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9:21 pm - 03/22/2017

breast pain?

I was wondering if anyone ever experienced this- (I'm not pregnant or on my period) but,
sometimes when im laying down and i turn over, or if i press my arms against my chest I feel a random little bit of pain near my nipple almost inside it feels like. Its never a constant pain but I cant tell if this is normal discomfort, but if my breasts get pushed against too hard or sometimes im laying on my side one hurts a bit. I'm 22, i goto the gyno regularly and I dont feel any lumps. is it possible to just have a sensitive chest?
Hello VaginaPagina! I have a question.

These past couple months I've been trying to transition to continuous-use on the Nuvaring. I've been using it around half a year now with no side-effects so it's pretty stable. I usually do a monthly schedule on the ring (3+ weeks in, 4-7 days out), which enables me to put the ring in on the same day of the month and take it out on the same day.

Last month I did 4 weeks in. On day 28 I started bleeding lightly, and it didn't stop after the new ring was in, which was insanely annoying. I eventually gave up after 6 weeks continuous use, took it out and had my period.

Now here I am at the end of my ring-free week, and I'm finding that I'm still bleeding lightly. It's bright red. I'm a bit at a loss. My body seems to react to absolutely everything Nuvaring by bleeding hellaciously (I bled for 3 weeks straight when I first started), but this is a bit much... I didn't think that it was that big of a hormonal change to switch over to continuous use, and I'm starting to wonder if there's anything wrong with my rings (I'm traveling and they've been in some maybe-too-cold-or-hot places).

Has anyone here ever transitioned to continuous use of the ring? Should I just keep using it and wait it out?

While I'm at it, does anyone have opinions on a good partner contraception for the ring? My boyfriend has a deep dislike of condoms.
Hi everyone.

Thanks to all of you who commented on the post I made on being torn about what form of BC to take. My cramps and bleeding were really bad so I decided to try the pill again. The HBC my doc initially prescribed gave me terrible nausea so she took me off that and prescribed me tri-lo-sprintec. Since starting my first pack I've had no issue with it up until now.

I'm currently on my last week of active pills. I know technically I'm supposed to get a withdrawal bleed next week but my period came this week anyway. I expected it, assuming my body would need time to sync up with the pill and get used to it. I've been tracking my cycle so I knew it was gonna come.

The first two days it started off very light, more like spotting, with "old" dark blood etc and no cramps. In the last two days the bleeding has gotten a bit heavier (not nearly as heavy as I'm used to) but what's killing me is the cramps. The pain is constant. It takes a lot out of me. Pain reliever hardly touches it. I can still make it through work but other than that I've been glued to the couch. These cramps are much worse and have lasted longer than any I've ever had. I'm wondering at what point I should worry? Does this sound normal?

I'd appreciate anyone's input.
Back in the day my cycles were super irregular. 6 years on the pill fixed that. 3 years off the pill, and they're still pretty consistent.
I am training for marathon #6, so nothing unusual, and was 2 weeks away from my next period. Sunday I ran 10 miles. Monday morning I woke up soaked in a lot of blood. None of my usual warning signs had happened (discharge, PMS, junk food food cravings). Put in my cup and was bloated, moody, and tired most of the day but no cramps (very unusual if not a first).
Monday night the cup was full and it looked like a normal period (deep, deep red, thick), not like it does when spotting (light red/pink, watery). Tuesday and Wednesday, absolutely nothing in said cup aside from normal discharge.
Normally i have a fair amount of pain when ovulating; haven't noticed that at all this month, so I am not sure if I actually did.
So would this be a highly unusual cycle or spotting? Not sure how to put it in my tracking app or whether I should anticipate things at their normal time.
This question is more about the cervix itself not its position.

I am a 30 year old who has given birth to a child 11 years ago. I have used my hand as well, and have explored my body to use a menstrual cup. But only just started feeling my cervix this past month. Everything seems fine, but something was weird to me. It seemed to feel that the bottom half of my cervix was round, but a third of it seemed to be more pointed. It feels like to be what I imagine the apex of the heart might feel like. All three edges, the separations made by the opening of the cervix, are round, but one third seems to hang out a little more than the other two (like 2cm max, maybe a half cm). It is the top side, so that might have something to do with it. I looked at some pictures online and some of them look like it feels, but I'm not sure. I have been checking it for a month and nothing has changed so I don't think it's for a certain stage of a cycle.
I feel like it's always been this shape, with a little more pointed edge, and could just be the way it is for me, but I'm still freaking out. I had a pap two and. A half years ago and it was normal.
Does this shape I'm describing sound familiar to other people?
I know the cervix can change shape, and since the internet wasn't too helpful I figured I'd ask around here. Most here are familiar with their cervix and I thought you'd all be a good resource.
Please tell me I'm not nuts and this doesn't sound crazy strange.
Hey there,

I'm getting myself a bit confused and worrying myself over this more than I should so I thought I should turn to fellow VPers to see if you have any advice for me.

I forgot to take my pill (microgynon) around the 8th day or something and didn't realize until I was about to take the pill for the following day as normal. However, I know it suggests to double up if you miss it but I read that it can make you nauseous and because I have a fear of being sick I just took my usual pill and left the one from the previous day in the pack.

Now I've reached the end of the pack and today is the first day of my pill break. I've not taken my pill for today as I would like to stay on schedule for the seven day break, since I'm going on holiday for 3 weeks at the end of this week and don't want a bleed during the holiday. I would run into another pack straight away but I don't want to increase the risk of side effects/bleeding while on holiday.

I guess what I'm asking is if it's okay to have a break now and start my new pack as normal?

Im not worried about pregnancy as haven't had serial intercourse at any point, just worried about if it's safe for my body. If I did have sex I'd be using a backup method regardless due to paranoia lol.

I'm only concerned about whether this is safe for me to do and if starting my next pack at a normal time will get me back on track. I used to have huge bleeding issues before I started the pill so I don't wanna mess my body up now by accident. :(

Also, will there be any side effects due to missing it even tho it's been two weeks since that day? Will my withdrawal bleed last longer or be heavier or is it safe to assume that since I've not yet had side effects it's unlikely since it was only one pill?

Any advice or reassurance is greatly appreciated! Thank you everyone.
8:29 am - 03/17/2017

Castor Oil Packs

So I posted here a few months ago about my periods being shorter, and I was looking to see if anyone else
was having this due to cup use. Turns out for me it is because I am going into menopause. I started doing some research on making my periods better because to me 39 is semi early to be going into menopause. I came across some interesting articles on Caster oil packs. They supposedly help with all kinds of period woes and improve the over all health of you pelvic wall and said regions. As with most homeopathic stuff I am willing to give it a try, but when it comes to my Vag region I trust a bunch of you awesome ladies to give me your experiences before I run out and buy oil and flannel. Sooo?
A (long) ramble on my experience with ectopic pregnancy. This is mostly unedited and wordy. Apologies in advance, but I wanted to share my story with others that might be going through the same.

Warning: Surgical talk (nothing too graphic) and mild curses. Also ~2400 words long.

Read more...Collapse )

At any rate, these are just my truths, and my experiences. I wanted to share them, as I don’t recall reading any firsthand accounts or experiences about ectopic pregnancy, not that I’ve really gone looking – it’s mostly been about miscarriages in general. But I also wanted to get some of this off my chest so I can continue to heal. And maybe someone who’s been through this as well might read my ramble and not feel quite as alone.

Stay strong, friends.
11:45 am - 03/10/2017

Odd aches and pains

Hello wonderful people, I have hope that you brilliant folk can maybe shine some light on what's going on with me. I'll start out by saying that I have my yearly coming up in about a month. Nothing that is going on with me is disruptive in my life, just odd and annoying.

I spent three years on the Mirena (worst decision of my life) and the past six months on ortho tri cyclen. I am very sexually active using no other protection other than condoms. I can't really judge my lack of a period or withdrawal bleed for anything because it's not been regular the entire time I've been on birth control.

Starting about two weeks ago, I started cramping like my period was coming. Nothing. Two days ago I had these sharp stabbing sensations periodically in my lower abdomen, more on the left side, but pretty much everywhere. They lasted about six hours and then they went away. That day and the next day I had heavy, soaking clear shiny discharge. Still cramping. I took four pregnancy tests in the past week and a half just to be sure and they are all negative. The last "period" I had was at the beginning of Feb, was very heavy and abnormally cranky. I've had three children, but didn't have these symptoms with any of those pregnancies, but I also wasn't on birth control for any of them.

Have any of you heard of this while on birth control?
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