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7:11 pm - 09/19/2016

Eleven Day period?

Hello everyone!
I tried reading the other tags and didn't see anything on my particular situation.
A bit of a question in regards to how to record my period this month. I've always been regularly irregular. One month I will have a strong 3 day flow, the next I will have a weaker 5 day flow. The days tend to vary as well, but they always fall within two or three days of each other.
This month however, has been....odd and I'm not sure why it's happened or how to jot it down.

I had some spotting a week before my period normally took place. I chalked it up to being pregnant, since while on my last period, my guy and I got too wrapped up and we went for a minute without a condom (I know the chances were slim on it, but I didn't know what else to make of the spotting). So, imagine my surprise when a week later, I get an actual heavy flow period with hot flashes and cramping and the works. Being heavy, I assume it will take three days to pass as usual. On the last day, it's particularly strong to the point that I was nauseous, dizzy and throwing up, which had never happened before. But after those three days, it stops.

No bleeding for three days. And then suddenly, it starts up again. Light enough to not stain through my underwear to my clothing if I am unprotected, but strong enough to stain my underwear. And it has continued. So, I had spotting, three days of heavy bleeding, a three day pause and then five consecutive days of light bleeding, possibly going on six.

Do I record that as eleven straight days of period flow?! I'm not even sure how that happens. I'm not sure how to calculate when ovulation would be in this case. Do I take the three day gap in to consideration when tracking?

I tried googlig as well, but didn't find much. Thanks in advance! 
I'm a 28-year-old cisfemale, and I had sex for the first time a couple of nights ago (huzzah!).  I now have various "am I normal" questions I was hoping you lovely people could shed some light on.

1) It was painful - probably around a 7 on a scale of 1-10.  My partner was probably the girthiest thing I have ever had in my vagina before, and we didn't use lube.  I was plenty wet (more on that below), but am I correct in thinking that lube would have helped/will help next time?  It seems to me that being "stretched" (for lack of a better term) that far would have been uncomfortable in any event...but would it, though?  For clarification, I would describe the pain as feeling like a particularly gnarly Pap smear or pelvic exam.  I did not have any pain afterward, other than some stinging around the entrance of my vagina when I pee.

2) I bled afterward.  It looked like I had gotten my period when I went to the bathroom and wiped, and over the next 24 hours it steadily tapered off into spotting before stopping altogether.  This is normal, yes?  (Logically I know it is, but my overemotional Anxious Brain needs some validation!)

3) Is it possible to be wet without being aroused?  I masturbated to orgasm about three hours or so before teh secks, and it's usually difficult for me to have a second orgasm, or even get turned on to that degree, in that space of time.  As I said above, I was wet and wanted to have sex with this person, but I didn't feel *aroused* the way I do when I've just read or watched something that turns me on and I haven't seen to myself in a while.  Would I be correct in thinking that refraining from masturbation so that my arousal isn't affected by my "refractory period" could also help next time?   

My boyfriend has a small penis (3 inches maybe) and he's a really big guy (450 pounds) and we just started trying to have sex. It's not working. Last night he lost his erection as he was coming over to me and couldn't get it back. Tips please? Positions erection keeping etc anything you have to offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks superstars!

8:17 am - 09/12/2016

Sore nipples?

Hey all,

Okay so. I know this isn't directly related to my vagina but I'm hoping it's okay anyway.

Me: 24 years old, cis female, Mirena IUD, currently not sexually active and definitely not pregnant (nor have I ever been).

I have had sore nipples for about a week now and I guess I'm basically just wondering like...how long should I go before I see a doctor?

Some background that I suppose might be important:
- I started grad school on the same day that the soreness started -- so could it be stress? Stress-related hormones?
- I've only experienced sore nipples like...maybe 3 or 4 times ever, in my whole life
- my IUD strings are very short and I noticed around the same time as the onset of soreness that I couldn't feel the strings, and haven't been able to since, though this isn't particularly uncommon for me
- the pain at first was noticeable practically always, but has downgraded to only when touched
ETA: I'm not having a period, and haven't had one for close to a year thanks to my IUD

I'm just a little worried because I've never had this last this long, and it's just not a very nice feeling. I'm sure I shouldn't be worrying at all, but an outside opinion would be lovely.

Hey team -
So I'm excited to have a surgery scheduled for early November, there's like a softball-sized thing up in there, maybe it's a fibroid(s?), idk we just did an endometrial biopsy and saw evidence of a polyp too so at this point I'm not sure exactly what-all is in there. What I do know is:
- thing is large enough most of my pants don't fit anymore
- docs agree the reason I'm having mild incontinence issues is pressure on the bladder from this
- menstruating wasn't going so well, there is way too much endometrial lining and if I ever bleed that heavily again I'm to go immediately to the ER, meanwhile I'm on continuous HBC/no off-week and so am just sort of "spotting" which is about the heaviness of a middling-bad regular period for me at random intervals
- at my endometrial biopsy, my gyn noted that my cervix had been pushed by this thing way down close to the vaginal entrance

I'm feeling... things right now. Like, ok, a lot of emotions around this. I want the whole mess out, I do not want it in me anymore. But more, I mean, physical things. A sort of itchiness/tingling not quite at my vaginal entrance so much as kind of inside/deeper/duller? And maybe a little heart-palpitationy and dizzied/lightheaded, less-tangible things that kind of remind me of the vasovagal response I had post-endometrial biopsy, though milder, and no sweating or nausea (or at least, not yet).

How far down can this thing push the bottom of my uterus? I'm kind of panicked that we're looking at the edge of a prolapse, and my google-fu is failing me as searching combinations of the words prolapse and fibroid is just telling me that sometimes your uterus will expel a fibroid ou through the cervix. Having passed some sizable clots in my time, I can guarantee that's not happened - I would have experienced some significant cramping if my cervix opened large enough to get something the size of this growth out. But... angling a mirror at my vaginal opening, I feel like there's more tissue/fullness at the entrance than usual. Could my cervix be peeking out here? Is that the sort of thing that would feel weird and happen from a large enough thing pushing from the inside?
11:53 am - 09/02/2016

Vaginal tears? Experiences?

Hello everyone,

I have experienced what I think is vaginal tears increasingly often over the course of the last few months.

I heard vaginal tears are supposed to hurt like hell when having sex, but I never felt sharp pain or anything during sex. However, I go pee after sex, and once in a while, it feels slightly unpleasant, like a light sting, and occasionally a drop of pinkish diluted blood appears when I wipe.

Usually I go without sex for a couple nights and it fixes itself fine, but recently I find it's become more frequent. Still no significant pain though. I have tried getting a look at my vulva with a small mirror and sure enough, I can see a couple of small "tears" at the entrance, close to the perineum. They don't bleed and only sting when touched, and they look a bit like when you get the corners of your mouth split. Nothing deep from what I can tell.

It only started happening to me after I got a Nexplanon implant, so I'm wondering if that could be linked. I was told that vaginal tears can be caused by infections, stds or dryness, and I have recently been screened for infections and stds, nothing there. As for dryness, I don't know, I do feel that it takes a bit longer for me to get wet than before I got the implant, but by the time I have sex, it does not feel uncomfortable or anything, no pain, no burning sensation. Maybe from next time on we'll try extra long caressing time to see if that changes anything.

I have an appointment with my gyno next week to ask about it, but in the meantime, I'd love to hear if any of you experienced something akin to my experience, whether you found out what caused it, and how you dealt with it.

Thank you everyone :)
Hello, I hope this is okay to post this here!

I went for a blood test for an unrelated problem recently and it's come back that I have low iron stores and I need a top up of ferritin. I'm slightly confused though as my last two periods have been literally so light that they've barely been existent and only have lasted around 2 days. Is it possible to still have low iron stores even if you don't have heavy periods? I've also been trying to eat more red meat in my diet (more than I used to in the past) so it's very bewildering.

I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on what I can do in this situation so if anyone has any advice for me on the following questions I'd really appreciate it!

Can low iron stores still occur without periods or on light periods?
Is there any way of building up my iron without taking iron supplements/pills? I suffer from very severe constipation and am absolutely terrified of taking them in case it causes problems.
Is there any way to potentially help absorb any iron I do have or any food I eat that will benefit me?

Thank you!!
So, I don't get YI very often; I am 37 and have only had three. However, when I do get one they are super hard to get rid of!! The first time it lasted a year (it was NOT treated properly) the second time it took four months (once again not treated properly at first; finally went away after being on a low dose of Diflucan everyday for a month and having gentian violet treatments) and then at the beginning of this month I got another one. Finally recognizing the symptoms at first onset I took 4 Diflucan pills 3 days apart. Gone.... so I thought. 3 weeks later it is here again!! I have already taken 2 doses of the Diflucan and it is day 5 and I am STILL in agony! I can't do the creams as they irritate too much. There is so much white discharge too still (sorry TMI) Is this normal?
These are my wretched symptoms: burning, sharp stabbing pains like someone is pricking me with several pins, white discharge and swelling. It is like someone kicked me and then set me on fire and then shoved some sand paper in there for good measure. My doctor prescribed the Diflucan and also Nystatin cream for the vulva. Has anyone used nystatin cream externally before? Also, anyone have very few but very difficult to treat YI? I feel like an odd-ball here. Any thoughts would be great!!
After about ten nurses/ARNPs/doctors/gynos all shrugging at me and saying "You should be happy! Everything looks normal!" (pain is normal???), my current OB/GYN officially diagnosed me with Vulvodynia, which is quite possibly the most annoying diagnosis I've had so far.

The only testing any of these medical professionals has done have been wet mounts. I do seem to have an issue with recurring yeast infections, which is odd since I'd never had one before last year.

For the last 11 months, I've been experiencing mild to moderate itching, mild pain to moderate discomfort, and the sensation that my pubic hair is being pulled the wrong direction, but only where my pubic hair grows. I also have been experiencing a strange sensation on my pubic bone, where if I put pressure on it it feels like it's been bruised. These sensations tend to come and go, are worse when I'm sitting down or walking for significant stretches, and have only occurred within the last year. There's been off-and-on unusual discharge, but at this point it's difficult to tell what's normal anymore. It tends to vary between a clear discharge (usually during arousal), thin-to-moderate white discharge, to yellow thicker discharge. I haven't noticed any pattern.

Possibly relevant: I'm asexual, and these sensations did coincide with approximately the same time I first started feeling sexual attraction toward anyone for the first time in my life, about October of last year. Which is...extremely annoying, to say the least. I do have a history of sexual/medical trauma specifically related to my pubic area, including an HPV scare six years ago after my first and only sexual partner.

It's been suggested that growing up in an ultra-conservative Christian town may be causing some sort of weird psychosomatic issue with experiencing sexual attraction, and that potentially seeking out a UU church might be helpful. I've also seen some stuff on the queer groups on Facebook about orgasmic meditation/clitoral stroking being helpful to people in a more mindfulness/sensory way. I'm also supposed to start physical therapy in September, when my health insurance kicks in again. I'm curious if anyone who has been diagnosed with vulvodynia has found any of this helpful.

I'm also looking for suggestions as to what this could be ASIDE from vulvodynia, because I've been pretty disappointed with the fact that a multiple number of medical professionals have basically shrugged this off and invalidated my experiences, and the local sex store has been the only place to offer me any sort of resources for what I've been experiencing (the book Healing Painful Sex and a nifty cooling pack for vaginas). Could this be a hair follicle thing? I tried plucking half of my pubic hair a few days ago (leaving the other side for a control group) and the itching is significantly less annoying, though the bruised sensation is still there; it's just a lot more tolerable. But plucking was the most painful thing I've ever done. Should I find a dermatologist? Hair specialist? OB/GYNs have basically been failing me at this point, and I'm pretty desperate for answers other than the medical equivalent of "we have no idea, sorry bro."
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