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5:19 pm - 10/22/2016

(no subject)

Hi! I'm looking to see if anyone has gone through something similiar..
About a year ago my PCP took me off of my hormonal bc I had been on for over 10 years. It's a long story, and I don't know why she did really and I wasn't in a state to push back.
Anyways it took me 6 months to get my period back after being off the BC.
Once it came back it was very irregular. Bleeding inbetween periods, long periods, etc. The straw that broke the camels back was a period lasting almost an entire month.
I went to my nurse practiconer who suspected PCOS, got blood work, and then sent me to a gynocologist for a vaginal ultrasound and hysteroscopy/biopsy of my uterus.
Well, I went to that yesterday. I am a little frustrated because they haven't given me the results of my blood work. I'm interested to know my hormone levels.
The doctor did the hysteroscope and found my uterus lining is thickened, and there are polyps. He said I should get them removed to ensure they aren't cancerous and also to help with my irregular heavy bleeding.
So I am getting a D&C, and am curious has anyone had this done? What was the recovery like? I'm nervous to say the least. I will be put under, but also pretty nervous to be put under too.

Also- they haven't really explained why my periods are wacky. The doctor said my PCP shouldn't have taken me off the hormonal bc. He advised that I get an IUD at the same time i get the D&C so that my periods can be regulated again and I can go about my business.
However- it doesn't really explain why I need the hormones. Are my hormones just out of wack? Is it PCOS? I plan on obviously discussing this with the Dr. just curious if anyone has had a similiar experience in that regard as well.

hi! i'm not sure if anyone posts here anymore, but i've been reading these forums for almost as long as i've struggled with the saga i'm about to lay out before y'all, so here goes nothing.

it's October 2016 right now, and i'm not on birth control (i'm scheduled to get a copper IUD next week). i started taking birth control in March, right after i became sexually active (i'm in an LDR and mutually monogamous, and we're each others' first partners.)

i started off on the Nuvaring, which was fine, except for two things. first, i started getting dishydrotic eczema on my fingers, which had never happened before. second was the whole deal where i felt like i had a yeast infection...all the time. itching, discharge, the occasional rash when things got really bad, etc. visits to two doctors confirmed it wasn't yeast (or gonorrhea, trich, or chlamydia). the second (very smart, very good) doctor also ruled out BV and suggested maybe the Nuvaring was the cause.

she put me on the patch in June. (something else that happened in June: i realized i'm allergic to latex and switched to non-latex condoms. that helped things for sure). after i started the patch, though, i noticed the skin on my genitals was STILL getting itchy, this time because it was so dry. it would also tear really easily, and when things got really bad i'd get a rash down there, all things that...oh no...sort of resembled what was happening to my hands.

late last month (September) i stopped the patch. i have felt significantly better overall, especially mentally, but i'm STILL having symptoms. i know i haven't been off it that long, but i can't remember what it's like to not worry about this constantly. i've also struggled with anxiety and hypochondria most of my life, so obviously that's not lightening my load.

on the patch, i'd be perfectly fine for the first ten or so days of every cycle. then i'd start to notice an itch or some skin flaking, and it would continue to get worse until i took the last patch off. this last month was actually a lot better – i did have one short episode around day ten that cleared up, but then the rash came back a while later and is only just now abating.

by the way – no, i don't think it's herpes. which is to say, there's a chance it's herpes, but 1) that chance, due to a number of factors i won't delve into, is extremely small; 2) 99% of the time when i, in a state of panic, think "OH MY GOD THIS MUST BE [disease]" i don't have that disease; 3) corny as this sounds, my gut is just not telling me this is herpes, not least because i don't think i fit the symptoms that well. and yes; 4) i might be wrong.

i'm really just screaming into the void here, but i feel pretty alone in this. my partner knows, and my mom knows, but every doctor i've talked to has seemed puzzled when i try to explain how i started getting weird, seemingly matching rashes on my hands and genitals after starting HBC. and the fact that it's still there worries me.

if anyone's reading this – has this happened to you or to someone you know? is there a link between hormonal changes due to birth control and genital eczema? do you think i just need to give it more time? any tips for coping with this stuff?

thanks, guys. it means a lot even if any of you read this.

7:59 pm - 10/19/2016

Birth Control

Why do pharmacies try to change brands without asking if it's okay to do so?

I'm on my 3rd pack of Sprintec and decently happy with it(minor back acne aside). I put in my order to CVS and am told it's out of stock, but they ordered more in a voicemail. No big deal as I made sure to not wait till the last minute to refill it.

Well I received a phone call tonight asking why I had two prescriptions for the pill. Someone decided to do me a favor and fill my prescription with Estarylla because they always keep it in stock and Sprintec they usually have to order. And apparently the Sprintec took longer than a day to arrive or someone didn't put in the order request as they said they did.
Now from lessons I learned in this wonderful community, I know not to just accept that they are the same exact pill with a different name. My chances are that my body would notice the slightest difference and I'd hate it!

So I asked to stay on Sprintec(they received it tonight) even if it's $10 more for 3 months and in the future, I'll make sure to call in a refill as soon as I receive notification that I can refill it.

Greetings, wonderful people! I have not asked a question here in a very long time, but at the moment I could use a second opinion and would love to hear from folks here.

My story begins last month, when I got strep and had to take amoxicillin for 10 days. My pharmacist of course warned me about amoxicillin affecting my birth control pill’s effectiveness, although now when I Google this it seems the jury is even out on whether or not this is true.

Anyway, I took the amoxicillin as directed, generally managing to keep my birth control schedule on track with no more than 30 minutes or so or missing “No Baby O’Clock.” I wrapped up the amoxicillin two days before I began my placebo pill week, so I basically figured, hey, one week into my new pack, and I’ll be 100% protected again.

Unfortunately, my partner stayed over Saturday night - the first day I began taking the new pack - and we began fooling around before we were completely awake. So yesterday morning we temporarily forgot the fact that we meant to use condoms right now. Whoops. In the past I would have gotten Plan B just to be safe, but since I take birth control pills now I’ve been warned by pharmacists that that’s a lot of hormones to take unless it’s absolutely necessary.

At this point, after lots of Googling, I’m thinking that because 1) I had just finished placebo week and therefore my period from the previous pack, 2) I had started my new pack right on time (even if I had only taken one pill from it), and 3) my partner and I caught the mistake well before he climaxed (and I know he stumbled off to the bathroom at some point during the night), Plan B is probably not necessary. However, I value the knowledge and opinions of this community, so I was hoping to hear your thoughts on the matter as well.

Thank you for reading, everyone!
7:21 am - 10/12/2016

Help please

Hello amazing people!

I would like to ask for some help and advice.

The story is that around 3 months ago i got on the pill (Zelleta 75microgram) and since then i have my period twice a month.

Its usual for me that once i have changes in my life, like moving to another country my period resets. Last year i moved home, that reset the days when my period came, but it settled in a month and was regular for a year. Then i moved to the Uk. My system reset and got my period twice a month, but by the time it would have settled i got on the pill for the first time. My bf was insisting that id get something reliable since we got into a serious relationship.

I wanted to avoid the double hormone pills, due to bad exp in my family. My mom got migranes, got easily angry, moody and had bad cramps. My step sister gained 10 kgs... Etc.
So i talked with the nurse and chose the lowest hormone pill.

Anyway 3 months passed since i started taking it and i still have double period and bad cramps. Since then i went to see the nurse cause i got worried, she told me it was normal that it takes time for my body to adjust.
And that if i have sex frequently it can bother and delay the settling.

It happened that if my bf hits me during sex in the wrong spot, it can activate my period. Like few days ago.

I would really like to solve the problem, its pretty bad to be bleeding so often.

Should i stay on this pill and give it another 3 months maybe my period settles?

Or should i just change and try something else?

Also is this because of that i started to take the pill?

Can having frequent sex be a part of that my period didnt settle yet?

Thank you for the help

3:19 pm - 10/11/2016

Yeast Infection

Hi to whoever reads this and can be helpful. I'm in need of some answers, I've been using Monistat 7 since last Wednesday which was my first day. Well on Friday I missed that night but used it Saturday night. Now should I add an extra day of putting cream or should I just stop tonight, which will be my 6th day. Please help! It will be greatly appreciated!
A couple of weeks ago I posted about vaginal irritation and how my GP suspected herpes. At the time I sent off a swab and took a 5 day course of aciclovir and since then my symptoms have decreased from "I want to tear my vagina off it's so sore and itches so badly" to a couple of itches a few times a day, on average. But it's been 22 days since my first symptoms reared their ugly heads and it still seems to be hanging around.

Some days I barely get any itching now, but then every now and again I'll get a slightly itchier day and this usually coincides with a few new red "spots" that appear usually a centimeter or two away from my vaginal opening. A few of these "spots" seem to have a tiny bit of clear liquid in, and they really do look just like tiny pimples. However, they seem to go away again very quickly; often the next day they're completely or almost gone.

Is it normal for a first outbreak of genital herpes to last this long, with symptoms this mild? I have had a really bad cold this week and there are a lot of bugs going around at my workplace (I work in a school, so there's always illness about!) so could it just be that my immune system is compromised and this is letting the virus hang on in there when it should be clearing up?

I should add that thanks to my doctor screwing up the swab they couldn't give me a definite diagnosis when I went before so there's still the FAINTEST possibility this could be something else, but it seems unlikely to me! I'd love to just go to my local GUM clinic but I mostly seem to be getting this spots on days when I can't book an appointment with them, which is not helpful.

I have the option of ordering another course of aciclovir through a pharmacy and I wonder if it's worth trying that? I know it's most effective when started within 48 hours of the first symptoms but as my symptoms keep being practically gone and then coming back maybe it might help? Worth a try?

All help and advice appreciated!
12:31 am - 10/03/2016

HPV Concerns

I wanted to hear some opinions or thoughts on my fears about HPV. I am a sexually active 21 year old female. I have never had a pap smear, I think I will be getting one either this year or next. I first became sexually active at 15 and have had multiple partners, most unprotected. I really wasnt educated on sexual health and stds so I was very irresponsible. I have been tested for all stds including genital herpes multiple times, all results have been negative. I am now in a committed relationship with a guy who has had very few sexual partners and no stds and we use condoms but not all the time. I had really bad experiences with anxiety and fear of stds after a lot of regrettable partners, and after having all negative results I was quite relieved. But now, my doctor is saying since I started having sex at a younger age and continued to do so she wants to do my first pap sooner than later. I am really scared of HPV, my sister has it and has cancerous cells that she is getting a LEEP procedure for. I had cancer once when I was 17, so I am very scared of diseases in general after that experience, and the thought of getting HPV or cervical cancer from it really triggers my anxiety. I know there isn't much to do at this point besides get my pap and continue to keep track of my health, but I just wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts on this or advice on how not to worry so much or similar experiences.
7:59 pm - 10/01/2016

Irritated Vulva

Im curious to know if im the only one. I cant wear skinny jeans anymore i feel very irritated down there when i do, although it doesnt seem red or anything just feels really irritated somewhat itchy. Its not yeast nor Bv because i always get checked for it. I wear cotton undies, cotton pads, and loose clothing and i dont wash with soap down there either. Dont know what to do anymore and its only when i wear tight jeans or when im really wet down there due to normal discharge or sweat
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