps and washes bother my skin. This works well for me and im always clean- but i noticed inside my clitoris when i pulled the skin back in some of the reallllly tiny folds there was something hard and white. it wasnt like the normal white residue that sometimes builds up in between folds of your labia. it was like small hard white bits that were almost stuck in the folds! it didn't hurt, but since your clitoris is obviously so sensitive it was hard for me to pull it out. what is this stuff?? should i be worried? it definitely wasnt toilet paper or anything. Has this happened to anyone else?
8:29 pm - 06/22/2016


So my boyfriend really loves when I deepthroat him during oral sex but I have a really hard time not gagging. I have a very sensitive gag-reflex but I'm hoping it'll get easier if I keep practicing it. I can only really get him all the way down if he's semi-hard but once he's fully erect forget it. I really want to be able to do this for him as I love going down on him and I know he really enjoys it and it's something I wouldn't mind practicing more. Do you have any tips or tricks to help make it easier?
OK i know theres a bunch of threads on here about this but im supper busy to read all of them right now, I had sex with him without a condom 2 days ago now i stink down there. Ive had BV before but i wasnt sure if he triggered it since i dont see him often. But that time it didnt stink like fish the discharge just burned.Now my discharge stinks, this is new to me. I dont know what to do,im tired of going to the GYN and buying meds. I dont use soap or douche down there just water i also take probiotics. I know someone out there has solved this issue! i dont want to be gettin BV everytime i have seX with my bf please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant stress it enough we are having relationship problems and this might be the cherry on top sad
4:27 pm - 06/16/2016

RUMP suggestions?

I am interested in reusable menstrual product suggestions. I tried THINX underwear but to me the PUL feels exactly like a pad. I also have never been able to use tampons, so I'm not sure something like a menstrual cup would work. Maybe one with a really small rim? Any suggestions of something that's not uncomfortable and that's either external or really easy to insert would help. Has anyone tried sea sponge tampons?
In case this is useful to other folk: I've been dealing with recurrent vaginosis since autumn 2015, and after lots of back-and-forth with a GUM clinic we've finally come to the conclusion that the most likely culprit is the anti-depressant mirtazapine.

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I am very prone to UTIs and recently when I developed one I was prescribed macrobid but it didn't work. It was a seven day course, and I felt better as soon as I started taking it but when I finished them the UTI came back within a day, and this time it was even worse. I was prescribed an even stronger antiobiotic and I'm now on day three of a seven day course. Today I am hurting and burning and have discharge. I think I have a yeast infection. This happened to me back in February after my dentist prescribed me a ten day course of antibiotics when I had my wisdom teeth removed. It feels exactly the same this time. I treated that last yeast infection with hydrogen peroxide and yogurt. I am just wondering how I can go about treating this current yeast infection while I have a UTI, I've never had both at the same time before. I have a few questions:

1. Can I treat the yeast infection while still taking the antibiotics, or should I wait until I am done with them? I'd rather start now since the burning is uncomfortable and I don't want it to get any worse but I don't know if it will do any good.

2. When I used the hydrogen peroxide for the last infection, I would dilute it, then use a syringe to squirt it deep inside myself, and also I'd squirt a little all over my vulva so it got everywhere. Is it safe to do this while I have a UTI? I'm worried that I will make the UTI worse. Same question for the yogurt -- is it safe to put it inside myself and apply it externally while I have the UTI?

3. Do any of you have any other tips on what I can do to heal from this yeast infection? I don't like to use the over-the-counter creams because they're too harsh for me, I used to have vulvodynia and I'm very sensitive. Are there other home remedies I can use that will be safe with the UTI? Is there an over-the-counter medication I'm not aware of that is just pills with no topical cream? I'd be willing to take a pill if there is such a thing.

11:18 pm - 06/10/2016

swollen vulva

ive noticed my vulva is very swollen including my labia, I tried to pay attention to every little thing and i noticed that when im on my period it goes away, but after im done with my period it comes back. Has anyone dealt with this before ?
sometimes it gets very fat and uncomfortable.I dont use any soaps down there just water and i dont use tampons. Hope someone out there can help me in any way thanks!
7:30 pm - 06/10/2016

(no subject)

So i have endometriosis ive got a cyst and a uterine polyp. (Its coming out on Wednesday). Its causing some midcycle bleeding. My question is it seems to get worse with stress, im i imagining this?

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