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How quickly can someone get pregnant again after giving birth? How long does it take for the body to get a regular cycle going again, etc.?

This is a theoretical question at this point, I'm just curious.
7:45 pm - 05/25/2015

Not able to orgasm

Hi everyone,

I'm kind of at my wit's end here. I'm 29, cis hetero female, almost 30 and I've never been able to have an orgasm. I've been masturbating since I was a kid, I've tried all sorts of tricks (shower head, vibrator...), I've had 4-5 sexual partners, and while I enjoy sex/touching/oral, I've never been able to come. I don't even know what it feels like to come. I seem to get close and then it just never happens. My partners have all told me it felt like I was about to come and then for some reason I didn't.

I don't think my clitoris is overly sensitive, or maybe the hood is quite thick. I find shaving helps a lot, but that irritates my vulva and often leads to BV and ingrowns, so I try to minimise the shaving. I've been looking into getting a VCH piercing, as apparently they can help a lot, but worry that it could make my issues even worse. I don't know what else to try.

Any advice?
Hi everyone! Hope this is okay to post here. Just a bit curious if anyone has ever had the same experience as me, or if my body is just strange! :)

I have been on the combined contraceptive pill, Cilest, since 2002. I remember when I first started taking it that I felt a bit nauseated but it soon passed. Fast forward to 2015. Last month, the day after I took the first pill of the new pack, I was nauseated to the point of retching. I felt better afterwards and carried on with my day. Today, exactly four weeks later and the day after the first pill, the same thing happened again! I can only think that it's due to the pill? My pharmacist brain tells me that I shouldn't suddenly have side effects after taking it for so long! Has anyone here ever had a similar thing happen? I'm not sure if I should switch to a pill with lower oestrogen, which would be a shame because Cilest has been otherwise great! However I really don't want this nausea/retching thing to occur every month, because I find it quite distressing.
11:23 pm - 05/21/2015

female condoms

hello all,
could anyone give me any advice on female condoms? my boyfriend has hsv1 orally and (very) infrequently gets cold sores. he hasnt had one in over a year. he really wants to do oral but i am scared that i could get genital hsv1 from the shedding. its kind of frustrating because I really want to do it, but i know if we do do it without a female condom, my anxiety will go through the roof and ill be scared that i will develop genital herpes. i was looking into female condoms but im not sure what theyre like/ how comfortable they are/ how they are for the guy.

with that said does anyone have any experience with using them for oral sex?
3:26 pm - 05/21/2015


Found out today I have chlymadia. Sucks, but I have meds. My question is, how should I tell my recent partners that I have it and they should get checked? I know some will be very angry and not be nice towards me. That's what I'm scared about the most. I just had lice and my mom is in the hospital so it's like bam all at once.
2:32 pm - 05/20/2015

Tan Discharge?

Hello all,
I am a cisgendered 27 year old and am currently on Tri-Sprintec birth control pills and have been on it for about 6 years.  I took them roughly the same time daily (maybe a few hours in between) but never skipped one.
My boyfriend came to visit me and on the 4th of this month we had sex but the condom broke.  I was still bleeding from my period lightly at the time.
The night it broke just so happened to be the first "active" pill in the pack.  I took precautions to take that pill at the same time every evening and have done so, give or take 20 minutes at the most.
This week is the week before my period and I have been experiencing cramping symptoms.  Last night I had some specifically on the left side.
Since Sunday I have also been having some faint tan discharge.  I don't recall ever seeing it before, but I might just be monitoring it more closely than usual.
I've also noticed that I'm quite tired and emotional, moreso than usual.  I've had a bit of nausea but it could just be my nerves.
I also take Citalopram (Celexa) 20mg for anxiety and depression.
Am I pregnant?  When should I take a test?  Am I freaking out for no reason?
I would VERY much appreciate any advice on the matter.  Thanks in advance!
And when do I stop the pills?


I started my pack of Marlissa (levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol) 28 day birth control pills on Sunday, May 10.

On Wednesday May 13, 4 days into the pack, I got my Nexplanon hormonal birth control implant in my arm.

One doc recommended finishing out the Marlissa pack.

One doc said I'd be covered (contraception-wise) two weeks later, and to discontinue the pack 2 weeks after the Nexplanon insertion date.

Another doc said I'd absolutely positively be safe one week after the Nexplanon insertion dat.e

Anyone here have any advice? :) I'm very confused. Thanks in advance.

(To make matters worse, I finally went on Nexplanon in the first place because my HBC was affected negatively by taking Topamax, and that was complicated by also taking Methotrexate, which will likely cause birth defects if a pregnancy occurs.) ( http://vaginapagina.livejournal.com/22239350.html )
hello all
I'm hoping someone can help me. For the past couple months I have had a complete loss of libido. I am completely turned off almost all the time. a couple times I tried to have sex and was extremely ticklish/fidgety (I was nearly wincing every time he touched me, we had to stop). For the most part he has been patient with me. It's really frustrating though because he thinks he is the reason I don't want to have sex, no matter how much I tell him it's me. He sometimes thinks I am hiding something from him and I keep telling him I don't know what's wrong. I don't think it's him because nothing arouses me in the end. I don't randomly get horny like I used to. I have zero desire to masturbate. I don't fantasize about him or anybody. The couple times we have had sex recently I had trouble getting wet. Normally I am pouring fluids and have to use a towel so this is a new thing for me. Last night I thought I might be able to get aroused but as we were starting to fool around everything grossed me out. First his mustache kept getting in my mouth and nose and it was bothering me. Then his hair got on me and I felt it was oily and I got grossed out by that. These things never bothered me in the past- why now? He offered to wash his hair and trim his mustache but I said no because I had the lingering feeling if it wasn't those two things it would just be something else. The anxiety I am getting because of this problem is probably making the issue worse. I looked up going to a sex therapist but it will be way too expensive for me (the cheapest one I found was $110 for 50 min...). Does anybody know of anyway I can 1) find out what is causing it or 2) have some inexpensive treatments for loss of libido or 3) tricks for getting aroused?

I will do practically anything I can afford. I would try the sex therapist but I know if it's a real issue they aren't often resolved in 1 hour and I couldn't afford more than a ~3 sessions. I will read books if anybody has recommendations. I will try herbal supplements. Anything!!!

Other things I should probably mention:
- I exercise regularly and am pretty healthy
- I have been on Skyla since July (previously was on Mirena)
- May have slight PCOS
- My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 years. We recently decided to get married. I have had some anxiety about it but I think a normal level for a decision of that caliber.
- I have experienced a similar loss of libido a couple years ago when I was going through a very severe depression. Currently, I don't feel depressed really. Slightly stressed, but nothing out of the ordinary as I am a grad student.
- I have great anxiety about going to gynecologists

Thank you in advance for any/all hints/tips/tricks/advice
8:13 pm - 05/18/2015

Narrow hymen

I'm a bisexual cis woman who is definitely more attracted to the ladies and haven't had sex with a man. Since I'm currently in a relationship with my right hand,  this isn't really a major issue. Just an issue, because it's limiting.

I've been to my obstetrician today and while it was ultimately about the pill, she ended up examining me for an issue I've noticed over the past year or two: I can penetrate myself with only one finger. Two fingers hurt really, really bad. My dildo/vibrator just isn't an option.

What she discovered was that my hymen is slightly narrow, and I could probably take care of it myself, but surgery might be an option. If it hasn't resolved itself by fall, I might have to call her and schedule surgery.

I was wondering if any of you VP:ers have experienced this and could give me advice on how to solve this with the minimum amount of pain?

I am reading Parsley tea works. WHEN do I start this. and how much tea do i need to drink. should i drink it daily for a month before? I ended my period 2 days ago and I am having a cup a day. is this wrong? should i have 4 cups for a week prior? I have a cruise and i dont' want my period on day one....so I am hoping to bring it on a few days early. please help.
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