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7:09 am - 02/10/2016

Unusual cycle


I have been on bcp for years. For the last couple of years, I take the active pills consistently to skip my periods. I typically do this in three to four month cycles. The last time I did this, it was probably for more than four months. Starting just before Christmas, I started spotting while on active pills. For about 6 weeks, I spotted on and off. Some of it was more than spotting and I needed to where a tampon. Or a pad. This has never happened in the past. With my last pack of bcp, I am taking my placebo pills. My last active pill was Saturday (four days ago). Typically I would have started my period by now. But sometimes it doesn't start until the Thursday. However, I'm not feeling any symptoms of it starting. I took a hpt two weeks ago, while spotting, which was negative. Could it be possible that the spotting/bleeding was my actual period and i will miss it this week before I start my new pack of active bcp???
7:18 am - 02/06/2016

Bleeding question

Hi! I just joined here, after having read many great threads, and I've got a question of my own.

I took various generics of Alesse continuously for 7 years, but then began having a breakthrough bleed the week before I was actually supposed to have my withdrawal bleed. If I took the week after that off, I'd have a painful and long 2 week period. My gynecologist switched me to generic Loestrin 1.5/30 and at first it happened, too, but then went away. It's been a year and a half now, but now I'm having bleeding that doesn't always come out but has been definitely happening, and now she's switched me to having as many periods as I feel comfortable with because those have been flaring my IBS hard. One of my friends said she had this kind of issue before and she took 2-3 months off hormones and when she went back on them, she had no issues, and I've seen doctors online recommend this, too. Is it likely to work, or am I dooming myself to stomach issues and awful cramps if I do this, and maybe I should see my doc again? Thank you so much in advance!
Hey all...

Apologies if this is a bit off the subject matter, but I don't really know where else to ask this question!

Basically, I've been having some strange abdominal cramping, mainly confined to my lower back right hand side and near my hip, though recently I've also had some stomach cramping though my IBS is playing up so I'm more likely to think it's that? However, my bladder is being frustrating as usual (needing to urinate every 30 mins-1 hour) though this is not unusual for me as I normally have issues with frequency even on a normal day. However, I was worried because f the strange misplaced cramps, so it was suggested on another forum that perhaps it could have been a UTI.

I took a UTI test just this evening as I have a self-test kit. However, the two times I put my urine strip into the urine, it's come back with the same result - between a trace and +25 blood result. I don't know if this is maybe something I'm doing wrong (this is only the third time doing this kind of test) but it's a little worrying as leukocytes and protein were both normal. The only other thing that was high was S.G...

I'm not really sure what could cause this in the absence of an infection. I don't have any burning or nausea or anything right now. I'm not literally having SEVERE bladder pain or anything, just the frustrating pressure to go every 30 mins as mentioned.

What could cause this? Do I have to worry? Whenever I end up sending a sample off to be tested, it always comes back negative and I've had two lots of antibiotic this year already (one over the new year, the other 3 weeks later but that turned out to be neg)

I don't wanna unnecessarily take any antibiotics but I don't wanna leave this to develop into something terrible. Does the urine strip sometimes come out wrong or can other factors affect the result??

Just to add that I'm not on a period right now (finished five/six days ago) and the blood wasn't visible to the naked eye.
8:12 pm - 01/31/2016

Bleeding during sex?

Hello! So last night when I had sex with my boyfriend I had bled during it. I went to the bathroom and didn't notice blood and went to bed. In the morning I did not have any bleeding but our sheets were stained a light brown/orange colour. I had issues with bleeding in the past and went to my doctor and did all these tests which turned out normal. My period is not due for another week a half. He did finish inside of me so I am not sure if that is something that is related? Should I be concerned even if the bleeding had stopped in the morning when I woke up?
10:32 am - 01/30/2016

Crazy period q

This is a multi-faceted question, but I couldn't think where else to ask so hopefully there are still enough people here at VP to help me!

First, background: I've been using a diva cup happily for around six years now. For the majority of that time, I've only had to remove it twice a day, never leaked or anything.

Then,a little over a year ago I switched from the Pill to Nexplanon, the bc implant. I had no period for four months and got all excited, but then I started getting regular (monthly) periods again, boo.

Now, the issue: my last few periods have been HELL.super heavy, and my diva just can't keep up. Most of the blood still goes in the cup, and I'm confident that I'm putting it in right after 6 years of doing it, but yet I'm leaking pretty constantly. Even if I empty it every few hours. Now, I'm not sure if this is a diva problem and trying another cup would help, or a medical problem that I should find a doctor for, or if I should just suck it up. I'm this close to going back to the pill just so I can control my period again (I switched to the implant because I'm pretty sure I never want kids and didn't relish the idea of taking a pill every day forever).

12:31 am - 01/30/2016

I have a rly weird coochie :'^)

Alright so lets get down to business

So my vag is weird. It looks fine from the outside but when you actually look where the actual vagina should be, there's like. A textured pale lump. It hurts like a mofo if you put pressure on it. There is literally no entrance there. It's just like "hey there friends were u lookin for a vag? lmao sorry none here today." I asked a gp and to my frustration she was like "it's fiiiiiiiiine" and im like no its noooooot :'^) should I go back?
10:27 pm - 01/28/2016

Leaky condoms

Hello everyone!

So Ill give you the quick and dirty and you can tell me if i should be worried.

My boyfriend and I had sex tonight. We put on the condom like we normally do, checked that it was on a day that I wasnt ovulating with my Clue app, and applied some Contragel to the base of the condom and the tip! (We always do for good measure)

He came and I fit in a few more good thrusts before getting off of him. When I went to remove the condom I noticed a bit of semen around his shaft and thought I maybe saw some around the base of his penis. I quickly ran to the washroom and washed my hands, and pushed about a tablespoon of Contragel up to my cervix and spead it around my vaginal walls.

Now my question is, do you think I should hit it with some Plan B as well? Or is this overkill? My fertile days ended yesterday but you never know, and Im not particularly clear if any sizable amount of semen found its way up there.

What do you think? Plan B or I should be good?
8:01 am - 01/27/2016

Vagina smells

I hate that a lot us cis-females feel like if our vagina doesn't smell like flowers 24/7 that we are dirty or something is wrong with us.  That we are diseased or never shower.  I come to realize I was one of those females that thought my vagina stinks, something must be wrong with me.  Now, I know a smell can be a warning to an infection.  I haven't had any other symptoms.  So, after two months of research on a smell that comes and goes, with no symptoms, I have determined it's my boyfriend's sperm.  The smell goes away if we haven't had sex for a few days.  It's only around when he ejaculates in me.  After discovering this, I said to myself, "My first instinct was to blame myself because if my vagina doesn't smell fresh, like media and society says it should, then I need to fix it."

So, after reading all kinds of stuff, my vagina doesn't always smell "fresh" and it may not be my fault it doesn't smell like a bouquet of flowers.  Vaginas have their own unique smells and things could mess with the pH level and alter smells.

Disclaimer:  I know a smell can be a warning of an infection.  I'm not discounting all smells and if yiu are worried, do get it checked.

hey VP, 27 (almost 28) year old woman here to talk about a colposcopy experience.read on (warning: anxiety involved)Collapse )

so for the TL;DR crowd: i had a terrible experience with a colposcopy and as someone whose pap smears are usually a breeze, that says a lot.

i took two more ibuprofens about 2.5 hours later, as i was still cramping. those seemed to handle it for the most part. i went to the bathroom a couple of times, and sure enough the paste stuff was coming out and was gross, but it was expected. the procedure ended at 10:40 am-ish; i took my last set of ibuprofen at 6:30. i went over to a friend's after that and laid on the couch for a bit since i was still uncomfortable, but i noticed my discomfort had grown from cramps to almost...foreign object? i got home around 10:30 and got my trusty hand mirror out, thinking the monsel solution had solidified, only to find: my cervix!!!

i know the cervix moves and changes distance throughout the month; in fact, i specifically asked her where mine was today just to help distract myself, and she said 7 cm or so. cool! so to look down at my hand mirror and see hello, cervix! i ran a warm bath and sat in it for a bit, but it didn't do much for my discomfort. i checked again, and she's still there. just past my labia minora, you can see the vaginal opening, and without a light or any assistance, bam. there she blows. it's not prolapsed, but it's definitely knock knock knocking on heaven's door....

i check fairly regularly: my cervix has NEVER been this low. i called my NurseLine and they said they hadn't heard of that either, and they'd recommend a trip to the ER just to get checked out, but it's january. i don't have that kind of cash, and my flex account will be gone in no time if i keep this up, plus going to a hospital? oh no. might as well lemme go ahead and have a heart attack i will be on that level of freaking out.

pleeeeeeaseeee: i read through the tag and no one else mentioned having this problem. are there any VPers up and around that can ease my worry? i'm going back to my doctor first thing in the morning but in the meantime, oh gosh i'm terrified!!!!

edit: i opted to take two more ibuprofen and get to sleep. after reading a comment here & just "inspecting" more, it just seemed very (understandably) swollen. by the next morning it was still uncomfortable, but bearable, and got better throughout the day. no longer stressed over that.

but still 1/10 would never do again for the colposcopy
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