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I have a pimple or cyst on my vaginal lip near to my thigh crease. Does anyone have expierience with genital pimples not in the mons area? I squeezed it and it hurt a little and pus came out. I do get a little nervous about STDS in the back of my mind, but I also run to the doctor for almost every small bump and have even have some swabbed and they are always just pimples. It looks like a swollen bump and when i press on it it feels like a tiny lump underneith my skin. I havent shaved my actual vaginal lips because it irritates it but recently (a few weeks ago) i ran the razor slighty over them to trim some of the hair. so is it possible to get an ingrown hair if you havent fully shaven? Any tips on what to do with these???
9:37 am - 12/24/2014

Herpes or hpv

Question: This guy asked me to get tested for stds before we had any kind of sex that didn't include a condom. I said okay. Made an appointment for the 29th with my doctor. Well, we had sex with a condom and he also used his fingers. A few days later, things didn't end well between him and me. He asked if I could still get tested for his peace of mind.
I don't mind paying my $25 copay but what if I get a bill for laboratory fees. Should I ask him to pay, pay it myself, or just not go to the appt?
What are yall's thoughts?
I posted this in birthconrol group but not sure how often that gets looked at, so I am trying this one too.

I was an idiot over the weekend and accidentally packed a new pill pack rather than the one I was using to go away for the weekend. I didn't want to miss any, so I took the first two pills in that one(sunday and monday). I took Fridays on Sunday and Mondays last night. I realized after i took fridays on Sunday to keep on schedule, I should of just taken sundays on sunday, but I only realized that after the fact.
So, now I have two extra pills( Saturday and sunday) and two empty spots in the new pack.
My in active week is coming up next week and I want to keep on schedule with that. Should I just continue with what pills I have left and use those two extras when I start my new pack.
I am taking Microgesterin PE by the way.

Any advice is helpful!
7:25 pm - 12/21/2014

BV? Or normal?

Hi VP peeps!

I can't decide whether I'm having an issue with BV or not....and whether I need to make a special trip to the gyno to get it evaluated. Would love to hear others' eperiences and thoughts.

Last month I noticed a somewhat strong smell the entire day after having sex with my boyfriend. I could smell it when I sat down on the toilet - wouldn't characterize it as fishy and definitely not FOUL, but maybe alkaline? Or maybe it could be called a bit fishy, but in any case it wasn't like, "WOAH, that's crazy, there is clearly something wrong here." Honestly I wondered if it was the smell of his semen, but it lasted all day so that seemed unlikely.

I started taking my probiotic and have had sex this month with no such smells after. However the I did have a lot of swelling, redness, and pain on my labia minora one time post-sex. I chalked this up to my partner not rinsing soap off his penis well enough. Pain/swelling went away in a day and haven't recurred.

However right now I'm having kind of a lot of white thin discharge. It's really watery, not slippery or egg whitey. I felt it come out and ran to the bathroom and was able to "push" quite a bit out (maybe ~1/4 teaspoon? Hard to say I didn't measure...) No foul odor at all (and I have a sensitive nose!) and no irritation. I'm about 10 days away from my next period.

A year and a half ago a gyno said I have "mild BV" but didn't need to treat it unless it was symptomatic. And then this summer, after a dreadful series of UTI's followed by yeast infections, a doc said a test for BV was "inconclusive". So...maybe I natural have a delicate flora balance going on and I should just keep taking probiotic and practicing good "vagina hygiene"? (e.g. no soaps, wipe front to back, sleep with no underwear, etc.)

Would love to hear what you folks think - could it be BV without foul odor or irritation? Does this sound like normal mid-cycle discharge? Anyone else have a stronger smell post-sex? Should I run into the doc ASAP or just bring it up at my next annual exam? I'm terrified of taking an antibiotic b/c I KNOW i'll get a yeast infection from it. I had 3 or 4 last year but have been blissfully yeast-free since summer....


- Early 30s
- Copper IUD
- Monogamous with boyfriend for +1 year
- Diva cup user (and fan)
Really hoping I can get some help and advice from you lovely people. Bear with me for the back story!

So I've been struggling for 5 years, since my first boyfriend (probably his fault somehow, ugh), with recurrent thrush. Whenever I go through a period when I'm sexually active it will happen frequently, at least once a month with no real pattern. Then when I'm celibate it'll seem to disappear back into the shadows, I'll forget about it until my next partner and I'm reminded all of again of this stupid problem I have.

Back story like wooahhCollapse )

EDIT: Can yeast infections make vulvodynia worse? Although I reckon this bout is either gone or going, my vulva feels more sensitive than ever. Even my pants feel like sandpaper :/
I am starting to get so frustrated and am at my wits end! I have had vaginal burning and discomfort for several weeks. I suffered until after thanksgiving when I told I had BV. A week after the antibiotics ended, I was still a bit red, inside the vagina and outside. At that point I started creams, diaper rash cream, calmoseptine, hydro cortisone cream to help with the redness. I went back to GYNO after they antibiotics were done, because I still didn't feel right. She didn't think my discharge had yeast and the cells looks healthy, she didn't swab me again for BV. But, she said I was red all on the outside of my vagina, down and around my anus. Since then I have been trying sitz bath with domeboro, vaseline, rx steriod cream I had for eczema, benedryl, anything to get the redness and burning discomfort away. I've had burning on the outer labia skin up my pubic bone, anus, perianal area, outside vaginal opening, every day it's like a new area that burns. I can't lead a normal life anymore with all of this discomfort. I don't know what else to do to calm this down. GYNO said I should return in two weeks if trying hydrocortisone cream and changing laundry detergent doesn't calm things down, it might be nerve damage or eczema since I have history of that on my legs, that all was stirred up because of the infection. Has anyone experienced this? I want my normal life back, I haven't been with my boyfriend in several weeks!

Anyone one have any ideas. My new routine is vaseline to hydrate skin and calmseptine applied to the burning area of the day, it's just weird because it's in my butt area too! UGH!

Thank you for reading this.
Please help me stop worrying

Warning:this may be TMI , with the pics and all

Let me start off by telling you about myself, I am 22 years old, had my first period at the age of 15 and I can honestly i have never had a regular period consecutively (at best my period has been regular for a two month cycle maybe once or twice in my lifetime) i have an athletic build and have always been within my height/weight range. I've had my period only five times this year(2014), if that tells you a little bit about my irregular periods.

(May 2014)Earlier this year i saw my doctor in an uncomfortable condition. I had a small superficial tear on the skin a centimeter above my clitoral hood, which was not diagnosed but written off due to dry painful sex because of a bacteria vaginosis infection, I was given antibiotics and things seemed to clear up.

A week and a month ago(nov.17)
My boyfriend(of five years) and I were getting it on. Things are going all great until my vagina swelled up so tight and painful, he felt like a dagger in me, I had to tell my sweet bf to stop because the pain was so severe and it was un bearable i started crying. I went to the bathroom, and ran some cold water on myself in the shower, the pain faded but later that night i went to use the bathroom for no.2 and felt the same pain all over again, extreme pain, pressure in my vagina. Nothing like any menstrual cramps I've ever had, and I've had bad ones. Next morning, same thing when I sat on toilet. I called my doc and set up the soonest appt I could for the next Monday.
All week during work and at home it hurt to sit down, squat, or use the bathroom
At the docs, upon examination my doc said that i was having Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, she did a swab test and tested me for pregnancy, gonnoreah, chlamydia, aids. She looked at the swab under the microscope and I was diagnosed for bacterial vaginosis again. I was given a antibiotic shot, which I think she told me was for the PID, and was prescribed metronidozol 500mg and doxycycline 100mg twice a day for two weeks for the BV.
Next Monday i got my period, which made me feel like all that pelvic pain was just strong pms cramps but idk for sure.

At my checkup appt, it was my last day of my period, so no need to examine me they decided everything was healing. And I was told my tests for gonnoreah, chlamydia, aids were all negative. So they sent me home and told me tosee them if I have any more problems.

the day after my period ended i was able to tell how inflamed and red everything down there was, and there was a large amount of white milky discharge flowing out of me(not my normal color of dishcarge) it burned to pee, I went to Walgreens, bought an at home UTI test and a one day treatment for yeast infection.(the test read positive for LEU's but negative for NIT's) and made yet another doc appt.
A week later and I had my appt today, my doc said she didn't think things looked red at all. I told her where the pain was(the actual opening of my vagina up to where my urethra is) and I made sure she examined me. She said she doesn't notice anything and didnt think there was anything on the swab she took) which is funny because when she was feeling the area that I said was in pain, she pinched the little bump there is, and that hurt!

She said she's treated me for everything that she can and admitted that she didn't know what is causing my discomfort. But she did say that the dishcarge didn't look like most people's discharge. [this wasn't discussed at docs, but I've also noticed that i have oral candidiasis of the tongue, and diarrhea constantly... Like I've had diarreah for over a month... and hemmorroids, and a respiratory cough with mucous]..also there has occasionally been small spots of blood/anal discharge on the toilet paper when I wipe, but I figure this is from hemmorroids.

So I am utterly confused at this point.(like you probably are, if you're still reading)

I would like to attach a picture here. During the course of all this i have taken a few looks down there and what I'm looking at doesnt seem to be what I see in anatomy pics. Am I normal? Or do I have something blocking the entrance of my vagina. Because it sure feels like i do when I insert my finger. The inside of my vaginal opening is not smooth, it gets really inflamed to the touch of if I am arroused, it is causing me pain.

There is grape like bumps on the upper outer vaginal opening and there are larger squishy fleshy lumps on the anterior vaginal opening


This is me trying to show the area i am talking about


This is when my vagina muscles are contracted


I do intend to look for another doc when I find out about my health coverage, in a few weeks, since I can't get no more help from doctor # 1

My worried vagina
9:30 pm - 12/19/2014

eye question

hi. i didnt kno where else to ask this.
ok. so i had some gunk in my tear duct a week or 2 ago and i got it out. eversince my eye has been hurting and red and my husband looked at it and said it looked like there was a pimple near my tear duct. a couple months ago i had a stye on this eye (it's my left eye). and my allergies have been acting up (partly bc it's that time of yr and partly bc we have a new kitty)..idk if that's the only reason my eye is acting like this bc of the cat and stuff or if i hurt it when i got that stuff out of my tear duct. it's a lil sore around my tear duct and my lower eye lid is a lil sore too. any idea wat's goin on?? thnx.
On September 15th 2014 I underwent a total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral saplings oophorectomy. In non jargon terms: my uterus, cervix, ovaries and Fallopian tubes were all removed through an incision in my abdomen.
This was done because of severe abdominal pain and crippling PMDD which saw me useless for three out of every four weeks. Hormonal options were unsuitable due to a history of blood clots so the surgery seemed my only option for a normal life.
I will begin with my expectations: I had been told I would be in hospital for at least four nights and unable to do much for at least eight weeks.
On the morning of surgery I awoke in great pain but chose to go without painkillers so as not to interfere with anything the hospital might want to give me later. I arrived at the NHS hospital in Central Scotland well before my call time of 0800 and was fitted for surgical stockings and met with the surgeon, anaesthetist and theatre nurses before walking to the theatre just before 0930.
when I awoke a few hours later my first thought was: "This hurts, best get up and get a heat pad or hot water bottle and some painkillers.".
As I gained more awareness and realised I was in the recovery room and that the surgery was over I felt huge relief as the level of pain was not much more than on my worst days. A nurse gave me some water and helped me onto the bed I would be taken to the ward in. This transfer was quite uncomfortable and awkward, partly as I was still woozy but mostly because I felt I might burst open if I moved too suddenly or violently.
It was about 1230 when I got to my room on the ward. I spent a few hours drifting in and out of sleep in between my parents visiting and the nurses checking my blood pressure and so on.
My pain level was medium. I was given oral liquid morphine which did very little for the pain but made me feel very nauseous.
I didn't have any dinner as I was napping when food was brought but I would have refused anyway because I felt sick from the morphine. I was able to move about in bed without much difficulty although certain movements hurt a bit and I was very aware of the staples securing my wound. I drank lots of water as advised by the nurses and also some Lucozade (an orange flavoured sugary fizzy drink strongly associated with recovery from illness in the U.K.).
At about 1930 the nurses offered more morphine which I refused because of the nausea. Instead I was given some dihydracodeine and paracetamol which seemed to work quite quickly so I nodded off again. Just before 200 my husband arrived to visit. On seeing me asleep he started writing a note to leave with the chocolates he had brought me. I awoke just as he was about to leave and as two nurses arrived to check my blood pressure and temperature. Fortunately the nurses were so sharp they knew I was going to vomit before I did and produced with lightning speed a bowl to catch it. Worrying the vomit was part bottle green and part black. My guess is that the painkillers taken on an empty stomach had disagreed with me. After throwing up I felt great and sat up chatting with my husband for almost an hour before he tucked me in and kissed me goodnight.
My first night was fairly uncomfortable but I did manage a few hours of sleep.
The next morning I felt fine and, following my earlier experiences with analgesia opted for just paracetamol and ibuprofen for the pain. I ate breakfast and was keen to get up and about, which I am told is unusual so soon after this surgery. Mid-morning my urinary catheter was removed and I was able to get out of bed. I walked around my room a few times to be sure I was steady on my feet then got dressed in a jogging suit. I spent the morning watching videos on my iPad while sitting in a chair then had lunch and started thinking about how nice it would be to go home.
On the morning of my second day in hospital I was having minimal bleeding and the pain was about what I was used to before surgery so I had hopes of discharge. The doctor asked if I would like to stay a few more days to be looked after but I declined as I felt all I really needed was a few good nights of sleep which I would not get there.
I was discharged about 48 hours after leaving theatre and went home to my parents' home for some R&R. A few hours after getting home I took a bath ( I had assumed these would be off-limits for weeks so I was delighted at this), then my Mum drove me to the local mall to run a quick errand.
I made a point of going for a short walk every day to regain strength and within a week felt able to take a bus to spend the afternoon shopping with a friend 20 miles away.
The only moments of real worry I had were when my friend made me laugh so hard I thought my wound might burst open and the same sensation if I didn't hold my abdomen when sneezing.
The surgery was on Monday and the staples were removed on Saturday. The wound was healing very well. Once the staples were removed I was able to wear jeans again: I had been paranoid about catching the staples so had only worn soft, loose trousers.
One week after staple removal we drove to the Highlands for an over night stay in a hotel and a trip to a Wildlife Park. I felt incredibly well with only mild pain which the paracetamol and ibuprofen dealt with.
I returned home exactly two weeks after surgery delighted that I had yet to find anything I was unable to do, although I held off on both swimming and sex until early December to be on the safe side.
Now in December I feel fantastic. My wound is a little tender still and the scar is occasionally itchy but it has healed beautifully.
I know sex is a big issue post-hysterectomy so I will give a brief account. It was only about a week before I gave in to curiosity and discovered that clitoral orgasm was still as easy and satisfying as before. Due to fear of infection i didn't dare insert even a finger for six weeks and only then just to see what it felt like not having a cervix...this was a quick feel that went nowhere. In early December almost 3 months on I felt ready for sex and my husband was great. He spent ages kissing me and getting me ready before gently inserting one finger. Very soon it was two fingers and not so gentle. When we moved on to PIV it felt different but in a very nice way. Perhaps because of my cervix being gone or because he was being cautious I felt he wasn't going as deep as usual but that the outer part of my vagina felt much more sensitive than before. Unfortunately we have not made love since due to busy schedules and both being ill so I have no further report. All I can say is that my fear that sex would no longer be enjoyable seems to have been unfounded.
I started very low dose H.R.T. Patches six weeks post surgery and feel fantastic with no menopausal problems.

Tl;Dr version: had surgery, discharged after 48 hours. Moderate pain at first quickly giving way to mild. Very quick return to normal activities and found nothing I have been unable to do.
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