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Hi everyone!
I have had Nexplanon since June 9th 2014. I am having it replaced in late May of this year, so right on time and even a week or so ahead of the expiration date.

The entire 2 years and however many months, I have had NO bleeding whatsoever. No period. No spotting. Literally nothing. A week ago, I had a light period. Not much blood, but I had cramping and the usual "period feelings". It was very light, not bothersome, and has now stopped.

I'm afraid that this means my Nexplanon is no longer working. Is it possible they can expire early? I'm just four months shy of needing it replaced. I understand that irregular bleeding is common, it just seems concerning that I have had none and now I did so close to when it expires. Should I stop having sex and try to get it replaced sooner?

I've also read that Nexplanon may not be as effective in overweight women. I'm about ten pounds overweight BMI around 25 26 I believe. I've also read now that studies are being done about Nexplanon being effective for for years instead of three. Planned parenthood and bedsider are now stating this. I will still have it replaced at three years! I am just concerned that mine stopped working. I am not taking any medicines that interact with it, and I can feel it just fine in my arm as usual. Am I just being a bit paranoid?
I've been on testosterone and haven't menstruated since 2010. Since sometime in December, I've had vulvar / vaginal itching. I haven't been able to get an appointment with the doctor I would normal see about anything like this. I saw a different doctor last week who told me based on the itching I described that it sounded like a yeast infection. He gave me a medicated vaginal cream (clotrimazole) to use for three days. Last Friday was the last day. When I saw the doctor, I also gave a urine sample for chlamydia/gonorrhea testing, although he was convinced that only a yeast infection would cause this kind of itching. I've now had mildly bloody discharge for several days (starting after I had finished with the clotrimazole), fairly mild pelvic pain since yesterday, and the itching is as bad as ever, or maybe worse. What the f do I do now? I still can't get an appointment with my regular doctor until something like April.

Other information that might be relevant:
I last had a pap/pelvic exam in October, and everything was fine then. I had STI testing at the same time and the results were all negative.
12:33 pm - 02/16/2017

Mirena IUD Cramping

Hi all, I am posting on behalf of someone else. She is 22,does not have kids, and got the mirena IUD one week ago.
She's been having a lot of cramping and of course the expected bleeding.
She was getting some advice from a former OB nurse and the nurse said she shouldn't have got the IUD without having kids. The nurse said she should have got the depo shot instead.

Well, the cramps are pretty uncomfortable and she's second guessing her decision.

Would some of you be willing to share your experience with the mirena and how long it took your body to adjust? Especially if you haven't had kids.

Thanks so much!
Hi I'm 16 years old and I never really masterbate (like I have done it maybe twice). im not a big fan of it because my legs twitch like thumper! It doesn't feel like anything special ethir but I know I'm touching the right spots. I hate not being able to control my own body and I don't even have to be msterbating for very long ether I could be doing it for 15 seconds and my legs start freaking out and I have no way of stopping them. I guess what I'm looking for is does anyone else have this problem? Why do my legs do that? How do I stop it??! Please help I know that this is weird but I really want to be able to masterbate because I get really horny some times and I don't like to masterbate so I just sit though the tingling sensation in till it goes a way. By instinct I crush my heal against my croch because I don't know what else to do..if I could
D just get rid of this leg problem I can be normal hah..
1:39 pm - 02/04/2017

food in my vagina :/

Well this is embarrassing.

My SO and I were fooling around and I gave him oral with some peanut butter on his penis.
We ended up having sex and I realised afterwards that I possibly now have peanut butter in my vagina. I'm assuming most of it was gone during the oral part of things but I'm still concerned about trace amounts.

I had a quick rinse off in the shower but I've never tried to wash inside my vagina before as I know it's not a good place to mess around and strip off any good bacteria. What do you recommend VP-ers?

(Google was not helpful. Every single post was about peanut butter and dogs. I love my dog but not that much.)

I used to be quite prone to UTI's and now I'm just anxious that there's going to be a yeast party or something up in there. I take cranberry pills on the reg but I'm assuming that's not going to be helpful in this situation.

4:48 am - 02/09/2017

Home remedy

Hey there guys!
So I posted last week I believe about having some chafing issues from the gym. I think those have turned into a full blow yeast infection at this point. Burning/itching. I just recently moved and lost my insurance so I am wondering if you lovely people have any home remedys for curing yeast infections. The last time I used Monistat is just felt like it was burning my vagina off.
Any suggestions appriceated!
Hi guys, I'm new to the site, but was hoping to find a knowledgeable and supportive community for this kind of stuff. I've lurked around for a while now and decided it was time to join.

Two days ago my boyfriend and I had sex using condoms and spermicidal suppositories as back up. Upon withdrawal, the condom slipped off inside of me and I've been worrying myself silly since. No "fishing" necessary and he didn't ejaculate. The rim was not inside and he tells me it was dry as well. We were so freaked out that we stopped after that little incident.
We also checked for leaks by both blowing up the condom and filling it with water and we didn't find any holes.

My period isn't due for another couple days to a week. Do you guys think I should go buy plan B? Is it too late? Or am I overreacting?

Thank you very much for your input.
7:15 am - 01/30/2017


Hey VP family!

So I stupidly wore a thong to work out Saturday. I did an hour on the treadmill. To make matters worse I didn't change right when I got home. Well yesterday (Sunday) I woke up to both sides of my inner vagina hurting/burning. I vaguely recall thinking that my underwear was uncomfortable and a little "too far up there ". I guesss my questions are:
1. Has anyone experienced chafing from wearing a thong before(if that's what it could be) and 2. What would you lovely people suggest to maybe help calm things down a bit?

Thank you in advance for your always glorious advice.

Afterthought: if someone else has experienced this about how long did it take for the irritation to go away. I'm working on day 3 here and so over it
Hello All,

In a bit of a quandary about this one. While I have absolutely no concerns that my daughter masturbates it is what she masturbates with that has me concerned.

I recently, quite by accident, discovered she is using the handle of a plastic hairbrush to masturbate with. Is this something I should be concerned about? Are there health risks associated with this? It doesn't appear it has been cleaned, which is how I know she is using it for this purpose.

With no mother or other close female relationship in her life, I do not know what to do or if I should even worry about it.

Thanks to all for your help!

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